Event – 1:

Reliving the memories .. 25Th June, 1983 was the day .. The day on which Team India won their maiden world-cup by beating the gigantic West Indies in the final which was played at Lords .. That phenomenal victory completed its 25 years and it was celebrated with a great zeal and enthusiasm in India and also In England .. BCCI arranged a celebration ceremony to honor all the players who were the part of wining team .. Winning team also went to Lords and relived those moments in a same way which they did 25 years ago ..

What a sight that was as Kapil Dev is holding the world cup in his hand and Gavaskar and Mohiner Amarnath posing beside Kapil Dev with champagnes in their hands .. This fabulous win started a new chapter in Indian Cricket’s history and we all Indians are thankful to those great soldiers of Cricket Battle..



Watched ‘ThodaPyaar Thoda Magic’ last weekend .. A good movie .. It’s a complete Children’s movie except the one vulgar and unnecessary song picturized on Ameesha and Saif .. I don’t know what was Kunal Kohli – the director thinking when he put that song in the film .. It will surely make children uncomfortable who have come to watch the movie with their parents .. Wont say anything about the story though ..

Saif was good .. The acting was natural to him .. He did a great job .. Rani, as always, showed her class and versatility whether it’s comedy or emotions .. She was just awesome .. But the heart of the movie was the four kids .. All were perfect and all did a terrific job .. But among all four kids, the Sikh kid ‘Iqbal’ will surely make you roll on the floor laughing .. He was great .. Do I have to say that Ameesha was a complete disaster in the movie? ..

All in all, a nice family movie and worth watching once ..



Inflation and priserise are out of control now .. Inflation is increasing day by day and hence prise-rise of every household thing such as vegetables, fruits, LPG gas, petrol, diesel etc are also going up and up and up .. I don’t know whether it’s right to blame UPA government for that or it is the effect of the global recession and the high crudeoil price ..

But Mrs. Italian Gandhi errrr ….. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Manmohan Singh must do something to control the inflation .. As far as my knowledge is serving me right, we have got two best economist of the country as our prime minister(Mr. Manmohan Singh) and as our finance minister(Mr. Chidambaram) and still we are facing this problems .. Something somewhere is wrong, I guess !! .. Sounds fishy …



Bill Gates has recently bid adieu to the Microsoft Corporation .. He stepped down as a full-time employee of Microsoft and now he will concentrate only on his noble foundation to fight against the deadly diseases such as Cancer, AIDS, Malaria etc and other philanthropic work .. So he, on last Friday, announced the end of a terrific and brilliant journey with Microsoft and yeah – what a journey it was..

There might be a huge and fanatic Apple-and-UNIX fan club, there might be a number of Microsoft haters through out the world, there might be a number of sues which have been filled against Microsoft, there might be a number of allegations of theft, stealing etc made on Bill gates but this is an indisputable fact that Bill Gates was the one who initiated the personal computing revolution .. He made it a global industry .. Because of him, PC became a household thing and it certainly revolutionized the world .. He was the one who changed a computer from a luxury to a necessity ..

Hence Hats off to you Bill Gates and Thank you for everything you have done and achieved and made ourselves to use the technology you discovered and allowed us to make a career out of it .. If you would have not started Microsoft, I would have travelled a different road and would have opted for a different career .. You certainly are a paramount force in making me what I am today .. You are my role model .. I respect you a lot ..


Well, since last few days I am planning to move to my own domain-name instead of having xxxx.blogspot.com as my blog site.. But I am not able to think of any suitable name for my website .. So I need your help in figuring out my puzzle and mystery..

I need a name which is short but funny .. I need a name which can make anyone smile but at the same time it should make sense .. It should be easy to remember ..

Aahh, I am confused !! .. Please help me out with this !!


