Event – 1:

11Th July was my mom’s birthday .. Chitrali and I gave her a surprise visit and yeah, she was damn happy.. Went for a nice dinner and it was a complete family night-out.. Had lot of fun..

By the way, mom turned 16 this year again.. Ha ha ha, she has not changed a bit for these many years and she looks as gorgeous and as beautiful as she looked when she got married, when I was born, when I took my first step, when I uttered my first word, when I first went to school, when I joined high school, when I opted for engineering, when I went to pursue my MS in USA, when I got engaged and when I got married too..I am sure that she will look the same when I will become papa or even grandpa one day..

Mom, I am just following your steps and want to be like you – So humble, so honest, so pure, so simple, so kind, so loving and so caring..

Happy Birthday Mom !! ..



Well, lets come to the political scenario of our country..

Left Parties(Communists) have withdrawn their support to their ally Congress as they were unhappy with the congress which was going for Nuke-deal with America.. For communists, their ideology comes first and nation or patriotism comes second.. Hence now we are in the state of hung assembly.. July 22ND is the d-day when Manmohan Singh is planning to win the confidence vote and Left parties and BJP are planning to defeat the congress in confidence vote and push our country in the state of elections once again without completing 5-year tenure and that to amidst ever-rising and unconrollable inflation and price-rise.. I just don’t understand when a stalwart and genius like Dr. Abdul Kalam states that the N-deal is beneficial for India then why on this earth BJP is opposing it??.. We can understand about Left parties as I had mentioned they really don’t care about country or motherland as they always want to stick to their ideology no matter what but why cant BJP support Congress when it comes to the interest of nation..By supporting Congress in Nuke deal this time, BJP would have gained so much of support form Aam Aadmi but it failed to do it again..BJP think-tank is again making blunders and hence Mr. L K Advani, you now just day-dream the PM chair..You wont get it for sure..You have just acted like a sheer opposiion leader who just want to oppose, oppose and oppose.. You are no different than Left parties this time..National pride or National interest is not your concern but to oppose congress in whatever they do is of paramount importance to you..

By the way, I just saw in the news that the congress is paying 25 Crore RS to the independent and rebel MPs to vote for them.. Man, that’s too much of money I guess.. Whoooping 25 Crore.. Wow, Indian Politics at its bestest ..



Well, I wished my mom by giving her a surprise visit but if yo are staying abroad and if you would like to wish your dear-near ones and you plan to send them a greeting card then BEWARE .. Reema, in her this post, states that there is a scam/fraud going on in the Indian postal service.. They will just take out the stamp from the envelope which you have mailed and then they will charge the recipients for the same as it has been delivered without stamp.. So it’s better to send an email or e-card when you really want to wish..

Please spread awareness about this scam on your blog/website so that adequate steps can be taken to prevent it..



16 Responses to “Events which knocked my door recently !!”

  1. wishing aunty belated happy birthday…even we had a nice celebration here on 11th…and u know y!!

  2. Belated birthday wishes to your mom!!
    I wish I had read this post earlier. I just mailed my mom a greeting card by post today. ๐Ÿ™

  3. Belated Happy Bday to your mom:))
    hope she had a good time:))

  4. @Ruchi:

    Thanks !! I will convey your wishes to mom for sure..

  5. @Solitaire:

    Thanks !! I will convey your wishes to mom for sure..

    Ur card will surely reach your mom but just pray that she wont be charged for an unstamped envelope..!!

  6. Belated Happy Bday to your mom!

    I guess BJP has taken it’s role as opposition too seriously, they just oppose any and everything, even if it’s in the interest of the country and they would have gone ahead with it if they were in govt.

  7. Belated birthday wishes to ur mom!! I liked ur wife’s name :)Thanks for linking me and for spreading the awareness.

  8. @rahul:

    Thanks man !!

    Yeah!!You are right..BJP has acted very weirdly this time..ANd it;s gonna surely cost them in upcoming elections..

  9. @reema:

    Thanks !! I will convey ur wishes to my mom ..

    Well, it’s a serious problem if it’s true..So it’s my duty to spread awareness about it..SO as I promised, u were linked in my new post..

  10. Happy Birthday to your mom!! Yay! Sweet Sixteen! ๐Ÿ™‚
    And I am politically ignorant by choice! Lol…

  11. @mirrorcraked:

    Thanks pal!!

  12. Happy birthday to your mom! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. hmm nice post about ur mom…belated wishes to ur mom….and abt u looking young always, all the best for that but still hahahahaha, can’t stop laughing at this thought..

  14. @sakhi:

    Thanks sakhi .. I will convey ur wishes to my mom !!

  15. My mom got her birthday card today WITH the stamp on it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. @Solitaire:

    That’s great !! You r quite lucky ..

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