Pseudo-seculars call him ‘Maut ka Saudagar‘ (Merchant of Death) .. Some anti-Indians call him ‘Hitler‘ .. Some mentally-retarded people call him ‘Hindu fanatic/Extremist‘ but We, Gujaratis and all other Indians who firmly and strongly believe in development and progress, call him ‘CEO of Gujarat‘, ‘Gujarat ka Sher‘ or ‘the CM – The Common Man‘ .. Yeah, you guessed it right .. I’m talking about the king of hearts of Gujarati people Mr Narendra Modi !! ..

Last year his image and his political career both were at stake during Gujarat elections .. He was facing some tough and rigorous slanderous campaign against him by so-called secular parties, BJP rebels, and so-called National news channels which thrive on sensationalism but despite all these, he emerged as a winner .. That time he went to people only with one agenda and that is the development of Gujarat and the work and progress which Gujarat had achieved during his tenure .. We, Gujarati people, casted votes in his favor with our both hands and he won with a landslide victory once again .. He had proved this common phenomena ‘good governance is bad politics’ wrong .. Today I, with a very happy,joyous, exciting and satisfying heart, will say we are not disappointed about the verdict we had given last year ..

I would say so because Tata Motors‘ small car, Nano, will now roll out of Gujarat .. Tata Motors homes in on Gujarat .. Tata Motors chairman, Ratan Tata made the announcement in Gujarat’s capital Gandhinagar Today .. He and Mr. Modi held the press conference together and a memorandum of understanding has been signed between Tata Motors and the Gujarat government .. The Tatas have chosen Sanand, close to Ahmedabad, as the project site .. The site is located within the 1,100-acre Agriculture University campus .. AnandModi could not have asked for a better gift as he too completed record-breaking, heart-throbbing, ground shaking SEVEN grand and majestic years in office as Gujarat’s longest serving CM ..

Whatever happened in West Bengal is really unfortunate .. But whatever happens, happens for a reason and happens for good .. You just cannot work under police security and also under that tension,stress,fear all the time .. It wont take out best of your potential .. It is also Tata’s responsibility to take care of its employees’ life and comfort .. So with a very gloomy and heavy heart, they had to leave Singur but I guess it was a must step and a right one .. And then the search for other state began and all states started wooing Tata for this grand project ..

Despite of the relentless attack on Mr Modi by electronic & press media and other political parties, he has always come out winner time and again .. Under his leadership, Gujarat has taken giant strides as far as development, infrastructure and progress are concerned .. He has made Gujarat one of the foremost progressive states .. Even the Planning Commission has praised the Gujarat government for the judicial way of spending the money allotted to that state .. He has created confidence in investors in various projects that Gujarat is a safe place for investment .. Ratan Tata is a very intelligent businessman .. He would not have preferred Gujarat for the Nano project, if they had no confidence in Modi or the Gujarat government .. So I am here to wish a warm welcome to Tata Nano project in Gujarat .. Welcome aboard and wishing you a fruitful, successful and long journey ahead ..

But again, the media is left red faced .. I’m so happy about it .. So now Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Datt, Teesta Setalvaad, Mahesh Bhatt etc, if you are planning for a mass sucide then I can contribute by buying out some petrol for you .. Awwww, Petrol is expensive .. I guess Diesel will do .. LOL !! .. Do you guys really think that we, millions of Gujaratis, are stupid, idiots,fanatics and of different breed that we have elected this man twice and that too with a land slide victory?? .. No .. We have elected him because of his efficient administration .. Because of his great leadership .. because of his good governance .. Because of his honesty and clear image .. Because of his vision for the progress of Gujarat .. Because of his dedication and commitment for the development of Gujarat .. And by Gujarat, I mean every Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian residing in it .. He has not only developed infrastructure for Hindus .. It is used by all and the whole nation knows that .. Remember one thing you pseudo-seculars, we always give clear verdict .. We always give the right verdict ..

