Update: Interesting discussion going on Sandeep’s this post between Kanan and Sandeep .. Worth reading the comments made by both of them .. It’ll be more fun if you go to that post after reading this one .. it makes sense ..

I woke up that morning but I did not want to .. That was my last morning on the land where I spent three gorgeous years of my life .. I was going to leave behind all my friends .. I was going to leave behind all those memories filled with fun, sorrow, pranks, mischiefs, pokers and masti .. That was September 10, 2007 when I left USA for good after completing my studies but with a very gloomy and heavy heart .. I definitely chose a path which was less travelled but was I right in choosing that path or I was completely blind-folded that will remain a mystery until I find the answer .. I don’t have it right now, seriously !!

Today, I have completed one year here in our motherland and I am just thinking about the path that I have chosen .. Initially when I went to the land of dreams, opportunities, fast cars, beaches, Hollywood, better standard of living aka USA, I was thrilled and excited .. The days passed with stressful hours of work, tensions of project completion, pressure from all corner of the world to perform well in the subjects and get a good grade, and other household things which I have never even dreamt about like cleaning utensils, laundry, cleaning the bathroom etc but that was hell of a fun and a hell of a life .. Amidst all that, there were some poker night-outs, movies all night, party all night moments too .. Days passed – moths passed – years passed .. I gifted myself some best friends, good friends and some great bonding .. And suddenly there was a day when I had to leave all that .. My flight was in about 12 hours time and I still have not packed the bags .. I could not .. My hands were not at all obeying what my brain was ordering them .. But then somehow my brain overruled the heart and I started packing and I left for my motherland from my dreamland ..
How did I spend the last year here in India can be read here ..
I don’t object or oppose to the thoughts of several people who go abroad and never come back to their respective countries just for the sake of money .. Everyone has priorities in his/her life .. Some prefers money and some selects family .. But whenever I feel that I have chosen a wrong path, I read the most-amazing post from Sandeep .. I am putting just one paragraph here from the post .. If you like the paragraph and want to read the whole tory, you can read it here ..
From Sandeep’s Blog:
“Why do all of you have to go to US? Is India so bad? Yes, i agree you get to have better standard of living over there, but doesn’t the place where you’ve grown up, the streets you’ve walked, learnt cycling with your dad/bro/sis holding your seat, the playgrounds you’ve played hours of cricket in the scorching summer sun, the footpaths you’ve walked on to your school/college make you nostalgic enough to hold you back? Is all that matters to you now is the money you will make? Doesn’t what you actually like to do bother anymore?

Don’t tell me so many of you actually ‘want to’ pursue graduate education for the love of the field, for i know most of you are neither aware of the intricacies of the field (as you were before taking up engineering) nor the on going research in those areas, Other than the job paying in dollars of course, and may be for more dowry you get being a techie in US over the Indian ones (ref.: AP guys). I’m sure many of you would not even want to be engineers given a choice.

Why can’t you be happy with the not-so-high paying ’software engineer’ job in India? You wouldn’t anyway get to do earth shattering or noble-prize winning work even over there, if you aren’t already doing it over here. I think there is nothing you can do over there that you can’t do over here. If you can’t be happy with what you have, you can’t be happy even with a million dollars.”


Think about it !!


28 Responses to “Saga of a Perplexed Mind”

  1. well, the grass is green on the o opposite sides.
    but the fact is the grass is GREEN.

    and tht is what we need to realize – be it US or India.

  2. Interesting. I might have to say more later on after I think about it.

    Btw, you’ve been tagged.

  3. As you said, everyone has their own opinions, I hope it is ok to voice my opinion here. Sandeep has wrongly generalized that all Indians come to the US for engineering. I did not. And everyone is aware that psychology is only an infant in India. Yes, I did come to the US for the love of my field and love it more and more everyday. I would do this all over again without batting an eyelid.

  4. Hey thanks. I’m honored 🙂

    I totally agree with what neo has to say above,
    Grass is Green, be it US or India.

    If you are happy in some place, you need to be there irrespective of other ‘perceptive’ things that seem better on the other side.

  5. every coin has two sides and every

    country have its own system

    you need to select your one

    be happy

  6. @Neo:

    I agree !! Completely !

  7. @Sol:

    This is no 'Short & Sweet' where u will get abusive and vulgur replies after you voice ur opinion .. I'm the moderator and I will discard any comments tht are offensive or personal to someone .. U should feel as free to voice ur opinion here as much I feel scared of posting my opinion on ur blog!!

    Yeah, it's good that u chose the field that intrests u and i'm glad that u r doing well .. Everyone has different choices to make and i guess u made the right one..

    All the best !!

  8. @sandeep:

    This post would hv lost its meaning if you would nt hv written that post !!

    Yeah, I agree with you completely !!

  9. nice post dude.. .
    thats what i feel exactly now ..

  10. Wait…sota…. i m currently working on the post “Do you Know Anything about India?”… i think i have to post it immediately….as it is related to your post…. wait for my comment…..

