…And here goes the result of the confidence vote .. UPA gets 275 votes while the opposition gets 256 .. 10 MPs refrained themselves from voting .. Manmohan Singh won with a good margin of 19 votes .. Since last 10 days, all India witnessed a high drama .. Buying-Selling of MPs, Sincere efforts to woo your rivals, love, care, sympathy, hate, loath all emotions came out from all the corners of India and from all the political parties .. But the way the things were changing, it became mere a formality for the government to win the confidence vote as Congress and Samajwadi party had offered all the amenities, money and other comforts to BJP rebels and other small party leaders .. JMM leader Shibu Soren will get coal ministry and one of his other MPs will get other Union ministry for supporting UPA .. Ajit Singh got the Lucknow airport named after his father Mr.Charansingh .. BJP rebels might get Congress ticket in the forth coming elections .. Other greedy MPs got huge amount of money..

But but but this confidence motion will be best remembered for the allegations made by BJP of bribing their MPs to vote for the government by Congress and Samajwadi party .. It’s a real shame .. It’s ridiculous .. It’s pathetic .. Three MPs of BJP literally piled up the currency notes which were offered to them by Amarsingh of Samajwady party and Ahmed Patel of Congress and showed it to the Indian audience and the honorable speaker .. They even told that they have the video tapes of the total transaction which was carried out .. My dad opposes this move by stating that they should have not shown these money in the parliament and instead they should have contacted speaker or police or some other authority .. Parliament is a temple and this incident should not have taken place there .. I guess my dad was a little biased .. I don’t agree with his view on this incident .. My counter question to his view is that the session in the parliament was aired live and millions of Indians were watching it .. I think it was the right place and right time to show Indian people what really takes place outside the parliament by our own elected members .. MPs are getting bribed to move away from their party and to vote for their rivals .. They are also given advance payments .. Some MPs are even threatened .. Any and every party tries to win the confidence vote by hook or by crook ..I think those three MPs showed real guts to come out in public and confess that they have been bribed by opposition .. If they have not taken this step, how will Indian people would come to know about it??.. By going to police or contacting speaker, do you think this malicious intent of opposition would have come out and would have got Indian People’s attention .. I think it was a right step and Hats off to those three MPs for coming OUT AND PRESENTING THE TRUTH in front of US .. It really requires quite a courage even if you have got a backing of some stalwart political leaders, I must say .. If they reveal the truth, they are going to be abused and criticized .. If they hide the truth, they are of course gonna be abused and criticized .. What else can they do?? .. To display the money which have been offered to you as a bribe in the parliament is far far better than to pick up a mike and literally throw at your rivals and to engage in physical quarrel .. So when the later happens, does parliament lose its dignity as a temple?? .. All is fare in love and war and this confidence vote was no less than a war for BJP and Congress .. My dad and media said it was a black spot in the history of Indian Parliament but I say it’s the only white spot in the black history of Indian parliament.. At least some one got out and revealed what’s happening behind our backs ..

But all said and done, Congress and its allies have won the confidence vote .. There will be no early elections .. Government will complete its tenure for 5 years .. It’s the only soothing part of it .. At least now Mr.PM and Mr.FM can think of the issues of sky-rocketing price-rise and inflation which really affect the common men..

Hats off to Indian Politics and politicians !!


11 Responses to “‘ Goverment ‘ Survives – ‘ Morality-Ethics ‘ sink”

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh…

    yup Our country was spared from wasting some more crores into election :))

  2. Hot topic today! 🙂 Good that elections are psotponed! And for that i agree with chakoli!

  3. seriously dude we seem to follow each other!!!

    I think it was orchestrated by the BJP , why didn’t they bring 3 crores to the parliament as 1 crore each was given as token money.

    But what the heck, it was exciting to watch :P!!!

  4. I wonder whether the MPs are speaking the truth. I just hope the govt now does something positive about the prices.

  5. i always thought politics is a very muddled up thing, but when u actually start following things, it gets interesting… as interesting as any saas-bahu serial what with all the conspiracies and all… the parliament proceedings are so damn entertaining… if they sold ads on loksabha tv and publicised things enough, it wud be such a business for the ad-makers!! sad sad state of affairs, isn’t it?…

  6. @Chakoli:

    Oh yes!! Indeed !!

    But the elections are expected son in about 9 months from now !!

  7. @Sakhi:

    it’s certainly is a hot topic today !!

  8. @Rahul:

    It was funny enough fo rme to roll on the floor laughing .. But in fact, it’s a sad state of affects after all !!

  9. @Reema:

    Now i guess without the LEFT pressure, govt can take some good and powerful economical decisions to move up the ecomomy and to lessen the inflation..

    This confidence was a blessing in disguise .. Trust me !!

  10. @Gauri:

    Welcome to my blog, gauri .. Thanks for coming by .. Keep visiting often ..

    Everyone must follow politics as it is directly or indirectly connected to our lives .. But sometimes, u should also follow it for the sake of entertainment .. Better than K-serials though!!

  11. Hey i hope u and ur family are ok.

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