Yesterday, to my surprise, I got an email from one of my blog readers Alan..Like me, he is also an avid cricket fan and he really liked my whispersss about cricket..He, in his email, stated that he has developed a different type of cricket quiz which he believes to be engaging, one-of-its-kind and exciting..So he requested me to check out and you wont believe but it really turned out to be stunning, interesting and out-of-this-world..Creativity and inventiveness at its best..I also want you all cricket maniacs to check it out..Let us have a match there and will see kisme kitna hai dum..For the security purpose, the registration process has been kept a bit tedious and lengthy..First they will send an activation code in your email and after supplying that activation code on the web site again, they will send you a password..So after all these steps , you can log in and start playing..But remember no pain-no gain…So be patient and enjoy the quiz..

Anyway, there’s a short description of the game below – I hope you can take the time to check it out.

Fast bowling tests your cricket general knowledge – think quickly!
Medium pace bowling tests your ability to find answers to more obscure cricketing questions – think deeply!
Spin bowling tests your ability to solve cryptic clues – think googly!

The quicker you answer, the more runs you score. Answer wrongly and lose a wicket. Play Twenty20 or ODI games, with the recent results of other players used to calculate target scores and determine whether you win or lose each game.

It is FREE to play – Think Googly..Players can also submit their own questions for inclusion and be acknowledged for their effort (questions are drawn randomly from a database so that no two games are ever the same), monitor their game performance, check their rankings and discuss cricket issues in forums.

Rules are simple, the questions are challenging and your tactics is vital..

Let the Game Begin!! Good Luck !!


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  1. Thanks Soham for your very kind words – Think Googly was fun to develop and I really hope that you, your friends and readers have fun playing it.

    Keep up the great blogging!


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