Bravo Modi Bravo .. Every Gujarati is proud of you ..

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44 Responses to “Nano Comes To Gujarat – Congratulations Mr. CM”

  1. Nice article, put it very nicely.
    We need more people like you to re-butt all the nonsense that gets written about Modiji and the people of Gujarat.

    Proud to be a Gujarati

    Jai Garvi Gujarat
    Jai Hind

  2. loved the tone of this post…
    english media and this congress party are the biggest pseudo secular gangs

  3. Singur was a good option as it's near to a big city (kolkata) and a sea port (they want to export as well). So when Tata left Singur, I thought they'll come to AP in Nellore Dist. (Krishnapatnam & 2 Chennai Ports and near to Chennai). But Tatas wanted near a big city so AP offered Medak near Hyderabad. But there were farmers protesting. Karnataka, TN and Maharashtra couldn't offer land near their big cities. So Gujrat was the ideal choice.

    Sohan, why so emotional?

  4. No person is black or white. There are shades or grey in everyone. No politician is 100% clean.

  5. yes man…Narendara Modi is the Best………. And yeah… any business without having its pressence in Gujarat is a bull shit thing to imagine……… Singur story is over….Gujarat is best

  6. it is just a oppourunity which has been encashed by TATA as various states have offered

    the best one and easy one is picked

  7. @ Soham

    congrates! you sound like a brand embessedor of “Namo”! ๐Ÿ˜€

    @ Reema

    No politician will survive if he/she is really and completely clean… some amount of grey shades are needed to be there!

    But soham is right, Narendra modi is liked by most in Gujarat for many reasons and rightly so!

  8. Hi.. actually I was thinking of writing on this ..and before that I thot let me check ( coz i was expecting) if u have already written on it or not..

    gud one…

  9. bengal’s loss is gujarat’s gain

    how come none of the farmers have any issue bout giving up their land in gujarat?

  10. @Hemant:

    I completely agree !!

    I would say I’m a proud Indian Gujarati !!

  11. @Neo:

    I second you on ur view .. U r certainly right ..

    I’m glad that you liked it ..

  12. @Ashwin:

    Yeah, u caught me on that .. I was and am emotional ..

    Because, whenever I watch news, I see even a hindu-muslim strret fight in Gujarat has been labelled as a riot and Gujaratis are shown as fanatic people all the time ..

    But I dont blame media for that .. I know media should be responsible but to defame gujaratis, modi and hindus is their bread and butter because they find many people like that in India and hence their TRP goes on and on ..

    Getting a Nano project is a ight slap on the media and I’m extremely happy about that ..

  13. @reema:

    I agree .. But I would add that no human being is 100% clean .. ANd if someone really thinks that ke he/she is perfectly clean then I think he/she should be immediately sent to psychiatrist ..

    Well, at least in my this post, I am appreciating positive side of the politician who has done something good for the state of which he is in-charge of ..

  14. @Asav:

    Yeah, I agree ..

    Your thoughts are identical to the millions of gujarat people’s thoghts !!

  15. @Everymatter:

    Tata might have encashed ths poortunity but t is a dream project of India ..

    A car for lower and middle class is an amazing thing .. Less-earning people also have dreams of roaming around with their whole family in an air-conditioned four wheeler and tata is making their dreams true ..

    Even if Tata would have chosen WB,UP or AP, it does notmatter .. It is a prject for all Indianot for any state ..

    Hats off to Ratan tata

  16. @Sakhi:

    Ha ha .. No, I’m not brand ambassador of Namo but yeah I’m brand ambassadorof Gujarat ..

    Electronic media has defamed Gujarat’s image so much that whenever I talk about ahmedabad, the next question comes is ‘that city of riots??’ .. Now I hope it would change to ‘That city of Nano?’

    If we gujjus will not stand for it then who will ??

  17. @Meghna:

    It is a bog loss of Bengal and a huge gain to Gujarat !!

    Check out this link which will answer your question why farmers in Gujarat are not protesting ..

