IPL is going to start from today…Whether you call it “Indian Premier League” or “Indian Paisa League” or “Indian Pawar league” but it certainly has created some hype in the media and also among the cricket lovers all over the world…Huge money involved…So much glamour involved..

Its inauguration ceremony will be held in Bangalore tomorrow..It seems that it will be grand and fabulous…Bunch of eminent film stars are gonna perform on the eve of the ceremony…Cheer leaders are specially called from Australia…Shahrukh, Preity Zinta, Katrina Kaif etc will be sitting in the stadium and will be watching the match…Spectators will be in huge dilemma – what to watch for: So many international cricketers on the field, Cricketing shots and awesome deliveries, Film stars in the stands or ‘Hot and Beautiful’ Cheer-leaders near the boundary ropes..It will surely be a stunning celeb-packed night…I hope IPL succeeds and it provides a better platform for other young cricketers..

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I am not at all interested in or concerned about the whole conundrum of meaningless discussion of flow of immense amount of money or the myth that cricketer are becoming film starts and film starts are becoming cricketers or the useless debate about the glamour and cricket’s alliance which are all associated with the IPL..I just want to watch quality cricket while sipping coke or cold-coffee in my cozy-comfy couch..But every cricketer should make sure that their national duty comes first…To play for their nation must be the first and top most priority and they should not betray their country for the sake of money or glamour..Just a small advice to give!!!

By the way, there is no team from Ahmedabad in IPL..So I will be cheering for Mumbai Indians because Mumbai is my work place..It’s the city which gives me my bread and butter…My Karm-Bhoomi..Another reason could be the presence of my favourite cricketers Sachin and Jayasurya in the team…

I will also be cheering for Deccan Chargers (Hyderabad Team) as my all time favourite Shahid Afridi is in it…I hope he proves by his attacking, aggressive and flamboyant batting that he is rightly called ‘Boom Boom Afridi’

All the very best to Sachin, Jayasurya and Afridi – the king pathan..

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  1. Hmm .. interesting to see you excited about IPL ! I somehow don’t see it as pure form of cricket. Test cricket is the best. One day cricket, good entertainer. But IPL or any other 20-20 matches just sound pure drama to me. Less cricket and a lot of glamor involved.

  2. @Gandalf,
    No doubt abt that at all..Test cricket is the best..after that One-day comes and then t20..But i am excited to see so many international giants in the same field..I mean Jayasurya and Sachin opening the innigs !!! .. What a sight that is for a cricket maniac like me..Gilchrist and Gibbs togather hitting sixes all over the park..Wow!!..I m really very excited abt it..

  3. IPL is gonna rock..No doubt about that !!

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  4. Go IPL!!!
    Go Indian Players!!!
    Go World Players !!!

    But Suck it up – Afridi !!!


    harami sota sala mari gayo tu pacho aav ne ahiya etli var che …

    Mccullum – MIND BLOWING Mahiya jevu hitting karyu yaar !!!


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