I was standing in a long queue with an umbrella in my one hand and a bag full of important documents in other hand .. It was raining heavily like cats and dogs and pigs and all .. It was windy too .. I was unable to hold on to the umbrella in a heavy wind and I was getting wet as well as some of the documents .. I was eagerly waiting for my turn so that I could go inside and could be relieved from this stormy weather.. Stress was high .. Adrenaline secreting at its highest speed ..17Th June, 2004 was the day and I was standing outside American Visa Consulate to appear for my student (F-1) visa interview which I needed to go to US to pursue MS in Computer Science .. It’s been 4 years now but still all the memories are afresh and live in my mind ..

My parents were in greater tension and stress than I was for my Visa .. They felt that to go and study in US is my dream and if I am denied Visa, all my dreams will be shattered and I will become unhappy that of course they cant stand .. But I was casual,happy-go-lucky and carefree for the same..I had my visitors visa till 2010 .. I had been to US twice .. So I did not have a slightest doubt in my mind .. And that what happened .. I was called in and the kind lady at the Visa counter asked some formal questions like “Which University?”, “Which Course?”, “Who is the sponsor?”, “Any relative in US?”, “When did you last visit US?” and the last but the most lovely & wonderful words – “Congratulations ! Your passport will be mailed to you in two days ! All the very best ! “ .. I was happy .. I was relieved not for me but for my parents .. I came out of the consulate office singing and dancing .. Now I somehow started loving the rain and getting wet .. First, I discovered telephone booth and called mom, dad and Chitrali to convey the good news.. All were happy..

Came back to Ahmedabad .. Started preparing the shopping for US .. Found out roommates .. Found out the apartment (my dear cousin Rutvijbhai booked it for us !!) .. And flew to my dreamland on 4Th of august.. I was very lucky in the matter that I got the best roommates one can just dream of .. We never were roommates – we were close friends .. I had my best of time at University of Southern California (USC) .. Spent some great and quality time with friends and did all the masti-majak-fun-pranks and all .. Two and half years in LA and six months in San Jose which I spent were certainly the golden days of life and will cherish all the memories lifetime .. In September 2007, I decided to come back to my motherland from my dreamland .. And that is where the journey halted .. I think every good thing has to end so that a better thing can take off ..

What happened after September 2007 to till today, you can read it here ..

I miss US .. I miss USC .. I miss LA .. I miss LA Downtown .. I miss Bay Area .. I miss all my US friends .. I miss 2717 Orchard – Apt #3 .. I miss College Football .. I miss Tommy Trojan .. I miss Daily-Trojan Newspaper .. I miss Netflix .. I miss Leavy Library .. I miss Artesia & Surati Farsan and its expensive-but-tasty Chaats .. I miss Subway-Carl’s Junior-Jack in the box-Electric Lotus-Gills .. .. I miss Shuttles, Trams and Campus Cruiser’s Call .. I miss Cingular .. I miss DEN-Lectures-Grades-Homeworks-Projects .. I miss Courses, D-clearances and registration race .. I miss midnight assignments and 12:05 submissions .. I miss deals-2-buy, Amazon and eBay deals .. I miss Enterprise-rent-A-Car .. I miss all the Civic-Camry-Corolla-Altima .. I miss Laundry and 6-Quarter-Problem .. I miss Naz and Desimedia movies .. I miss those emotional trips to Swadesh ..

I am not crying because it had happened already but I am happy that it just happened in my life !!


Several thoughts were going through my mind .. Several events have also taken place during last few days .. They all are not that bigger of a matter hence I can’t write a whole post on each of them but I certainly wanted to pen them down so I will be mentioning them in a single post only..


Thought- 1 :

After Team India’s thumping win against Pakistan and Bangladesh in a preliminary round, we lost against Pakistan in a final of the Asia Cup organized in Bangladesh .. Our performance was disappointing ..

–> Media said that the tempo, aggression and stress which were seen previously in a India-Pak match was missing this time .. Courtesy – ‘IPL’ , Overdose of India-Pakistan match in recent years and government of India’s friendship talks with Pakistan .. Now we see Pakistanis as our friends rather than our enemies or rivals ..

