IPL has almost reached at its peak..As of now, the four teams, Rajasthan Royals, Kings XI Punjab, Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Daredevils, have booked their berths in the semi- finals and hence rest of the matches till semis are just formalities…But I am not happy with some of the incidents which took place since last few days..

  • Sehwag was booed by the crowd in Hyderabad and in Kolkata..
  • Yuvraj and his team had to face catcall from the spectators in Mumbai .. At the post-match ceremony, Yuvi angrily said that the mumbai-crowd was pretty one-sided and they should not forget that some of the Kings XI Punjab boys also play for ‘Team India’ ..
  • My blog friend Ashwin states on his blog that he is more loyal to his Chennai team than to our national cricket team.. He even has got a poll for the same on his blog and I guess the local-team-loyals are outnumbering the national-team-loyals..

I really did not like this..This is certainly not a healthy sign..I think the nation comes first..Region comes second..I think that cricket and bollywood are the only two areas where we,Indians, feel patriotic and proud Indians..I mean when Sachin and Sehwag hit Shoaib for flurry of sixes or when Kumble took 10 wicket-haul, didn’t we feel like proud Indians…When Sunny Deol in the movie Gadar shouts “Hindustan zindabad thaa, zindabad hai aur zindabad rahega“..Didn’t we feel great and patriotic..Otherwise we are always busy cursing our motherland for its corruption, polution, population, poverty, dirtiness etc etc..Bollywood and Cricket bind us to gather..they unite us..but today I can see the things are changing..So now if Sachin hits a ton against Australia playing at Ferozshah Kotla ground in Delhi, people of Delhi wont clap and appreciate his efforts and instead will they boo him?? ..

But one soothing indication was given by one of the commentators as he said that even though people right now are divided on the basis of region/city but once Team India starts playing international matches, they will come back to their prior state and will start cheering our players once again with that zeal and enthusiasm that we all have been seeing throughout these years !! .. I hope that happens and that too very soon..

Remember that we are Indians first and then a Ahmedabadi or a Mumbaikar or a Chennai-ite.. So please don’t let regional-bias go over your head !!


2 Responses to “IPL (side)Effects !”

  1. Soham, you raise some important issues and it will be interesting to see whether there is any fall-out after the first season of the IPL.

    It would be ironic if barriers between players of different nationalities have been reduced while ‘barriers’ between Indian players have increased – although the latter might vanish once Team India re-assembles.

    Has there ever been a problem at Ranji trophy matches like the one you described?

  2. @Alan:

    Frankly speaking, nobody follows ranji matches with that greater passion which we can observe during IPL matches..U even wont find spectators in the groud during Ranji matches..So I hv not heard about the occurance of any problem during it..

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