Today I was waiting for my bus at the bus-stop in the morning and suddenly, to my surprise, I met my old friend XYZ who also was waiting for his company bus..I was meeting him after I don’t know 8-9 years..He was my school-mate..After school got finished, we lost touch and both became busy in their daily routines..But today i felt really nice after seeing XYZ and that too in this bizarre fashion..Felt so good to be reconnected..Then we started up a conversation about general random things. I kept complaining about the problems I am facing such as boring office, stressful work, dull weekends, less salary etc etc..

Finally XYZ said: “You think you have so many problems? Listen to my situation :
A few years ago I met a young widow with a grown up daughter. We got married and I got myself a step-daughter. Later, my father married my step-daughter. That made my step daughter my step-mother. And my father became my step-son. Also my wife became mother-in-law of her father-in-law. Much later the daughter of my wife, my step-mother, had a son. This boy was my half brother because he was my father’s son. But he was also the son of my wife’s daughter which made him my wife’s grand-son. That made me the grandfather of my half brother.This was nothing until my wife and I had a son. Now the half sister of my son, my step-mother, is also his grandmother. This makes my father the brother-in-law of my child, whose step-sister is my father’s wife. I am my step-mother’s brother-in-law, my wife is her own child’s aunt, my son is my father’s nephew and I am my OWN GRAND-FATHER!!!!And you think you have got so many PROBLEMS!!!!”

I just stood there thunderstruck and speechless…I was stunned…The surroundings became stand still…I felt numbness in my entire body..I kept on wondering that how can you be your own grandfather??…Is it possible in reality??..I did not speak anything but still I apologised through my eyes and by bowing my head in embarrassment…Without uttering a single word, we both departed and then both lived happily ever after…


P.S : It is a fictional story…I just changed one forward email into the comic story to live some fantasies and to create some humour..So no need to show mercy on XYZ..He even does not exist!!!

Yesterday, to my surprise, I got an email from one of my blog readers Alan..Like me, he is also an avid cricket fan and he really liked my whispersss about cricket..He, in his email, stated that he has developed a different type of cricket quiz which he believes to be engaging, one-of-its-kind and exciting..So he requested me to check out and you wont believe but it really turned out to be stunning, interesting and out-of-this-world..Creativity and inventiveness at its best..I also want you all cricket maniacs to check it out..Let us have a match there and will see kisme kitna hai dum..For the security purpose, the registration process has been kept a bit tedious and lengthy..First they will send an activation code in your email and after supplying that activation code on the web site again, they will send you a password..So after all these steps , you can log in and start playing..But remember no pain-no gain…So be patient and enjoy the quiz..

Anyway, there’s a short description of the game below – I hope you can take the time to check it out.

Fast bowling tests your cricket general knowledge – think quickly!
Medium pace bowling tests your ability to find answers to more obscure cricketing questions – think deeply!
Spin bowling tests your ability to solve cryptic clues – think googly!

The quicker you answer, the more runs you score. Answer wrongly and lose a wicket. Play Twenty20 or ODI games, with the recent results of other players used to calculate target scores and determine whether you win or lose each game.

It is FREE to play – Think Googly..Players can also submit their own questions for inclusion and be acknowledged for their effort (questions are drawn randomly from a database so that no two games are ever the same), monitor their game performance, check their rankings and discuss cricket issues in forums.

Rules are simple, the questions are challenging and your tactics is vital..

Let the Game Begin!! Good Luck !!


Every intellectual person of India knows the reputation of Indian media in recent times..You just cannot trust Indian media and it is applied to both – ‘Print Media’ and ‘Electronic Media’ .. They are capable of turning an insignificant piece of NEWS into a breaking news which can shake the whole country or the whole planet and vice verse is also true.. Sometimes they become so much engrossed in covering irrelevant NEWS that they forget their duties and their social responsibilities towards building a healthy, wealthy, safe, secure and unprejudiced society..

Yesterday I got a funny email about how and what Indian Media is covering these days..You might have seen that in the forward email but it is worth a second look..

