Extreme hot & humid to Heavy rain & cold .. Since last few days, the weather in Mumbai has observed a hostile change and that has done its trick on me .. Yep, I am suffering from severe cold and cough (Kho Kho Kho !!) ..

I suffer from this cold-and-cough problem at least thrice every year .. Change of weather, Ice-Cold drinking water, an excess of Ice-Cream or a close contact with an existing sufferer are the prime reasons of my agony!! .. I am 25 now so if I do my maths right then I might have suffered from cold-and-cough at least 68-70 times in my whole life-span ..

So my observation, analysis and research state:

  • Cold always starts with sore throat .. Sore throat and a mild headache will be the signs of the coming Tsunami that you are gonna face.
  • Intensity of Cold and cough increases as the days go by .. On 3rd and 4Th day, they are on their peak .. Nose running all day – all night .. Severe and continuous coughing and sneezing wont allow you to sleep whole night .. Problem in breathing due to nasal congestion.. Ahhh man, I hate all these.
  • If you are not lucky enough then all those will be accompanied by fatigue, headache, weakness and sometimes fever too..
  • The intensity will start decreasing from 5Th day and you will be back on track and will be ready to fire again in about a week time..

Let me warn you .. There is NO CURE of common cold .. An extensive research says that there are around 500+ viruses which cause cold-and-cough .. Your body cannot get immune to all those heavy number of scoundrels and hence you will have to suffer from it ..

But you may get some relief from the intensity if you:

  • Rest well ( I have to come to work .. So no rest for me at least !!)
  • Drink plenty of water and other fluids ..
  • Having a cup of hot/warm water or a hot soup twice-thrice day might prove to be a great help ..
  • Gargle with warm water with salt and haldi ..
  • Medicines such as decongestants and cough suppressants may provide some relief to your cold symptoms or from the intensity but they will certainly not prevent or even shorten the length of your cold. These cold-medicines have never helped me .. I sometimes feel that they increase the intensity and I will have to suffer more .. I do avoid them ..
  • As per my observation, while sleeping do not turn on the fan .. It will surely help you .. And of course Air Condition(AC) is MUST NO even if it is hot and you are sweating like a pig !! .. Have cotton in your ears all day- all night .. Wear socks and warm clothes (Even in Summer!!)
  • Have an ultra-dosage of vitamin C .. Drink juices, lemon water and other vitamin C drinks.. Vitamin C will strengthen your immune system to fight against those terrorists and invaders..

If you treat cold with the help of medicines and syrups then you will be cured in about one week time .. If you don’t take medicines and just follow your instinct and use some common sense then you will be cured in about seven days .. I guess you got my point .. You can be the best judge ..

I hope someday someone will discover the vaccine for common cold-and cough and I will be the first one to get that vaccination .. I bet !!

How do you counter-attack cold-&-cough?? .. Let me know your own remedies !!


30 Responses to “My COLD Theories !!”

  1. For me my best Remedy is to Stay AWAYYYYY from you “Scoundrel” !!!!

    I agree ke only because of infected people like you even I used to catch cold n cough atleast thrice a year while we were together at USC !!!





  2. Lolz a good medical post!! Get well soon

  3. Do we have flu shots in India?

    When you get a sore throat, do you do something about it on the first day or wait for the cold? ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. //How do you counter-attack cold-&-cough?? .. Let me know your own remedies !!

    When you try treating with over the COUNTER medicines, thats one COUNTER attack.

    When you just wait and COUNT the days till the cold goes away, thats another COUNTer attack.

    But then these are just battle plans for counter attack. May not really win the war.

  5. If you say that cold is caused by a virus, how can icecream and icecold water have caused your cold and cough?

  6. @Samy:

    Heyyyyy !! .. U were the one who was spreading that viruses in 2717 Orchard – Apt 3 .. U were the culprit !!

  7. @Reema:

    Thanks for the wishes !! .. As I had mentioned, today is the 5th day and hence intensity is decreasing .. so really feeling better !!

  8. @kanan:

    No flu shots in India !!

    When I hv got a sore throat, i try my best to avoid cold by gargaling warm water with salt and haldi but it never helps…Those viruses are too hot to handle..somehow they will turn that sore throat into severe cold and cough in just 2 days !! and now the suffering starts !!

  9. @Stupidosaur:

    You just cant win the war against those scoudrel, idiot, ruthless viruses ..

    Over the counter medicines never help .. Counting the days will increase suffering .. So in the end, life during those days become standstill ..

  10. @Solitaire:

    You started ‘short and sweet’ here too ??.. Man, u r too much ..

    Ice-cream already contains those infectious viruses so they just got transformed from ice-cream to my throat and blood and start their work ..

    ice-cold water just provide those viruses food and nutrition and they start getting doubled every minute and can cause sever suffering ..

  11. What about ThumsUp and Gold Spot? And cold coffee? And yogurt?

  12. Ah, the ruddy common cold. I suffer from it often too, and I hate it. I hate the sore throat part the most, when it hurts when you’re swallowing your saliva.

    I’ve noticed that Chicken Soup helps. Apart from that, gargles and D-Cold syrup. Some people say eating Gol Gappa’s helps too. Might wanna try that out. ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. @Solitaire:

    Ice-cold water and Thums-up, Gold Spot etc etc mean the same thing ..

    Let me rephrase : Any drink which is cold .. Avoid them ..

    I dont know abt the yogurt though !! ..