–> What did people say about our defeat? – It was a fixed match .. Pakistan is too weak against Indian team and there is no way India can lose the match .. Match was fixed so that now onwards the competition between India-Pak match can attract same tempo, aggression and stress which was observed previously..More money for BCCI.. More money for PCB..

–> What did I say about our defeat? – Sheer Over-Confidence & Under-estimating your opponent..

What do you have to say?



In our country, when police department fails to investigate the mystery of any murder, rape or robbery incident, that specific case is always given to CBI to solve .. It is said that police might work under the influence of politician, businessmen or industrialists while CBI can investigate without any one’s pressure and in its own way..

–> My say on this phenomena – Instead of giving almost every alternate case to CBI and also reducing its impact too by doing it,
should not be our police department made more accountable, responsible and accurate ..

What’s your opinion on that?


Thought – 3:

Went to Ahmedabad last weekend and watched Jannat and Sarkar Raj .. Liked both of them..

–> Sarkar Raj – Awesome Movie .. A real master piece of RGV .. I liked the way the film has been shot .. Different and odd camera angles, dark shade of light, less brightness and ear-shattering background music – ‘Sam dam dand bhedd’ & ‘Govinda Govinda Govinda’ .. Whole Bachhan family rocked in the movie ..

–> Jannat – it was an OK flick .. Have not seen any Imraan Hashmi’s film earlier but after watching Jannat, I felt that this guy can surely act .. Keep apart his serial kissing skills, he knows how and when to show emotions .. Especially I liked his acting in the scene where he was betrayed by his girl friend ..


Thought – 4:

I was wondering and I have also discussed with so many people ..

Who will be the next SARKAR in the upcoming sequel –

  • Chiku (Vishnu’s son) OR
  • Aishwarya Rai

P.S: I liked tha way in which Aishwarya orders tea in the last scene of the movie – ‘Ek cup chai lao ‘ .. It was awesome .. I could see the entire movie for that dialogue ..



In one of the reserach carried out by top most university of UK, it is stated that the more IQ you have, the less you believe in GOD .. The more intelligent you are, the less is your faith in GOD almighty.. So if this survey is accurate then I think that my IQ and intelligene are very low .. I pray everyday and I have complete faith in GOD – Super natrural power ..

Do you have lesser IQ or bigger faith??



I found this interesting on Trojan Spirit’s blog funny-forwards ..

Reservation at its best.. No offense meant to anyone.. Unlike our politicians, I treat all equally and cast, creed, region, religion don’t matter to me !! .. It’s just for fun ..


I go to Ahmedabad almost every alternate weekend from Mumbai .. It’s only 8 hours over-night journey by train and it’s very comfortable .. Indian railway system has become hi-tech and recently they have started online booking of the tickets too .. So no more standing in queues, those never-ending phone calls and some extra-money-per-ticket to agents and other big hassles ..

So I do appreciate their efforts especially our Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav who has done a tremendous job by turning Indian railways from a loss-making unit to a huge-profit earning unit even without increasing travel fares or other services which can affect common people .. I don’t how he did it but he did it for sure and that’s an amazing task to achieve.. He tried his best to keep the travel fare minimum especially for AC class so that all those customers of AC coaches do not get attracted to or move to cheaper airlines ..

Before few days I bought a wait-listed ticket for Ahmedabad .. Today I just wanted to check my status whether it got confirmed or not hence I logged onto Indian railway website and I was surprised and even shocked to see the advertisements which were put on the website. Those advertisements were stating : ‘Fly Mumbai to Ahmedabad in a cheaper way’ etc etc .. I mean, one side you are competing with these cheaper airlines and on the other side you are promoting them on your website .. Wow !! That’s something new I have learnt !!

Check out the following snapshot I took and watch out for the Ads :

Quite funny, huh !! ..

