Hurrraaayyyy..I am going to Ahmedabad tonight…Today it’s time to celebrate ‘Holi‘ – festival of colours…But what I am doing right now???Instead of splashing Gulal(Nontoxic, risk-free and safe Coloured Powder), coloured water and water-filled small balloons on my friends and relatives, I am sitting in my cubicle,staring at the stupid 17-inch LCD screen and writing this blog…We don’t have a holiday today..Instead we have a holiday on Monday as it is the day on which noble leader and great fighter Chhatrapati Shivaji was born.

Hence I have a long weekend (i.e. Saturday, Sunday and Monday) to spend in Ahmedabad – my native megacity..So I guess this might surely compensate for my today’s loss and the grief I am having of not getting a holiday on HOLI…

Actually I go to Ahmedabad almost every alternate weekend but this time I have got several reasons to be more happy and joyful for my trip:

  1. Instead of only Saturday and Sunday, I will be getting three days to spend with my family and friends…And also no more getting up early on Monday morning…that means more sleep and more sleep and more sleep…I do hate getting out of bed on Monday morning…Getting-up-early sucks big time…I am surely a Sleep-Loving character…
  2. Three nights in ahmedabad..I am going to grab this opportunity to try my hands on variety of food..One night I may opt for ‘Punjabi Cuisine’…One night I may go for ‘Gujarati Thali’ and last one will fall into the category of ‘Chinese+Mexican+Continental’..All these delicious and mouth-watering dishes will be accompanied by PaniPuri+Chaat+Vada-Pav etc etc which are bound to present their mark on my menu during evening and lunch time…Sounds yummy, huh…I am complete foodie so as Chitrali-my wife and my dad…I am not a voracious eater and I do have a very small appetite but I love trying new food and dishes…
  3. My mom called me yesterday night and she told me that my marriage photo album has at last arrived after two months of time but she also conveyed that the photograph has put some real toiling efforts and labour in creating the album and,you know what,it has turned out be really stunning and out-of-this world…She sounded so happy and excited..I am so much eager and anxious to watch all the photos decorated with I-Don’t-Know what but I am being impatient now…Raring to gooooo…Feeling restless!!!…

I hope my long-weekend trip turns out to be an amazing one…So wishing you all a Happy Holi…Do enjoy this festival of colours with great zeal and enthusiasm but be careful and avoid using toxic and poisonous colour powders instead use water and Gulal…

By the way, someone just told me that a unique position of the moon is going to happen this Friday and hence three different festivals of three very different religions which follow different calendars would occur on the same day…Holi – the festival of Hindus, Id-e-Milad- the festival of Muslims and Good Friday – the festival of Christians will happen on the same day on this Friday(i.e. Today)…Really a unique, blessed and sacred day…

In the next post, I will come up with my wedding ceremony photos…Till then have a great weekend and once again happy Holi – Eid – Good Friday ๐Ÿ™‚ …


4 Responses to “Happy Holi and Soham is heading to Ahmedabad today !!!”

  1. Awesome ! I envy you. The things we miss here apart from our family is the food! You must be knowing that ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. …welcome to the world of blogging!!!

  3. @Gandalf
    I can feel your pain buddy…But apart from food and family, the thing tht i missed the most was the celebrartion of festivals such as uttarayan, holi and diwali..but now I am enjoying it..;-)

    Thanks for the wishes, bro !!!

  4. hey nice ๐Ÿ™‚ hope u had a good one ๐Ÿ™‚

    and where r the snaps????????????

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