Yeah, really .. It surely is a party time .. It’s time to celebrate as this is my 50Th post on this blog !!!

Let me start from beginning .. I started blogging since March 2008 and in the span of 5 months, today in August 2008, I am writing down my 50Th post .. While writing this post, I have got a big smile on my face, anxiety in my heart about how will I fare in the future, and an amazing feeling of satisfaction, happiness and joy in my entire body !! .. I started this blog with the intention of expressing my thoughts, views, analysis and experiences on any and every aspect that interests me to the core .. I don’t know how well did I put those in front of you or was I clear in my communication but I feel pleased .. I feel pleased because I never knew that by blogging, I would gift myself so many good friends whom I have never met, chatted or spoken .. It’s a beautiful feeling, I must say that ..

I am a normal human being .. I do have my set of sentiments and emotions .. It used to sadden me and it still does it when I open my dashboard and I find out that I don’t have any new visitors to my blog or there are no comments for moderation .. But still the blogging journey has been awesome so far .. And yeah, it had its share of ups and downs but mostly it has been a satisfying one for sure ..

Before we depart, I would like to thank each and every one of you who have read my blog, posted their valuable comments, and made this blog a wonderful journey !! .. You all are an inspirational source for me .. You all are truly rockstars for me !!

Cheers to all !!!!!!


‘Shor mach gayare shor, Dekho aaya Makhanchor;

Nand Gher Anand Bhayo, Bolo Jai Kanaiya Lal ki’

Yeah, it’s time to celebrate Janmashtmi (Gokulashtimi) .. It’s 11:48 PM right now and at the stroke of midnight, our own Lord Krishna will take a birth this year once again .. Well, I am feeling so religious right now and I am so excited for the birth of Krishna Bhagwan .. Lord Krishna is one of the most prominent gods of Hinduism and he is worshipped all over world wherever there is a Hindu population .. For me, being a Vaishnav, Krishna Bhagwan plays a very important role in my daily life .. Every morning when I wake up or Every night before I hit the bed, it has become my common routine to say ‘Jai Shree Krishna’ (Long Live Lord Krishna) .. When I hang up the phone while talking to mom-dad or other relatives, last statement I say is ‘Jai Shree Krishna’ .. While welcoming guests at our home, we greet them saying ‘Jai Shree Krishna’ .. So my day starts, continues and ends with ‘Jai Shree Krishna’ ..

(It’s 11:58 PM and now I think I will head towards my temple to wish him Happy Birthday .. My mom at Ahmedabad will be putting new clothes on baby Krishna idol and must be giving him swings in his jhula to celebrate his birth .. I will be back in 5 min)

I am back .. Watching Krishna Janam(Birth) live from his birthplace Mathura on Sanskar Channel !! .. Enjoying it !! ..

Well, Krishna Bhagwan’s character has always fascinated me .. He is that kind of God with whom any human being can connect him/herself very closely .. I feel that all other gods are just too ideal and faultless .. You just worship them as gods but for Krishna, you feel worshiping him more as your friend, philosopher and guide rather than a God .. The stories of Krishna’s childhood and youth tell of his mischievous pranks as Makhan Chor (butter thief), his foiling of attempts to take his life, Raslilas with Gopis, teen-age crush on Radha and his role as a protector of the people of Vrindavana. So you feel that you are connected to his character very much and all these pranks you must have undergone once in your life time for sure ..

During the Kurukshetra war of Mahabharata, upon arriving at the battlefield, and seeing that the enemies he would soon fight against were people close to him prior to the battle, Arjun becomes doubtful and skeptical about fighting. Krishna then advises him about the battle, about the dharm-adharm, about relation and duties, with the conversation soon extending into a discourse which was later compiled as the Bhagwad Gita .. Bhagwad Gita depicts a perfect and optimal way to have prosperous, affluent, peaceful, healthy, wealthy, effective and efficient life .. I recommend you all to go through Bhagwad Gita once irrespective of your religion, region, cast, creed .. Rather than connecting Bhagwad Gita to Hinduism, basically it is considered related to life’s philosophy and a manner or method to live your life and to apply the best approach for the same .. It just shows and explains some phenomenal concepts which everyone must at least go thru ..

My SMS inbox is pouring with SMSes from my friends-relatives wishing me Happpy Janmashtimi so let me get back to them ..

