India is growing and so as the competitions..To compete with rivals and to survive in the global market, every company has to instigate rigorous marketing, publicity and advertising campaign..Diplomatic and tactful planning of advertisements plays an essential role in generating and in even increasing the revenue of the company…So adhering to this fact, no company today is falling behind in promoting themselves to create larger customer base by implementing meticulous advertising and publicity crusade..

Yesterday I got an email which showed a funny side of the advertisement campaign carried out by Airline Companies…They are trying a variety of interesting ways to promote themselves and the noble and delightful sign is that they are not crossing that thin line which lies between the competition and one’s malicious intent to defame his competitors..I could not resist myself from sharing that with you..You might have seen this before in a forward email but it is worth giving a second look..After all it brings a smile on your face..So enjoy it…

[This is a hoarding Jet Airways put at a busy road in Mumbai]




Ha ha ha…I hope you like it…


11 Responses to “Funny side of Advertisments !!!”

  1. Hey Soham. Nice to see you stop by at my blog. Where did you get the link from? Hope you know who I am? Keep visiting!!

  2. awesome !!!!

  3. This is absolutely fantastic.

    The way people are competing, it’s actually looks dumb than intelligent..

    Did you see the ad of Sprite which is making fun of Pepsi ka “Youngistan” wala ad ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s also funny..

    Jo ke.. Virgin mobile ads are nice.. which are up to an extent ‘Hat Ke’ ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. @Krupa

    Yeah I saw tht Sprite ad which is a parody of Youngistan ad of Pepsi..It was fun watchin tht for first few times but then it was irritating,…but that is the case with all sprite ads..

  5. hey nice post…..really njoyed it..

  6. Does the name Sneha ring a bell? If not, ask your mom!

  7. @rahul:
    Thanks pal…

    Thanks pal..Appreciate ur comments..

    well,the name ‘Sneha’ really rings so many bells because i know few Snehas..So it will be good if u can more elaborate to end this naming mystery !!

  8. Hahahahaha brilliant!!

    Nice blog u have here ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. @Nova
    Thanks for the compliments..But you truly are an inspirational source to start the blog..I bet !!

  10. @ soham, here are some more clues (this is fun!). Your mom and my mom share the exact same name!

  11. thanks for u comments
    really funny pics.
    checkout my blogs

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