Well, since last few days I am planning to move to my own domain-name instead of having xxxx.blogspot.com as my blog site.. But I am not able to think of any suitable name for my website .. So I need your help in figuring out my puzzle and mystery..

I need a name which is short but funny .. I need a name which can make anyone smile but at the same time it should make sense .. It should be easy to remember ..

Aahh, I am confused !! .. Please help me out with this !!


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  1. No idea! ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. You didn’t mention abt the TLDs. Is .in or .net ok or you want only .com?

    iamsoh.am (I am Soham)
    isoh.am (iSoham)
    soham.tv (seriously cool and tells that this site might be entertainment related)

    You’re in luck man. There are a lot of domains with your first name still available.

    If I were you, I would get soham.tv or soham.name. What abt i am soham or i soham with the .am ccTLD?

  3. @Sakhi:

    This is not fair .. Atelast one input from you would hv been appreciated ..

  4. @Ashwin:

    Thanks for the suggestions but I am looking for ‘.com’ domain only .. I dont really like ‘.tv’ or ‘.in’ or ‘.net’ ..

    Somehow ‘.com’ domain names attract me more and hence i hv less options left ..

  5. Ahhh… only .com? Then it’s going to be little difficult unless you get creative.

    P.S: SohamWhispers.com is available.

  6. @Ashwin:

    I am not at all creative and that’s why I hv asked my fellow readers for the suggestions ..

    I find sohamwhispers.com way to long but if I dont discover anything interesting, I will eventually go for that domain only..and chances of that domain becoming unavailable are very rare so I am in no hurry ..

  7. I am bad with these actually but my first one was with my paternal grand parents’ first names. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. sohamspeaks.com



  9. Whispers.com

    (Though, Johnson&Johnson might sue you for that!)

  10. daalbhaat.com (u are agujju! hai na!)


    (thik hai, thik hai, maarna mat! thinking of something meaningful!)


    what about,




    more than enough? ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. @kanan:

    That was a great idea !!

    But my parental grandpa’s name is Ishwar so it is way too long for me and it would look like Aastha channel’s site or something like that !!

  12. @Sol:

    U wont believe but the name u specified are also running in my mind ..

    But hv not finalized one yet ..

  13. @mirrorcraked:

    Naaah !! ..

    Whispers might look like a blog for females with some private problems..

  14. @Sakhi:

    Ofcourse!! I am gujju and a proud ahmedabadi ..

    Daalbhaat.com would look like a recipe site!!

    Hillarioussoham.com would be hard to delegate as 90% of the ppl cant spell hillarious correctly !!

    yipee.com & pingpong.com would like a site owned by chinese and they are teaching u kung-fu karate and table-tennins!!

  15. hmmmm…..

    No Idea at all boss…..
    but i m sure that u will find one….

  16. Sota !!!
    Best naam che :


    baka chikkar che

    http://www.tasty.com (wink wink wink)

    vichari joish kaik malshe toh !!!!

  17. Hey bhagavaan, tame to bahu kari! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Think something on your on,now! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Can’t help much! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜›

  18. @Asav:

    That’s ok buddy !! ..

    How is ur investment goin on?? .. Stock market down .. Mutual fund down and so as ur money-profit !!

  19. @Samy:

    Nice names pal ..

    But will think about it..

  20. @Sakhi:

    For a time being, I hv planned to postpone this naming project for a while ..

    I ll create oone once I ll get a good name..

  21. …. better late than never:

    http://www.sohammy.com :-))

    I prefer dot net URLs, which might open up more naming possibilities for you.

  22. @Alan:

    What does http://www.sohammy.com mean ?? .. It looks awkward ..

    If I dont get anything in .com domain, eventually my second choice is .net only !!

  23. Sohammy has many meanings – My soham in reverse, so hammy (so corny or so funny, like an actor) and, best of all, it’s like a diminutive or nickname (in dutch, you add je to names to make them more affectionate – Piet = Pietje, Aad = Aadje, and this is a variation on that – Tom = Tommy, Sam = Sammy; therefore Soham = Sohammy!

    Cute, clever, memorable … what more could you want :-))

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