So before we depart, let us chant loudly:

‘Haathi Ghoda Palkhi, Bolo Jai Kanaiya Lal Ki’

Happy Birthday Krishna Bagwan !!


Almost a year after its release in USA, iPhone is going to be launched tomorrow in India .. There were many speculations and rumors about the cost but now the prices of iPhone has been officially announced by Vodafone yesterday .. iPhone 3G is available in 8GB and 16GB memory slots at Rs 31,000 and Rs 36,100 respectively .. If you had pre-registered your iPhone with Vodafone then there are chances that you might get if before others .. All you need to do is to visit various pre-selected Vodafone Stores between August 20 and 21 and confirm your booking by paying Rs 10,000 by cash or credit card .. Also you will need to show the iPhone booking SMS which was sent by Vodafone when you preregisterd it .. But I have got my own doubts who might have still saved that sms after about 1 month .. Airtel to have announced their prices and they are exactly the same .. So as far as my belief is concerned, I feel that the mobile geeks were disappointed with the high price tag of it .. they were expecting it around 20 to 25 thousand but 31,000 is really a very hefty price to pay for a phone ..

Well, I have been gifted iPhone as my wedding gift by my Masi in the month of January .. She bought it from USA and brought it here for me .. It was basically made for AT&T Carrier of USA so I had to jailbreak it so that I can use my Indian Vodafone Sim card in it ..

It’s working fine but it has got several limitations which I have encountered..

  • There is no SMS forwarding functionality .. Suppose you get a nice joke and you want to forward it to your friends, you just cant do it .. You can only reply to the sender, you cant forward it .. Indian people are SMS maniacs .. They just cant live without SMS forwarding so this is a major shortcoming of iPhone.
  • Suppose you decide to have a get together at Batista and you want to SMS your 5 friends then you just cannot do that .. You can only send an SMS to one person at a time .. There is no ‘Send to many’ option included .. You will have to type the message 5 times to send it to 5 of your friends.. This is no good. As per Aayush’s knowledge and experience, this feature has been included in newer versions of iPhone .. I have a firmware 1.1.2 and that is way too old so the older ones did not have that feature .. Thanks Aayush for the information ..
  • There is no MMS functionality in it ..
  • There is no copy-paste functionality in the phone ..
  • You cannot transfer files, music, videos or ringtones via bluetooth .. It’s mandatory for you to use iTunes to transfersongs, photos and videos .. This is really crap ..what’s the use of bluetooth then??
  • There is no zoom option for camera .. There is no video recording facility .. You can have these functionalities by 3rd party tool but they are not that reliable ..
  • You cannot have custom ringtones .. You cant set songs as the ringtone .. You will have to buy ringtones from iTunes store .. This is pathetic .. Completely insane ..

So all in all, it has got bunch of limitations but still I cant resist myself from loving it ..

  • It has got this killer sexy look .. This look and style can make you fall for it .. You just cant take your eyes off once you watch or use it for the first time .. It certainly hypnotizes you .. It’s very slim and very light too .. Can easily be stored in the pocket ..
  • Battery work fine for me .. At least better than my last Nokia 6300 battery ..
  • Photo zoom with the help of fingers is awesome functionality .. I just love that ..
  • It has got the best web browsing functionality among all the leading PDAs .. Safari web browser is too cool and can handle packets very efficiently both on GPRS and on EDGE Networks ..
  • Apple Application store is amazing .. You can get thousands of applications, games, e-books, softwares etc on your phone .. Right now I have downloaded blackjack, tic-tac-toe, solitaire, car-racing, slots etc in games category .. I have got various e-books such as ‘Bhagwad Gita‘ and ‘Oxford dictionary’ on my phone .. I have downloaded various applications such as flashlight, currency-converter, locateme, finder, PDFviewer etc on my phone which really make my life easier.

so whether you bash it or adore it but iPhone certainly rocks .. I consider it a big revolution in the field of mobile handsets .. I think its worth comparing what ‘Microsoft windows’ was to Computers(PCs), iPhone is to mobile handsets ..

I’m loving itttttt !!

P.S: It’s time to say ‘Thank You’ and return favours to some of my fellow bloggers .. I have been acknowledged as ‘Interesting Blog’ award by Reema .. This is my second award from her .. So big and many thanks to Reema .. Nova has given me High-Five so I give her HIgh-Five in return .. Asav has given me an award for ‘Clever Blog’ so I do thank him for the appreciation .. dont know whether I deserve all these appreciation or not but I am feeling good .. God bless you all .. You can see these awards on the right navigation bar under ‘Awards I won’ section ..