Mera Bharat Mahan aur usse bhi mahan mere government-workers(sarkari karmchari) !! .. I wonder who will be the moderator of the website and how come he would have not seen this blunder !! ..


Extreme hot & humid to Heavy rain & cold .. Since last few days, the weather in Mumbai has observed a hostile change and that has done its trick on me .. Yep, I am suffering from severe cold and cough (Kho Kho Kho !!) ..

I suffer from this cold-and-cough problem at least thrice every year .. Change of weather, Ice-Cold drinking water, an excess of Ice-Cream or a close contact with an existing sufferer are the prime reasons of my agony!! .. I am 25 now so if I do my maths right then I might have suffered from cold-and-cough at least 68-70 times in my whole life-span ..

So my observation, analysis and research state:

  • Cold always starts with sore throat .. Sore throat and a mild headache will be the signs of the coming Tsunami that you are gonna face.
  • Intensity of Cold and cough increases as the days go by .. On 3rd and 4Th day, they are on their peak .. Nose running all day – all night .. Severe and continuous coughing and sneezing wont allow you to sleep whole night .. Problem in breathing due to nasal congestion.. Ahhh man, I hate all these.
  • If you are not lucky enough then all those will be accompanied by fatigue, headache, weakness and sometimes fever too..
  • The intensity will start decreasing from 5Th day and you will be back on track and will be ready to fire again in about a week time..

Let me warn you .. There is NO CURE of common cold .. An extensive research says that there are around 500+ viruses which cause cold-and-cough .. Your body cannot get immune to all those heavy number of scoundrels and hence you will have to suffer from it ..

But you may get some relief from the intensity if you:

  • Rest well ( I have to come to work .. So no rest for me at least !!)
  • Drink plenty of water and other fluids ..
  • Having a cup of hot/warm water or a hot soup twice-thrice day might prove to be a great help ..
  • Gargle with warm water with salt and haldi ..
  • Medicines such as decongestants and cough suppressants may provide some relief to your cold symptoms or from the intensity but they will certainly not prevent or even shorten the length of your cold. These cold-medicines have never helped me .. I sometimes feel that they increase the intensity and I will have to suffer more .. I do avoid them ..
  • As per my observation, while sleeping do not turn on the fan .. It will surely help you .. And of course Air Condition(AC) is MUST NO even if it is hot and you are sweating like a pig !! .. Have cotton in your ears all day- all night .. Wear socks and warm clothes (Even in Summer!!)
  • Have an ultra-dosage of vitamin C .. Drink juices, lemon water and other vitamin C drinks.. Vitamin C will strengthen your immune system to fight against those terrorists and invaders..

If you treat cold with the help of medicines and syrups then you will be cured in about one week time .. If you don’t take medicines and just follow your instinct and use some common sense then you will be cured in about seven days .. I guess you got my point .. You can be the best judge ..

I hope someday someone will discover the vaccine for common cold-and cough and I will be the first one to get that vaccination .. I bet !!

How do you counter-attack cold-&-cough?? .. Let me know your own remedies !!