  11. I have to change my whole the post schedule to link your this post to my post…. anyway not a big deal….

    Do You Know Anything about India?


    Next 50 years are of India…. Sotu we should not go to anywhere including USA…. your thoughts are absolutely valid and emotional…. Why someone should leave the place where he has been born?….
    But by nature My thoughts are on Investment side…..But both our thoughts match perfectly…. According to me, “East is Becoming West”. If your Career span falls between 2000 – 2050 than you should not leave India. This is my logic and view about India…..

    To know my whole the thought, Read my Article…

  12. @solitaire
    I haven’t said all come for engineering, and that post is only about my friends i have been seeing over few years.

    I’ve mentioned there are exceptions. if you see the number of engineers going there you psychologists would be a minority, don’t you think?

    I know another friend who is going to US for studying Audiology. how many are there like that? very few, isn’t it?

    I’ve said that it makes sense to go to US for something that isn’t good in India, but not just for money.

  13. What can I say? There are a lot of strong minded people reading my blogs, you included.


  14. i was strongly condemned by relatives and friends when i rejexcted my green card!!

    Today somehow i am glad that i did!! Dont ask me reasons.. i dont really have logical ones..

    Am glad our barain is coming back or are retained..India needs them!!

    and hey, Suda has left a comment for you on my blog that he is unable to open your blog from work as blogger is blocked at his office!

  15. I want to point another aspect..the aspect of getting married to an NRI. So many people ask me whether I’ll settle in India or in US. I think I give the vibe of “marrying NRI kind”. It seems some people set out on grooom search with the NRI label criteria beforehand!!
    As for me,India is my comfort zone and I’m a very reluctant person when it comes to doing anything out of my zone.

  16. @arvind:

    I’m glad that u liked the post !!

  17. @Asav:

    Thanks for liking me dude !!

    But I disagree what u r saying .. There is whole lot more money buried in US than India ..

    Even an ordinary less-skilled person can earn lot more in UsA than he can earn in India ..

    It’s still some tim left for east to become west, economically

  18. @sakhi:

    My dad too surrendered his green card in 1984 .. I’m happy he did that .. Otherwise I would hv been american by now ..

    But it requires quite a courage to surrender green card from ur side .. I do admire that ..

    I would say that even though many people in India say ke they dont wanna go to US or they love india .. But if given the choice and ofcourse visa, most of them would fly away by the very first flight they get .. Trust me !!

  19. @sakhi:

    And yeah, thanks for conveying Suda’s message ..

    I will post a comment on his blog ..

  20. @reema:

    I know Reema .. People are just crazy for NRI bride/Groom .. They just wanna marry him/her and wanna fly away .. Is India so bad, yaar?? ..

    So may hv spoiled their lives by doing it .. Some are proven lucky .. It’s all destiny .. No control ..

  21. @Sol:

    Ha ha ha !!!

  22. Ah well, I share your feelings on this one, dude… It’s been just 6 months since I came back to India from the land of er… er.. opportunity… I think USA always stands for Underestimate the Strength of Assholes… That’s how they got into the whole bush-pussy mess… Hehehe!!!
    I’m glad to be back! 😀

  23. Hmmm, so if given a choice would you go back???

  24. @Nikhil:

    Ha ha ha .. That was a funny explaination of USA ..

    We too r glad that u r back and tht too with a bang and writing various funny as well as love-o-logy posts !!

  25. @Nova:

    Well, that is a tricky question ..

    The thing is, I hv taken a student loan from US for my graduate studies .. I did not take a single penny from my parents .. Right now I’m in repayment mode .. It becomes very difficult to pay in dollars as I am earning in Indian Rupees .. I would not say that I can’t afford it , ofcourse I can but then there are some expenses that I will have to cut down ..

    So if I’m given a chance to go onsite from my current indian company, I would love to do that .. In a span of 2 years, working in US, I will be at least able to repay 60% of the loan and also can do some hefty savings..

    So I would say, I would like to go to US not by choice but by compulsion to make my life more easy and comfortable in India in the future !!

    But I am not willing to leave my current job and planning to settle there working for US companies.. I would not like to do that .. These r my current thoughts .. I dont know what will happen to my thoughts in future .. They are very volatile .

  26. I dunno why people opt to go out of Country. They have their own priorities and choices.

    But I know one thing, I wouldn’t leave India. I would rather stay here and make it a better place.

  27. @smita:

    Well, I dont oppose the idea of going to other countries may be for 3-4 years to get some exposure .. Everyone who can afford should go abroad and check out what other people on different lands are doing nad living.. No harm in that .. But just to abuse the country where u were born and leave it for the sake of money and comfort, I will never approve that ..

    I hope u can do something good for our country .. but have not u heard about the supreme court judge’s statement.. he stated that even GOD himself cant save this country .. Ha ha ha .. Let us see how it goes and what can we do to rectify the poblems !!

  28. A very sensible decision Soham, yes paying the loan from your salary here will probably take a lot longer than in US.

    So, good luck 🙂

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