The Supreme Court of India upheld the OBC quota in educational institutes run by the Government..It just reminded me the famous dialogue from movie Deewar..

Boy: Mere pass 90% marks hai, gold medal hai, merit-awards hai, communication skills hai, qualification hai. Tumhare pass kya hai??
Other Boy: Mere pass QUOTA hai !!!

I wanted to express my views on this bitter agenda of Congress government and of Mr. Arjun Singh to include 27% OBC reservation in educational institutes and to divide people on the basis of their castes but today morning, I read the articles of Bhavin and Rashmi and they both have covered this topic so neatly and effectively that I really don’t feel like writing anything more…I also fear to be called as a blogger whose articles suffer from plagiarism because I really don’t have any more words to pen down on this issue..

But this step of UPA government has surely taken us back..Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s proposal to include reservation was just to provide uplift to the Dalits who, in that era, were wronged by the so-called upper castes…His basic idea was to continue it for about 10-12 years till the dalits can boost themselves to the level of upper castes and can start living healthier and richer life ..Then as the time goes, start reducing the percentage of the quota and after a predefined substantial period make reservation mere non-existent…I really admire this view of him but selfish and heartless, that out political leaders and political parties are, they never cared to decrease the quota just to pull votes and keep their vote-bank intact and undamaged..Instead, with time they have increased the percentage of quota and today it is around 49% reservation in educational institutes for SC,ST and OBC…No political party and no political leader is opposing this step…If they would have cared as much as they do for their vote-bank, it would have been a different story altogether and we would have been living in a real shining India..

** Hanging my head in disappointment,frustration and shame **

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