IPL has almost reached its halfway…The first phase was thrilling, exciting and nail-biting almost all the times…Except for one or two incidents, matches were played in a sincere and healthy manner even though they have not been granted ‘International’ stature and the records, which are set or broken, are not gonna find the place in the score book or in the statistics..But still the matches are played in a way they should be played and that is really delightful to watch..I hope this trend and thrill continue till end..

My Observations during the first phase:

  • I have never expected that the IPL will create so much of excitement and buzz in me but it certainly has..Everyday at 8 PM, I do stick to my TV ignoring the bunch of activities and people !! .. It is awesome to watch so many different players of different nationalities get togather and play as a unit..
  • The weakest team Rajasthan Royals’ are at the top of the chart with 5 wins and 1 defeat in 6 games while the strongest team ‘Deccan Chargers’ are at the bottom of the chart with 5 defeats and only 1 win in 6 games…T-20 is so unpredictable!!..Deccan chargers are equipped with stalwarts like Symonds, Gilchrist, Afridi, Gibbs, Vaas, Styris,Rohit Sharma but still they have lost almost all their games..
  • First phase was dominated by Australians and Newzealanders came the close second..Out of the four centuries scored, three were achieved by Australians (Gilchrist, Symonds and Hussey) and one was achieved by Newzealander Mccullam ..
  • After the departure of Australian and Newzealander cricketres to play for their respective nation, drastic decline has been observed in the scoring rate as well as the number of boundaries and sixes hit …During their presence, the score of 190-210 was made few times and it was even chased down by some teams on one or two occasions…
  • Now the Indian young brigade has got the chance to prove them and they are grabbing this opportunity with their both hands…They are really playing well and making their presence felt since last few matches after being overshadowed by other international players in the beginning…Good to see them performing at this level !!
  • T-20 specialists and my favourite players Sanath Jayasurya and Afridi are complete flop in IPL…My all time favourite Sachin has not played a single game..but still I watch IPL with great zeal and enthusiasm…I don’t know why but i think I just love cricket too much !!! .. Just to add, unlike his other teammates, Ponting too had a complete disaster in IPL
  • The graph of the cheerleaders’ dresses are increasing day by day from quite minimal in the beginning to fully covered currently..Indian tradition and values do exist nowadays…
  • As I have predicted here, Shoaib has somehow managed to get a stay on his lifetime ban and he will be allowed to play in IPL…What a turn around !! ..Power of money and political backup did the trick for ShoaibPAKISTAN is really a great country, I must say !!!
  • Last but not the least, the official name given to IPL is ‘Indian Premier League’…After the huge flow out of money and glamour in it, it was given a name ‘Indian Paisa League’ and ‘Indian (Sharad)Pawar League’ … But for me, it has truly become ‘Indian PaisaWasool League’ .. IPL rocks !!


7 Responses to “IPL (mid-way) Review”

  1. Its all greek and latin to me!

  2. Hi Soham,

    If you put the hype and hoop-la to one side, there is some amazing cricket being played, and not just batsmen – a number of bowlers are performing very well too.

    I might be biased but I think McGrath will still be bowling well in the IPL when he turns 50!!

  3. Hi,Soham…tks for your visit(s) and for linking me.My first visit to your blog-very nice..I’ll be back to read a few of the older posts.

    Re. IPL- even I find myself enjoying them,albeit,it’s pretty complicated trying to remember who’s in which team…so,we just remember them as Preity/SRK/Vijay Mallya/Ambani,etc teams.:)

  4. @Solitaire: I can understand your problem !! .. But that’s ok .. As long as you know how to use lipsticks and eye-lashes, you are not in any trouble !!

    @Alan: You are not at all biased..I completely agree with you on tht one..Mcgrath even at the age of 50 can bowl his quota of overs in the most economical way…Not a single doubt it..

    @AmitL: I really like your blog..Keep visiting frequently !!

  5. To be honest, dunno how to use eyelashes..as for lipstick, hardly use them.

    Oops! Am in trouble!

  6. That went from two feet above, no not the ball, your post. ๐Ÿ˜›

    But I couldn’t help notice the bit about cheer leaders. I read something funny last week so thought I’d share. Check it out here. hehehe.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. @Solitaire: I really doubt that u dont use lipsticks and eye-lashes after looking at your pics on orkut..I seriously doubt that !!

    @Kanan: That was great..Really hillarious!! .. Thanks for sharing !!

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