Yeah, you got that right..I turned 25 today!!..I got one year older…Got more matured..More responsible..And more confused !!!..But the journey from my last birthday to this birthday was really a roller-coaster ride..

Some remarkable things happened in last one year:
1) Chitrali was transferred to Cincinnati office as an on site consultant..Hence we were able to meet several times and could spend some quality time with each other..
2) I got my California Driving License in my last attempt. It was a ‘do or die’ situation for me but somehow I did it…

3) Mom, Dad and Nani came to US for my graduation ceremony. (Just to add, my Nani is 85 but still she travelled so far for me..So nice of her!!!) Love you Mom-Dad-Nani !!!
4) I got my first job and first salary…Miss you my company and the dollar paychecks!!
5) Came back to India and joined Indian software company. Loving my job right now.
6)Got married to Chitrali in the month of January..Wedding ceremony was really grand and marvellous. Enjoying married life now!! Love you Chitrali !!

I will be celebrating this birthday with my parents after 4 years as I was in USA since Aug,2004..It will also be the first birthday after my marriage..I will be completing 25 years hence it means a silver jubilee for me..So I have plenty of reasons to celebrate this birthday with greater zest and enthusiasm..

I have not thought of taking any resolutions for the next year because I never follow them..So let the troubles and problems come on my way and I will face them with all my courage and that too with a smiling face..Aah, that sounds as one resolution, huh!!

Had a surprise birthday decoration and cake-cutting ceremony at 12 in the night organized by mom and Chitrali…Few friends came and had a gala time with them…Thanks mom and Chitrali!!..It was hell lot of fun !!!

Anyways, Happy Birthday To ME !! Can I expect any gifts from my blog readers??

10 Responses to “Hey, it’s my BIRTHDAY !!!”

  1. hey man……… belated happy birthday……….

    i have a complain……..u have never told me that u also blog……u lier…….

    anyway…..but now i know u blogged so i will come here often…..

    second complain is that, ur blog has so many posts on cricket man….. and i m among those few boring people around the world who doesn’t like cricket and never see a single over in a match…..

    so i think there is a little space for me on your blog to comment…

    anyway….. nice blog…….
    keep in touch……

  2. happy bday sota … i called u amnaj just now .. its 5.30 PM (PST) hehheheehh wnated to harass you …

    Wishing u a very happy bday man !!!


    call ya later…

  3. happy bday sota …

    i tried to harass u jst nw to wish u at 5PM (PST) …

    happy bday to u man !!!!

    pacho karu chu call ….

  4. My Dear, Sweet Soham,
    Wish u a very very special n Happy Birthday.
    I hv been reading yr blogs n am v happy to tell u that they r quite interesting. Keep it up.
    With Blissful Regards
    Balkrishna Surajiwala

  5. Hey Happy Birthday Soham! That was a really cute post ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Happy birthday Soham,

    Now, as for a gift, all I can think of is to send you some correct answers to a few Googly questions!!

    Much success in the year ahead.

  7. hey belated happy birthday!!!

  8. @Asav, thanks a ton man..I did not know that u r not aware that i too blog..M sorry abt it!!..Being a ardent cricket fan, there will be many posts related to cricket..but u can surely post comments on other posts!!

    @Samy, yeah I missed ur call..U should hv called on a’bad number..mumbai number was on silent mode and in drawer..ha ha taru tie tie fish thayu mane heran karvanu !!

    @Surajiwala, thanks a ton for the wishes..!!

    @Nova, Thanks a lot..I dont hv a wishlist like you have..otherwise would hv copied you ๐Ÿ™‚ ..

    @Alan, if u could send me some answers of googly ones, it would be great :)..due to time constraint, m not able to play the quiz since long..might play out few 20-20s to improve my statistics!!

  9. Belated happy b’day….
    Congo for the quarter century

  10. Hey Soham, a happy belated birthday! I know it’s a week late but the wishes matter more so… here’s to the official entry to grihasthaashram! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And congrats to you and Ms. C for the actual entry to grihasthaashram as well in January! ๐Ÿ™‚

    That was such a sweet post.

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