Actually in the first glance it looks funny but if you think sensibly then it tells a pity story.. A story about the deterioration of Indian media .. It is really very unfortunate and shameful that where and in which direction Indian media is heading..Media should be positive, encouraging, responsible, honest, unbiased and fair..But that is not the case with Indian-Media in the recent times and hence it feels really very disappointed and frustrated..

** Shaking my head in disappointment **


Impressive win against Australia..Self-Confidence hanging high in the minds of the players..Inclusion of stalwarts like Tendulkar, Ganguly and Dravid in the team..Domicile conditions..Favorable pitch..One billion supporters..Decent performance in the 1st Test match against South Africa..Sehwag scoring his second ‘triple hundred’ and that too fastest in the world..Dravid becomes a member of the 10,000-RUN club..Now what do you expect in the second test match at Ahmedabad..I guess a thumping victory against South Africa..But instead, we witnessed the debacle of Team India at its worst of recent times..

First day, a pitch, which shows a hint of a grass on it, was surely going to favour seam bowlers early on and still our own captain Mr. Kumble, after winning the toss, opted for a batting ..And the next is a history..India was bowled out for tiny ‘76′..Four batmen even did not trouble the scorer..Only two batsmen crossing the double digit mark(Another luxury for scorers!!)..Six batsmen gazed at their stumps and bails going for a morning-walk..When south Africa came to bat, they were not at all troubled by the pitch or by the Indian bowlers..Suddenly that grass from the pitch vanished!!!..Harbhajan did bowl some magical deliveries early in his spell but then he too surrendered to the conditions..South Africa scored a mammoth 494/7(declare) and when India came to bat, again the history repeated, and they were bowled out with a defeat of an Innings and 90 runs..I went to Ahmedabad in the weekends to watch the match but it got over on Saturday only..I was the sufferer of watching Indian wickets falling down like cycles in the cycle-stand one after another..Dismal performance..Team India disappointed so many fans who came out in large numbers at the stadium to support them..It surely was a humiliating and embarrassing defeat..

I hope we at least win the third test match at Kanpur and level the series..Keeping my fingers crossed..

By the way, who do you think was the culprit for this debacle?
1. IPL Hype and the campaigns to promote the teams and players [In the practice session organised just before the day of the test-match, only 4 players came to attend it. Others were busy promoting their IPL teams.] OR
2. Kumble’s Decision to bat first OR
3. Pitch OR
4. Indian Batsmen OR
5. South Africa’s preparations for the match and before the match.

My vote goes to Kumble’s decision to bat first on a green pitch…

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India is growing and so as the competitions..To compete with rivals and to survive in the global market, every company has to instigate rigorous marketing, publicity and advertising campaign..Diplomatic and tactful planning of advertisements plays an essential role in generating and in even increasing the revenue of the company…So adhering to this fact, no company today is falling behind in promoting themselves to create larger customer base by implementing meticulous advertising and publicity crusade..

Yesterday I got an email which showed a funny side of the advertisement campaign carried out by Airline Companies…They are trying a variety of interesting ways to promote themselves and the noble and delightful sign is that they are not crossing that thin line which lies between the competition and one’s malicious intent to defame his competitors..I could not resist myself from sharing that with you..You might have seen this before in a forward email but it is worth giving a second look..After all it brings a smile on your face..So enjoy it…

[This is a hoarding Jet Airways put at a busy road in Mumbai]




Ha ha ha…I hope you like it…


There was an era of lethal and deadly super-fast bowling and this guy was always considered as ‘the king’ of that regime…He became an instant Hero with his 5 wickets haul for 43 runs in Pakistan’s first Test win in South Africa…but it was just a trailer…Lot more to arrive…Soon he became a superstar with those two magical deliveries he bowled to Dravid and Sachin…First ball was a high-speed furious yorker which sent Dravid’s leg stump on a morning-walk…The following ball, the best batsman in the world on the crease and he delivered the identical delivery and sent the middle-stump of Sachin cartwheeling to give him his maiden golden duck…The whole India was stunned…they were speechless, thunderstruck, astounded…Many hearts missed a beat including mine…This is ‘The Rawalpindi Express’ Shoaib Akhtar for you…He has been banned for five years by a disciplinary committee of the PCB(Pakistan Cricket Board)…He is accused of violating the players’ code of conduct as he publically criticised PCB officials, their functioning and their offering of retainership instead of a contract.

