I was standing in a long queue with an umbrella in my one hand and a bag full of important documents in other hand .. It was raining heavily like cats and dogs and pigs and all .. It was windy too .. I was unable to hold on to the umbrella in a heavy wind and I was getting wet as well as some of the documents .. I was eagerly waiting for my turn so that I could go inside and could be relieved from this stormy weather.. Stress was high .. Adrenaline secreting at its highest speed ..17Th June, 2004 was the day and I was standing outside American Visa Consulate to appear for my student (F-1) visa interview which I needed to go to US to pursue MS in Computer Science .. It’s been 4 years now but still all the memories are afresh and live in my mind ..

My parents were in greater tension and stress than I was for my Visa .. They felt that to go and study in US is my dream and if I am denied Visa, all my dreams will be shattered and I will become unhappy that of course they cant stand .. But I was casual,happy-go-lucky and carefree for the same..I had my visitors visa till 2010 .. I had been to US twice .. So I did not have a slightest doubt in my mind .. And that what happened .. I was called in and the kind lady at the Visa counter asked some formal questions like “Which University?”, “Which Course?”, “Who is the sponsor?”, “Any relative in US?”, “When did you last visit US?” and the last but the most lovely & wonderful words – “Congratulations ! Your passport will be mailed to you in two days ! All the very best ! “ .. I was happy .. I was relieved not for me but for my parents .. I came out of the consulate office singing and dancing .. Now I somehow started loving the rain and getting wet .. First, I discovered telephone booth and called mom, dad and Chitrali to convey the good news.. All were happy..

Came back to Ahmedabad .. Started preparing the shopping for US .. Found out roommates .. Found out the apartment (my dear cousin Rutvijbhai booked it for us !!) .. And flew to my dreamland on 4Th of august.. I was very lucky in the matter that I got the best roommates one can just dream of .. We never were roommates – we were close friends .. I had my best of time at University of Southern California (USC) .. Spent some great and quality time with friends and did all the masti-majak-fun-pranks and all .. Two and half years in LA and six months in San Jose which I spent were certainly the golden days of life and will cherish all the memories lifetime .. In September 2007, I decided to come back to my motherland from my dreamland .. And that is where the journey halted .. I think every good thing has to end so that a better thing can take off ..

What happened after September 2007 to till today, you can read it here ..

I miss US .. I miss USC .. I miss LA .. I miss LA Downtown .. I miss Bay Area .. I miss all my US friends .. I miss 2717 Orchard – Apt #3 .. I miss College Football .. I miss Tommy Trojan .. I miss Daily-Trojan Newspaper .. I miss Netflix .. I miss Leavy Library .. I miss Artesia & Surati Farsan and its expensive-but-tasty Chaats .. I miss Subway-Carl’s Junior-Jack in the box-Electric Lotus-Gills .. .. I miss Shuttles, Trams and Campus Cruiser’s Call .. I miss Cingular .. I miss DEN-Lectures-Grades-Homeworks-Projects .. I miss Courses, D-clearances and registration race .. I miss midnight assignments and 12:05 submissions .. I miss deals-2-buy, Amazon and eBay deals .. I miss Enterprise-rent-A-Car .. I miss all the Civic-Camry-Corolla-Altima .. I miss Laundry and 6-Quarter-Problem .. I miss Naz and Desimedia movies .. I miss those emotional trips to Swadesh ..

I am not crying because it had happened already but I am happy that it just happened in my life !!


20 Responses to “Me being NOSTALGIC”

  1. Awww…how sweet and nice.
    You must also put up pictures with this post.
    Don’t worry about all that you miss. I will enjoy them on your behalf. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. hope you enjoy back in ahmedabad as much as you did in US!


  3. Go Trojan !!!
    and FIGHT ON !!!!!


  4. Sota yaar !!!
    Pls dont put up such senti posts …
    Dude people who are close to you and who have gone through the same experience will really “feel” deep inside what you are saying, and especially those of us who were your roommates … you mentioning all those things which we did together, has relived so many of my memories buddy !!! if only we could have lived for another 6-8 months it would have been soooooo great !!!!
    but i knw even after that i wuld have said ke “sota stay some more time” !!!!

    i agree to one fact !!
    USC is the best thing to happen to most of us – and I thank god for letting our paths cross !!!
    this is said from deep within my heart !!
    I still make frequent trips to LA just to relive those memories and I know you will believe me when I say ke “I jst cant get over with those memories” !!!

    2717 Orchard Avenue, # 3 – We literally ROCKED IT UP buddy !!



  5. @Solitaire:

    Hee hee !! .. Very smart !!

  6. @Sakhi:

    Oh yes!! .. I am enjoying here in Ahmedabad and Mumbai ..

  7. @Samy:

    Withoout any dispute, I agree ke USC is the best thing to happen to all of us

    2717 Orchard Avenue, # 3 rocked so as You !!

  8. You should’ve posted pictures too.

    All this happens to all of us. Forget Phoren cities, but when you leave Mumbai also you might feel the same. Only difference is you can catch a train/flight and go whenever you want.

    P.S: I know this is a useless comment but still…

  9. @Ashwin:

    No comment is a useless commen for me.. They are all important to me !!

    so thanks for posting dear !!

  10. Nice to see that u have this attitude -Dont cry tat its over, be happy tat it happened!

    (studied in bbay…but i miss my collg!)

  11. Whoa!!!!
    Thats so sweeeeeet…..
    I know exactly how u must’ve felt!!!!
    Its those memories that matters soham….
    Long live those memories!!

  12. season of nostalgic posts…..n we miss “shu chee yaaar….d soham way”

  13. @Illusion:

    Place does not matter – be it Mumbai or US but the golden memories matter the most..

    You will always cherish those sweet moments lifetime !! .. Once they are gone, they cant come back..

  14. @aditi:

    I can feel your situation as U also had to move out of banglore and start from a scratch..

  15. @ruchi:

    Thanks ruchi !!

  16. Sweet.. I know how it feels.. It’s been only a couple of months since I left Arizona and I already miss it badly. Those midnight laundries, Saturday night movies, walk to the department, TA office, midnight code-fixes and so on and on …

  17. @Gandalf:

    yeah dude .. I can understand what you are going through !! ..

    Student life was far better than the corporate life anytime anywhere ..

    If I am given a choice,, I would start Ph.D and will go back to Student life once again..!!

  18. Nostalgic post huh !

  19. I hv just started that journey and ur blog makes it sound amazing :):)

  20. @Radhesh:

    Yeah..It’s indeed a nostalgic post filled with some great memories and events!!

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