(P.S: This post is related to Indian Politics and it’s quite long..If you re not interested in Indian politics, don’t read it..You will be bored to death !! Trust me !!)
He is a grandson of one of the most dynamic leaders of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi, son of one of the most innovative and revolutionary Prime Ministers of India Mr. Rajiv Gandhi and king(PM)-maker Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.. In India, these qualifications are more than enough to open the gates of a royal entrance into the world of Indian politics and hence why should Rahul Gandhi lack behind in getting all the benefits even when he has spent almost half of his life in USA..
He entered the politics in a grand style..He directly contested ‘Lok Sabha'(Indian Parliament) election from Amethi.. Amethi has been a Gandhi-parivar(family) constituency since last two decades and as expected, he won the seat with a landslide victory with over 1 lakh plus margin of votes…He was new…He was novice..he was naive..He had no prior political experience..He was controversial…He was not a good orator..But still he won in a grand style..People of India do suffer from ‘Fair-skin obsession’ syndrome…This syndrome provided the trick for his victory..
For some years, he was in a latent state..He was not in any news…but later last year, he was promoted as a star campaigner for UP(Uttar Pradesh) assembly elections..He was a prominent figure in a high profile Congress campaign..This election was a matter of respect and pride for Congress..Rahul Gandhi got tremendous response from the people in his road-shows and in all the ‘Sabhas’ he carried out..Congress was relying heavily on him ,expecting a miracle from him and he too was proving to be a decisive force which can make Congress reborn in UP…‘Fair-skin obsession’ syndrome might do the trick again !!..But when the results came, Mayawati of BSP won with a record break margin grabbing 200+ seats while Congress secured only 22 seats out of total 403Congress was mere forth after BSP, SP and BJP…It even feared its mere existence in India’s largest state..Rahul Gandhi’s charisma failed but he was saved by stating that this is his first attempt and he still deserves a second chance..
Then came the all-important and the one which the whole world was observing – Gujarat Assembly Election..He received terrific response from the people where ever he went be it Ahmedabad, Surat or other rural areas..Again same ‘Fair-skin obsession’ syndrome of India !!…Congress tried their level best to beat Moditva wave but again Rahul Gandhi failed to convert the huge crowd turn-out into the votes for CongressNarendra Modi won with a two third majority and setup a great example that good governance is not at all a bad politics…You can even win an election on the basis of development and good work…Rahul Gandhi was again saved by stating that Gujaratis are a special breed different than other Indians who are insufferably communal and quasi-fascist…Wow!! what an excuse!!
Then came Himachal Pradesh assembly elections…BJP won with a two-third majority here again…Rahul Gandhi was saved once again by stating that it was because of anti-incumbency factor which sank Congress…(It is remarkable to know that there was no anti-incumbency factor in Gujarat even though BJP is ruling the state since 1995 !!!)
And now, it became a prestige issue for Rahul Gandhi and Congress when Karnataka assembly election were declared…The results are out..BJP has won 110 of total 224 seats and they are going to form their government for the first time in southern India..They have opened an account in south now…No reasons have been given till now from Congress about the failure…I guess they are tired now !! ..
I think Rahul Gandhi needs some time…He needs some experience..People still don’t see that ‘Rajiv Gandhi’ image in him..He does not look that fire-power and fire-brand leader like his father…He might be getting a lot of response and attention but he did not succeed in converting all those into votes for his party…And that is a pity story for him…He is projected as a Prime Minister candidate for the next elections but seeing all his failures, I am a bit skeptical whether I will vote for him or whether I would like to see him as PM of our country !! Way to go Mr. Rahul !!

I may sound like a maniac but it is 11:15 PM and I am not sure what to do right now?.. Since last one and half months, at this time I was just glued to my idiot box watching and enjoying IPL matches…But now IPL is over and I feel like I have lost a dear and close companion of mine…Today since 8 PM, I am feeling like something is missing in my schedule…This was the charisma of IPL..It really made me(us !!!) addicted…I hope that all other cricket fans are also passing through the same phase and also suffering from the same ‘missing-IPL syndrome..You just cannot change your habit soon, Can you??

Now I don’t have any other option but to watch those SaasBahu soap operas with Tulsis and Parvatis and their million extra-marital affairs and hundreds of their non-legitimate children…I might kill time watching our stupid News Channels just to keep me updated about Indian politics and other murder-rape-suicide stories especially high-profile ‘Aarushi muder case’ which now will be investigated by CBI..I hope her killers are caught and punished soon for this brutal crime…May Arushi’s soul rest in peace in GOD’s heaven…

Are you missing IPL???


