So here comes another giant who claims to beat Google in terms of page indexes and search results .. It’s called the new search engine “Cuil” .. It claims to be 10 times faster than Google and it also claims to have indexed 120 billion pages .. Cuil was developed by some of the ex-employees of Google .. The CEO and co-founder, Tom Costello, has spent millions of dollars in research and in production of this search engine application ..

But does Cuil live up to its hype and claims?? .. Well, the clear cut answer is BIG NO .. It has got some interesting features like 2/3 column layout, keyword suggestion and it also displays search entries along with thumbnail pictures but when it comes to accuracy and relevance of the search results, Cuil fails big time .. And an average user, who uses Internet for his daily routine and who is not a geek, wants relevance and accuracy of search results and not the number of pages it indexes .. So in this aspect, Google beats Cuil in a brutal way and Cuil cant even reach half of Google’s accuracy in dealing with search queries .. I think Cuil team has concentrated more on quantity rather than relevance .. Cuil went live on 28Th July, 2008 and due to the hype created by some techie blog, it got some enormous amount of traffic the first day and Cuil could not handle or even manage that and went down for some time and sometimes also displayed irrelevant search results ..

Now Let us have some live demo so that we can get better idea .. I tried to search ‘soham whispers’ on Google and I got following results:

Now look what happens when I tried to search the same on Cuil .. My blog no where appeared in their search results ..

That is so disappointing and humiliating .. Now do I have to say why I Love Google so much .. Try out your own search queries in Cuil and Google, compare them and know the difference ..
Three cheers for Google for making our lives so easy and comfortable ..

28 Responses to “CUIL – Not So COOL Search Engine”

  1. It would be very hard for other SE than Google to perform well. Google has a monopoly. Leading browsers inc. FX and Safari comes with default Google search in their search bar. I don’t see a number 2 at all.

  2. good that you told.. i hardly ever experiment with new tools! probably once they are settled witht the ‘quality’ thing cuil people w=might get some time to update their rferences!! Till then happy googling! πŸ™‚

  3. Google is the best!!! πŸ™‚

  4. @Ashwin:

    Yeah .. Yahoo is number 2 but it is way to behind then google ..

  5. @Sakhi:

    You are right .. Google has changed our lives a great deal .. We hv become so much dependent on it but that is because it provides quality results and it’s simple to use ..

  6. @worldthrumyeyes:

    Oh yes Nova ! You bet !

  7. Google is God!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

  8. Google is a verb in dictionary now. Cuil – how do you pronounce it? πŸ˜› Yeah, good luck to them. They will need a lot of it.

  9. I read about Cuil in some article and tried it. It’s plain dumb. I don’t have any other words for it. It comes up with some stupid results in an absurd layout format. Why bother making such websites?

  10. @Reema:

    Oh yes .. Google is GOD .. I completely agree !!

  11. @Kanan:

    Cuil is pronounced as Cool .. I thinj it’s some kind of greek or german word which means Knowledge ..

  12. @gandalf:

    Oh yes .. Cuil is dumb ..

    By the way, where hv u been lately?? .. I was missing u and ur comments when the political scenario of India was at its acme ..

  13. Good info.
    There is a new search engine. The new visual search engine, it is only for kids. πŸ™‚

  14. Well… this is the first time I am hearing about it and now that you have described it… there’s no point remembering it πŸ˜›
    Thanks for the info

  15. @Natali:

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog .. Keep visiting often !!

    By the way, that visual search thing for KIDS is good .. Thanks for the info ..

  16. @daroga:

    At least check that out and compare it with google search results .. It will be fun, seriously !!

  17. Yeah .. As my post suggests, I have been grappling with this new life in a new city .. Hardly get any time to spend at home … So no chance of blogging πŸ™

  18. @Gandalf:

    Oh man !! That is sorry to hear !!

    I hope you will come back soon to the blogosphere soon and that too with a bang !!

  19. its not even a match for google yet

  20. I agree google is good but when it comes to localised search it fails miserably

  21. lol ..
    why i amlaughing is because of the results i got in thius news earch engine..
    i searched for arvind …nothing about me as expected ..
    then arvind entertainment (whihc is my title of the blog) …yet nothing it shows some other arvind’s blog …then i searched for arvind entertainment blog (can i be more specific)
    it is showing some guy’s blog where he has my blog in his blogroll …
    ISn’t that crazy…

    anyway i had a nice time experimenting… i would stick to google. πŸ™‚

  22. @Neo:

    Yeah .. I agree ..

  23. @rahul:

    What do u mean by localized search??

  24. @arvind:

    ha ha ha .. CUil really needs a miracle to even get recognised in the filed of Search Engines ..

    heard of this ..this has framed search ..
    u can have searches from 2 search engines at a time.. u can choose between various search engines ..
    try it once

    i had written a post on it long time back.. just wanted to share the info

  26. @arvind:

    Man , i tried polycola .. It is awesome .. really superb .. 2 best search engines yahoo and google in one creen is a great great concept ..

    Thanks for sharing it .. I really appreciate tht ..

  27. yeah it tried it.. it get stuck after first search…

    first search was really fast than google.. but i don’t know what happened then

  28. @ill[Eagle]:

    Yes .. It sucks ..

    It might be faster but search results are mostly irrelevant !!

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