    P.S: Again, this is not ‘Short and Sweet’ !! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. @ISH:

    Are you serious about the Gol Gappa thing ?? .. Yesterday only I passed from a ‘bikaner Sweets’ and thought of having a plate of gol gappa .. but then I restrained myself..

    I should’v tried those ..

  15. I ‘ont know. My maths teacher said that to me once. Whether he was serious or joking, I have no clue. You never know with Maths teachers..I for one used to feel like he was always joking. Maths bachpan se mere saath mazaak karti aayi hai. :/

  16. @ soham
    you yourself mentioned that there are about 500+ viruses for the common cold and that is the precise reason that there will not be any vaccine for common cold. Can’t get you immuned to so many of those “scoundrels”, as you put it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ solitaire and soham

    NO, the cold drinks or the ice creams or other cold things DO NOT contain virus for the common cold but they decrease the immunity of the person so that the virus can infect you easily.

    And these virus spread through the air… have u ever noticed that if you come in contact with a person who has common cold you also get it? that because it is airborne infection!

    @ kanan

    we dont need flu shots in india as we don’t get flu very commonly in India unlike western world. Though Flu is loosely and erroneously used instead of common cold and its symptoms they are different.

  17. Even I through the same shit for 3-5 times a year. My problems are:
    – feeling weak and tired
    – breathing (I hate breathing via mouth)
    – running nose
    – ‘pain’ in eyes (due to sinus)
    – fever (the last I got a 104!)
    – soar throat

    Every time I got affected by 80% of the above things.

    What I do? Nothing. I eat ice creams, drink cold water, bath 2 times a day and every other thing I do if I’m normal.

    Enjoy life man. Or die trying. Don’t let this virus make you feel down. ๐Ÿ˜€

    P.S: I’m just recovering from a bout of cold.

  18. get well soon buddy!!!!

  19. Prevention is better than cure, particularly when there is no cure other than time. We encounter thousands of viruses every day and it only needs one to take hold for us to feel rotten.

    I find a hot lemon and honey drink helps, along with high doses of Vit. C for a couple of days, psychologically at least. Zinc lozenges get good press as well.

    I’m just grateful I don’t have allergies, which can be like having a cold for weeks or months at a time

  20. @ISH:

    Ha ha ha .. Just follow your maths teacher’s mathematical tactics and not the advices otherwise u ll be in trouble my friend .. Gol Gappa cant help u at all ..

  21. @Sakhi:

    Thanks for adding me to ur blogroll .. I am also adding you !!

  22. @Ashwin:

    U eat ice creams, drink cold water, bath 2 times a day and every other thing during cold then I must tell you that u hv got some GUTS man..

    I just surrender to those viruses ..

  23. @Rahul:

    Thanks a lot buddy !!

  24. @Alan:

    Allergies can really kill you .. Touchwood !! I am also not allergic to anything ..

    I will try out Hot lemon and HOney drink ..

  25. Hey thats a good one ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. @Nova:

    Thanks Neha ..

    But U did not wish me ‘Get well soon’ ?? !! ..

    I m suffering from this cold, in real !!

  27. Soham, I know what you mean. Mine was the same every year in March/April and October, I get the same symptoms and for years I would take cold/cough medications and eventually they went away. What I came to realize a few years ago was that the central heating system that we have in the US helped make things worse. In winter, when the cold came, the heater was on so that sucked up all the moisture from the air and made it really dry causing every single thing inside home dry, including skin and throat –> cause severe sore throat (worst in early mornings and little better in the day because of the outside humid air exposure) that later would turn into nasty cold. The heater would be on for 8+ hours daily, not helping the throat at all. Eventually, I got the humidifier to restore the humidity, and reduced the heat significantly sometimes not turning it on at all. Both helped a lot. Then again, when the end of winter/beginning of spring came, the heat was off but the season change somehow affected the throat and of course this is the flu season so it’s all in the air everywhere. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Some of the things that have helped me over years:
    * drink plenty of water
    * salt water gargles (which you already do) more frequently
    * sometimes the milk makes things bad but I drink milk with turmeric and salt
    * fresh orange juice or fruits/veggies with vitamin C
    * Cold-Eeze are zinc based cough drops but they require you don’t take anything with vitamin C at least 30 mins before having them (not sure whether we get them in India though)
    * praNayam – doing them daily regularly keeps silly things like cold away but of course it takes weeks/months before your body actually develops that inner strength to fight off
    * turn humidifier on when weather is dry
    * don’t take too many medications, but just stick to one kind after you figure out that it works.
    * a lot of foods irritate throat so avoid those. e.g. I know that eating the peels of ripe mangoes cause sore throat (tried three times to make sure they were the ones causing it ;)) so find out what foods cause that for you.
    * more when and if I can think of any.

    Sakhi, thanks for the info. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. @Kanan:

    Great info !! ..

    I stayed in LA for 2 years and 1 year in San jose but we never used Heater at both the placces so cant comment on tht issue ..

    Pranayam sounds to be a good option I guess .. But I cant get up early for yoga..so will it be fine if I do it at night??

  29. Soham, you can do pranayam at any time, just be sure you don’t do them after eating, do it on an empty stomach and if possible, in fresh air.

  30. @Kanan:

    Aahhh !! .. Fresh air here in mumbai is impossible be it early morning, noon , evening , night or late night ..

    Anyways, thanks for the info though !!

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