It was 6-45 pm in my clock..I rushed out of my place and started driving my car in an unknown direction..By asking few auto-rickshawallas, I somehow managed to reach the city of Nerul, Navi Mumbai..It was the place where an IPL match between Mumbai Indians V/S Deccan Chargers was organized..The small town of Nerul might not have expected such a huge turn out for the match hence chaos and anarchy were all around as expected…The roads and foot-paths were jam packed with the ocean of people, cars and bikes..The match was about to start at 8 and I reached the stadium at 7-30 hence could not get a parking spot inside, again as expected…I had to park my car 4 KM away from the stadium and had to walk that much distance to get into the stadium…But after all these hurdles, the fun and the masti I witnessed was just amazing !! It made it for all the prior hiccups ..

As I entered the stadium, the first scene that flashed in front my eyes was indeed stupendous…Earth-shaking loud music was going on as like you are in some kind of pub or Night club…Cheer leaders were dancing in their full colours and spirit…People too were shaking their legs to match the tune..I got the seat just behind where the cheer leaders were dancing..Yeah, you got that right!!!..Just behind the CHEER LEADERS !! .. Mumbai Indians batted first…Whenever a boundary was hit, cheer leaders used to come up on the podium and dance..One guy was dancing with his helmet on and a small bat in one hand..One guy in a complete cowboy look with a cowboy hat was trying to match Hritik’s steps…‘Mauja hi mauja’ , ‘Dil na diyaaa’ , ‘Tu yeh to bata, tu dekhta hai kya’, ‘Krazzzyy 4’ etc songs were going on with full volume and the atmosphere at the ground was just mind-blowing and terrific…Crowd too was very colourful and very enthusiastic about the game…The D.Y. Patil stadium was huge and its design certainly looked classical and modern…The field was lush-green and it seemed very quick…The pitch was a complete Batting-Paradise…Poor Bowlers!! ..

Mumbai Indians made just a tiny 154 in 20 overs..Afridi chipped in with two important wickets of RobinUthappa and Sanath Jayasurya and so as RP Singh…When Deccan chargers came out to bat with Gilchrist and Laxman opening the innings, it became mere a cake walk for them, courtesy Gilchrist’s awesome inning…He middled every ball he hit and those were huge hits..They all travelled a long long distance..He completed his maiden ton of IPL in just 42 balls…Fastest to score one..He finished with 109 Not out with 10 massive sixes…Laxman just played a supportive rule…Laxman surely looked a dormant soul in their partnership of 155 runs…Gilchrist single handedly won this match for his team..It was their first win in IPL and an important one too to remain in the league and to qualify for the semis..Even though it was an one-sided match, every single person at the stadium be it children, youth or middle-old aged men-women enjoyed it …I saw one old lady, who must be of the age 80 to 85, she was walkiing in the stadium with a walking-stick and clapping whenever a boundry was hit…Cricket really makes the age negligible and insignificant…

The most astonishing thing to notice here was that even though the people were supporting Mumbai Indians but nobody seemed to care to cheer for a specific team..In contrast, every good shot played or every good delivery bowled or every good fielding done was being appreciated with a loud applause whether it’s from Mumbai Indians or from Deccan Chargers…In short, people loved cricket and not the city or a team…We Indians really can not get divided by region,religion or race…That was really pleasing to observe…

P.S: My favourite cricket Afridi was fielding just in front of me..What a charming sight that was!!..It was even deligted to watch him bowling so fast and furious spin bowling!!


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  1. sota i saw the highlights… man damn !! wht a show by gilly !!! simply UN-BE-lievable !!!!
    Afridi is a player ? who afridi ? never heard about him ??? or her ???? lol hahahahha jst kidding man …

    so u mst have enjoyed a great show in the stadium…. cheerleaders ? hmmmmmmm …. so hw ws the “taste” of the win heheheehe u knw wht i mean !!!!

  2. Hi Soham,

    I’m really glad you were in the crowd when Gilly went crazy and able to witness it first hand …. even though it can be a dangerous place to be when the ball keeps flying over the boundary!!

  3. That’s all everyone is talking about these days..these matches (more specifically, the cheerleaders!).

    Anyway, you have been tagged.
    Please check my blog out.

  4. @Samy:
    Great match it was…Gilly rocks..Cheerleaders were extremely HOTTT!!

    Yeah, it was indeed a great experience watching Gilly going crazy !! Hell lot of Fun !!

    We boys are like that only..Cricket(with/without cheerleader !!) rules our world !!

  5. Hey good one :):):)

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