The statistics does not depict the true picture of his international career…It indeed was full of controversies, bans, injuries, furious-yorkers, wickets and the pleasing sound of Timbas & bails flying all over the place…Controversies were his close companions…he has got this uncanny knack of producing controversies from nowhere…Whether it was an accuse of poor attitude in the filed & his misbehavior with junior players, or a charge of ball-tampering, or a fine for sledging rival players, or an instance of failing of the Drug-test, or a case of dressing-room tiff with Mohammed Asif, or a blame of fake injuries – he really walked his way to fame and also to dimness with all these misdeeds lying on his shoulders every now and then. He was the first bowler to cross the 100 mph barrier, but his attitude took its toll on his reputation as well as his fitness…He really screwed it up..PERIOD

Cricinfo rightly said in one of their articles : “What does Shoaib leave behind? Nothing really. No legacy; only a blighted, wasted career and a warning to future players on what not to become, and to future administrations on how not to deal with a player.” … How true !! …

Shoaib has said that he is very disappointed by this decision and he will fight it in court. He also stated that he has been ‘victimised’ and ‘pinpoint targeted’…But because of the increasing pressure from other senior cricketers, coach, captain and also from newly formed Pakistani government to the PCB officials, Shoaib might very well have his ban overturned soon enough. It happens in Pakistan. It has happened with him before…So there will be no surprises if this ban is tipped over…

But I will surely miss Shoaib on the field…He was a great fighter and one of my favourite ones…And yeah, he is allowed to play in IPL…so at least I can see him playing in India…Some donuts for me, I guess…

Hats off to the Genious !!!

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These ghazals are crafted by the great Gujarati ‘Shayar and Ghazal-Writer’ Jalan Matri saheb… He is known for his shayaris and ghazals which portray his clash and conflict with GOD – કુદરત…


તકદીર ખુદ ખુદાએ લખી પણ ગમી નથી,
સારું થયું કે કોઈ મનુજે લખી નથી;

કેવા શુકનમાં પર્વતે આપી હશે વિદાય,
નિજ ઘરથી નીકળી નદી પાછી વળી નથી;

શ્રદ્ધાનો જો હો વિષય તો પુરાવાની શી જરૂર?
કુરાનમાં તો ક્યાંય પયગંબરની સહી નથી;

ડૂબાડી દઈ શકું છું ગળાબૂડ સ્મિતને,
મારી કને તો અશ્રુઓની કંઈ કમી નથી;

મૃત્યુની ઠેસ વાગશે તો શું થશે ‘જલન’,
જીવનની ઠેસની હજુ કળ વળી નથી.


દવા માટે કોઈ વલખે છે તો કોઈ દુઆ માટે,
કરે છે ધમપછાડા લોક જીવન જીવવા માટે;

વખત પર ના ફળી જ્યારે દુઆ તો ભેદ સમજાયો,
કે બાજુમાંથી ઊઠ્યા’તા ઘણા હાથો દુઆ માટે;

છતાં અફસોસ કે જઈ માનવી ફેંકાય દોઝખમાં,
નહીંતર સ્વર્ગ ક્યાં સર્જ્યું છે તેં તારા ભલા માટે;

છે એનો સ્પષ્ટ મતલબ કે ખુદા ખુદ મૂડીવાદી છે,
મુકદ્દ્રર એકસરખા હોત ના નહીંતર બધા માટે;

બધા ઝગડાની જડ પણ તું જ, જિમ્મેદાર તું ઈશ્વર,
તું ધારત તો ન હોતે ધર્મ અહીં એક જ બધા માટે;

કોઈનો એબ જોવા વેડફો ના તેજ આંખોનું,
કે એણે આંખ આપી છે તો સારું દેખવા માટે;

હકૂમતના જ હાથોમાં જો હોતે જળ, હવા, ઓજસ,
‘જલન’ તકલીફ પડતે ખૂબ જીવન જીવવા માટે.


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