As I had mentioned, my Dell laptop was behaving weird and abnormal – well, the actual problem was found in the keyboard of it..I don’t know how on this earth the keyboard started malfunctioning..I have not spilled milk or coffee on it nor I mishandled it anytime so God knows what has happened-I really don’t have a slightest clue about what might have triggered this problem…The replacement cost was around RS. 5000 but due to the kind suggestion and help from Manishkaka, I have chosen an economical alternative for the temporary basis..It works great with the USB keyboard !!! and it only costs RS.400..So for the short period of time, I will manage with that only..Hence I am returning back to the blog-o-world and will be posting regularly now…A little relief really !!

By the way, how you all guys doing these days??


6 Responses to “A Handicapped Return”

  1. OK, so it wasn’t milk and it wasn’t coffee, but that still leaves lots of liquids, some of which you may not remember spilling :-)).

    Let’s just say I’m better than your keyboard!

    Welcome back, Soham

  2. @Alan:

    Ha ha ha ha !! ..

    I know it still leaves out so many liquids but usually while laptop is in my lap, I prefer drinking milk, coffee or may be soda it now eliminates the chances of being it other liquid..Yeah, it’s a nice feeling coming back..Thanks for the wishes..

    By the way, what does ur analysis say, who will win IPL??

  3. I dont know if your laptop not functioning properly has anything to do with calling your friends here in the US with whom you have spent a great time for the last 3 years or so ????

    I think u have become miser going back to India….

    WTF !

  4. @Samy:

    Dude..U were off to LAs Vegas – the sin city .. How can I call u there and interrupt u in ur all SINS !! .. Will giv u a call next weekend !!

  5. It’s always a toss-up in T20 but I’d like to see Rajasthan and not just because of Warne!

    They have exceeded everybody’s expectations (except for their own perhaps) and with the best record probably deserve to come out on top.

    But, if the Royals lose, I can confidently predict that Super Kings will win the final :-))

    Have a great time at the game!!

  6. I have been missing you and your quirky comments on Short and Sweet!
    And you missed out on a bevda party yesterday!

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