Learning from my last mistake of reaching late to the cricket stadium and then getting a parking 4 Km away from the venue, this time I started way early than the starting time of the match…IPL final-match ceremony was gonna commence on 6-30 PM but I left home at 4…Reached stadium at 4-30 and luckily got a parking at a desired place…Still the gates were closed and we waited with a baited breath to enter the D.Y. Patil stadium..Gates opened at around 5 and we rushed to get in and settled on our seats..

At sharp 6-30, the ceremony started in a grand style..Commentators Ravi Shastri, Ramiz Raja, Arun Lal, Damien Fleming, Sunil Gavaskar etc were all wearing Indian traditional Kurta-PaijamasRavi Shastri welcomed us all and also the other dignitaries…BCCI president Sharad Pawar gave a small speech..IPL commisioner and chairman Mr. Lalit Modi spoke few words followed by a speech from ICC head..And then the real fun started..

Bollywood divas Amrita Arora, Diya Mirza, Shamita Shetty and Sameera Reddy performed some bollywood as well as Indian traditional dance steps on bollywood songs…Then came the maestro himself…Yeah ! Salman Khan !!!..He certainly has been a great crowd puller always..He had the audience swaying as he performed on the song from his forthcoming TV Show ‘Dus ka Dam’..Salman’s cameo was followed by a great display from Cirque du Soleil – a Canada based acrobat team..Then there was a fabulous and mind-blowing laser and para-gliding show..It was just amazing..

After all that non-cricketing events, now it was the time to talk business..Yup, it’s the time for a tossShane Warne of Rajasthan won the toss and elected to field…Chennai scored 163 in their quota of 20 overs with Parthiv, Raina and Morkel providing some nice scores…

Rajasthan got their first blow when Niraj Patel got out in 2nd overs…But then they somehow settled down and were scoring runs at a good rate..Wickets fell at regular intervals but Rajasthan managed the run rate of 7.5 – 8 throughout their inning..Rajasthan were 75-3 in 10 overs while Chennai at the same stage were 75-2..So both were going neck to neck and we all knew that this game will go to a wire and it surely would have a close finish..Yusuf Pathan hit some huge sixes as one went on the level 3 of the stadium…This pathan has got some power, I must say that…All of his hits were clean and huge..A bright prospect for India..

Then came the time to bite your nails…Last over and 7 needed to win for Rajasthan..Full of tension and stress…As the intensity increased, the adrenaline secretion reached its peak..Balaji could not control his temper and lost his rhythm in between and bowled a wide at a crucial stage to make the scores level with one ball to spare..So 1 ball and 1 run needed to win for Rajasthan..So it just became a mere formality for Rajasthan and on the last ball, Tanvir hit a boundry to get his side home…Rajasthan won !!…There were fireworks all around the place…People were shouting “Rajasthan Rajasthan – Warney Warney”…All the tension and stress turned into a vibrant atmosssphere…All the secretion of adrenaline changed into smiles, laughters and cheers…Certainly the Rajasthan supportes outnumbered Chennai fans…But it was a last ball finish and a real nail-bitter…You just can’t ask for more in the final…Cannot get better than this…A well fought battle for Chennai too and they also knew it hence they did not look that disappointed..”In the end your efforts that matter the most – Winning and losing are the part and parcel of the game” Dhoni said in the post-match ceremony…

Yusuf Pathan got ‘Man of the Match’ award for 3 wickets and a brilliant half-century…Shane Watson got the ‘Man of the Series’ award for his all-round performance…Goswami of Royal Challengers Banglore won an award for ‘Best under-19’ player…And last but not the least, Shane Warne lifted the first DLF IPL trophy designed with gold, silver and diamonds and a cheque of worth (whooping !!!) 4.8 Crore ruppes(12 Million US Dollars)…Huge money..Great fun..Awesome entertainment..Fabulous Cricket…Cool show..

Fianlly, the giant video screen shut down just after displaying this message:
“See you next year at the IPL Edition 2.”..

Really, I cant wait for the next year…I have already started missing IPL..


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