It was a usual morning and my daily routine was about to start .. At around 8-45 AM, I came out after taking the bath and to my sheer surprise, I saw my cell phone ringing .. Usually I don’t get calls in the mornings but today was a different day whatsoever .. I went near the phone and ‘Dad Calling’ was flashing on the screen .. Generally my dad calls me at night only but as I saw his name flashing, I could sense that something somewhere is wrong .. And as I had expected and I could not be wrong, My dad gave me the news that Raj Thackrey has been arrested from Ratnagiri and he has been taken to the Bandra Court .. Dad advised me to be careful and if possible avoid going to the office as MNS supporters are surely going to retaliate observing their aggressive nature in the past.. But a brave dude that I am, I prepared myself to go to the office no matter what and got ready for the battle ..

I started driving my car and when I came to the main road, I could feel the bareness, misery, and some weird and bizarre kind of agony in the air .. I could sense a complete peace before the upcoming storm .. Shops and bazaars were all shut .. I could see very less number of Auto-rickshaws and taxis on the road .. There were huge lines on the bus stops and the buses were jam packed with people hanging on the door .. When I reached the highway at least half a mile from my office I could spot some MNS supporters with their tri-color flags and a little sensation of fear passed through my body .. What if they stop me?? ..What if they start beating me?? .. What if they pelt stones on my car ?? .. What if they break glasses of my car ?? .. All kind of negative thoughts passed through my mind but I overcame them and went ahead with a normal speed .. As GOD had his both hands on me, MNS guys were just stopping buses and rickshaws and they were letting cars to pass by .. They were not beating anyone nor they were attacking rickshaw/taxi or UP/Bihar people .. They were just stopping the autos and buses and requesting people to walk by .. So in the end,I reached office safely with a bit of panic and fear ..

In the office too, the atmosphere was strange .. Everyone was talking about the Raj Thackrey arrest and its backlash .. Few colleagues came late as they had to walk that half a mile distance .. They were all scared but luckily no one was attacked .. The whole day passed as no one was in the mood for serious work .. Rumours too started spreading like a forest fire about the riots in different parts of Mumbai and Maharashtra .. People staying in the suburbs were busy talking to their relatives and were curious about the latest update on the situation in their area .. Few people were busy harassing maharashtrian people to teach them some sentences of Marathi so that if they are caught Atlas they can speak some Marathi and can save themselves from the MNS anger

Everybody in my team left at 5-30 PM and I too left for home at 6 .. During back home, I could feel the same gloominess and murkiness on the roads and there were hardly any people on the road .. The shops were closed too .. Even the chemist shops were shut ..I reached home and called mom-dad that I am safe and they should not worry about me .. I switched on the TV and saw all the hungama, chaos and anarchy that Mumbai witnessed during the day and I could say that the panic that I felt while gong to office and while coming back, was right there on TV only the faces were different ..

A dreadful and frightful day full of panic, fear and terror !!!


After pouring out all my anger on Indian Media in my last post, let us make some fun of them once again !!

Check out the pics:

Hilarious, isn’t it?


Pseudo-seculars call him ‘Maut ka Saudagar‘ (Merchant of Death) .. Some anti-Indians call him ‘Hitler‘ .. Some mentally-retarded people call him ‘Hindu fanatic/Extremist‘ but We, Gujaratis and all other Indians who firmly and strongly believe in development and progress, call him ‘CEO of Gujarat‘, ‘Gujarat ka Sher‘ or ‘the CM – The Common Man‘ .. Yeah, you guessed it right .. I’m talking about the king of hearts of Gujarati people Mr Narendra Modi !! ..

Last year his image and his political career both were at stake during Gujarat elections .. He was facing some tough and rigorous slanderous campaign against him by so-called secular parties, BJP rebels, and so-called National news channels which thrive on sensationalism but despite all these, he emerged as a winner .. That time he went to people only with one agenda and that is the development of Gujarat and the work and progress which Gujarat had achieved during his tenure .. We, Gujarati people, casted votes in his favor with our both hands and he won with a landslide victory once again .. He had proved this common phenomena ‘good governance is bad politics’ wrong .. Today I, with a very happy,joyous, exciting and satisfying heart, will say we are not disappointed about the verdict we had given last year ..

I would say so because Tata Motors‘ small car, Nano, will now roll out of Gujarat .. Tata Motors homes in on Gujarat .. Tata Motors chairman, Ratan Tata made the announcement in Gujarat’s capital Gandhinagar Today .. He and Mr. Modi held the press conference together and a memorandum of understanding has been signed between Tata Motors and the Gujarat government .. The Tatas have chosen Sanand, close to Ahmedabad, as the project site .. The site is located within the 1,100-acre Agriculture University campus .. AnandModi could not have asked for a better gift as he too completed record-breaking, heart-throbbing, ground shaking SEVEN grand and majestic years in office as Gujarat’s longest serving CM ..

Whatever happened in West Bengal is really unfortunate .. But whatever happens, happens for a reason and happens for good .. You just cannot work under police security and also under that tension,stress,fear all the time .. It wont take out best of your potential .. It is also Tata’s responsibility to take care of its employees’ life and comfort .. So with a very gloomy and heavy heart, they had to leave Singur but I guess it was a must step and a right one .. And then the search for other state began and all states started wooing Tata for this grand project ..

Despite of the relentless attack on Mr Modi by electronic & press media and other political parties, he has always come out winner time and again .. Under his leadership, Gujarat has taken giant strides as far as development, infrastructure and progress are concerned .. He has made Gujarat one of the foremost progressive states .. Even the Planning Commission has praised the Gujarat government for the judicial way of spending the money allotted to that state .. He has created confidence in investors in various projects that Gujarat is a safe place for investment .. Ratan Tata is a very intelligent businessman .. He would not have preferred Gujarat for the Nano project, if they had no confidence in Modi or the Gujarat government .. So I am here to wish a warm welcome to Tata Nano project in Gujarat .. Welcome aboard and wishing you a fruitful, successful and long journey ahead ..

But again, the media is left red faced .. I’m so happy about it .. So now Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Datt, Teesta Setalvaad, Mahesh Bhatt etc, if you are planning for a mass sucide then I can contribute by buying out some petrol for you .. Awwww, Petrol is expensive .. I guess Diesel will do .. LOL !! .. Do you guys really think that we, millions of Gujaratis, are stupid, idiots,fanatics and of different breed that we have elected this man twice and that too with a land slide victory?? .. No .. We have elected him because of his efficient administration .. Because of his great leadership .. because of his good governance .. Because of his honesty and clear image .. Because of his vision for the progress of Gujarat .. Because of his dedication and commitment for the development of Gujarat .. And by Gujarat, I mean every Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian residing in it .. He has not only developed infrastructure for Hindus .. It is used by all and the whole nation knows that .. Remember one thing you pseudo-seculars, we always give clear verdict .. We always give the right verdict ..

Bravo Modi Bravo .. Every Gujarati is proud of you ..

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