Yeah and before we depart, Lets not forget to congratulate Reema for her post-graduation degree in Environmental Engineering ..

Ishmeet has started his college so all the best to you too buddy ..

Lets wish Nikhil a belated happy birthday .. Keep writing witty posts and make us all laugh and smile always ..

My best and kind wishes are alwas there for you all ..


Hey hey hey .. Finally the day has arrived .. 15th August ..


Let us celebrate it with a great joy and zust .. Have fun ..


Well well well, after a toiling and breath-taking coverage of Ahmedabad-Bangalore blasts and Confidence Vote motion of the Parliament AND after a special coverages of Rakhi Sawant, Mahabali Khali, Comedy Circus, Indian Laughter Challenge clips, Sai Baba and other useless stories, our Indian electronic media is back and it’s back with a bang..

Check out following snapshots and check it yourself..

Want some more laugh .. OK then check these out:

And then this is the most hilarious one I have ever seen in my entire life .. Have a look at it:

Yeh baatein humein hasne waali hi lagti hai my dear media .. Ha ha ha ..


So here comes another giant who claims to beat Google in terms of page indexes and search results .. It’s called the new search engine “Cuil” .. It claims to be 10 times faster than Google and it also claims to have indexed 120 billion pages .. Cuil was developed by some of the ex-employees of Google .. The CEO and co-founder, Tom Costello, has spent millions of dollars in research and in production of this search engine application ..

But does Cuil live up to its hype and claims?? .. Well, the clear cut answer is BIG NO .. It has got some interesting features like 2/3 column layout, keyword suggestion and it also displays search entries along with thumbnail pictures but when it comes to accuracy and relevance of the search results, Cuil fails big time .. And an average user, who uses Internet for his daily routine and who is not a geek, wants relevance and accuracy of search results and not the number of pages it indexes .. So in this aspect, Google beats Cuil in a brutal way and Cuil cant even reach half of Google’s accuracy in dealing with search queries .. I think Cuil team has concentrated more on quantity rather than relevance .. Cuil went live on 28Th July, 2008 and due to the hype created by some techie blog, it got some enormous amount of traffic the first day and Cuil could not handle or even manage that and went down for some time and sometimes also displayed irrelevant search results ..

Now Let us have some live demo so that we can get better idea .. I tried to search ‘soham whispers’ on Google and I got following results:

Now look what happens when I tried to search the same on Cuil .. My blog no where appeared in their search results ..

That is so disappointing and humiliating .. Now do I have to say why I Love Google so much .. Try out your own search queries in Cuil and Google, compare them and know the difference ..
Three cheers for Google for making our lives so easy and comfortable ..

It’s the time for the first Sunday of August and what does that bring to us? .. Yeah, you guessed it right!! .. It’s the time to celebrate ‘Friendship Day’ once again ..

This version of friendship day is special to me for several reasons .. First and most important of all, I started blogging in March 2008 .. And it really opened a whole new horizon for me .. Through my blog, I met some new people, made some good friends, shared my thoughts/opinions with the world and most importantly had a gala time writing posts and reading articles of fellow bloggers .. In addition to that, I will be celebrating this day after three years in India and that too with my family as I am going to Ahmedabad this weekend .. So icing on the cake for me ..

I can’t run away without mentioning all my US friends whom I will be missing the most on this day .. You guys are dudes and you simply rock ..

Well, just to inform you all, I had been given an award as ‘Mr. Political Blogger’ by Reema in her this post .. Thanks Reema!! .. She has put in some awesome thoughts in her article which are worth reading, taking print-out and sticking it to your message-board(!) .. Do read it .. Opening a new tab or a window wont cost you a penny .. While we are opening tabs, lets wish Ishmeet, the winner of the ‘Mr. Most Popular Blogger’ award, all the best as this kid is starting his college-life from this month .. Study hard and play harder .. While we are wishing him luck, let us also pray for Krupa as her iPOD is malfunctioning and she is missing it like she has lost a dearest companion .. While we are praying, let us learn a correct method to cook maggi from Neha so that we dont take toxics inside our stomach .. After all, we all love maggi, dont we? .. (I copied this style from your blog, Ishmeet) ..

So Happy Friendship Day to you all .. Have fun and wish you all a great, awesome and blessed life ahead ..


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