    It’s Narendra Modi’s efficient and visionary governance and admnistration ..

  18. good post dude ..
    IF narendra modi handles the land owners efficiently i guess it would be a bog boon to gujrat ..
    i guess already Gujrat is the fastest growning state in india. right ??

  19. Soham, dude as much of a dickhead you sound i reckon you’re the biggest dumb fuck i’ve ever come across, the NANO plant land belongs to the cabinet ministers of you beloved Modi if you’re not aware of it also be it Modi or another CM the resultant oput would’ve been the same (Gujarat grabing the NANO deal).
    I think you’ve forgotten the mass genocide that Modi created and the repercussions of which you and me are seeing today home grown terrorism. I mean true he may be the messiah for people but i quote for uneducated and gullible folks unlike you, contrary you sound very informed.
    Another very interesting fact that i discovered here is that someone qouted saying proud indian gujju…why such bias amongst all of us indians. Talk to any indian overseas and the first thing the moron puts on you is “where you from” not which part of the world….which part of india?….these are the people who then claim racial splurs against them.
    I’m the son of the great land and would love to see my state and people prosper as much as the entire nation, but rationalism and fairness need to be accounted for whilst crediting a person for an entire venture like NANO…..

    My people god has given us all brains and the very reason he gave us brains was to use them at our discretion and in an unbiased way.
    Its upto you to decide if you prefer to become slaves to information that is feeded to you by religious extremists (hindu/muslim)or believe in yourselves and make the right decisions and opinions towards prosperity and growth of the land.

    Jai Hind

  20. absolutely!! ๐Ÿ™‚ We have to and we know what has been done for us no matter whatever Media potrays!! hai na! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Wow! This is great news for all of us!! And Soham, why dont u come on wordpress, it is so much more convenient ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. @Anonymous:

    Ha ha .. Well, when I wrote this post, I had predicted such abusive comments on my way and here it comes !!

    Well, ur comments and the words u hv used show ur extremely low upbringing an ur uncanny knack of digging the burried grave even if we have moved forward and we r progressing ..

    It’s still useless to clear thoughts of ur hopeless brain but let me try ..

    First of all, Godhra riots were no genocide.. Check the definition of genocide .. What hitler did in germany was genocide .. Genocide means killing of one particular religion,region,cast people .. In godhra riots, there were 750 muslimsand 360 hindus were killed approx .. The loss was at botht the sides .. When a minority community burns alive 59 innocent men,women and children of majority comunity without any provocation, the retaliation is natural .. nobody in ths world could hv stopped it .. hv you ever imagined hindus burning alive muslims in Pakistan? .. do u think if that happens then what will happen to hindus in Pakistan .. they all will either be killed, raped or converted.. but this is Indiand nothing of that kind happen and that’s why u should thank Narendra Modi ..

    (Continued …)

  23. (COntined …)

    If u trust Indian Judicial system then let me tell u that supreme court appointed nanavati commission has given Modi a clean chit in godhra incident and for godhra riots ..

    2nd point .. By Proud Indian Gujju, I meant i’m first proud indian and then proud gujju .. so u better know that ..

    Ratan tata himself told the media that he chose gujarat because of Modi .. so no other CM could hv pulled this project in gujarat .. The land which u were talking about is of farmers and gujarat government bought it from them just 10 ten days ago .. PLease check out the links which I have put on my post and then come and criticize me .. do ur homework first, my friend ..

    I hope it clears some of ur doubts ..

    Terrorism was there before godhra riots happened .. hv not u forgotten 93 blasts or killings of millions of kashmiri pandits in kashmir?? .. I guess u also think that september 11 incident of twin tower and london blasts r also the aftermath of godhra riots is it so?? ..

    Ha ha .. U need to grow up man ..

  24. @Nova:

    Thanks.. I’m glad that u likedthe post ..

    Well, I tried wordpress but I found blogger more convenient ..

    Plus, i also use google adsense and other third-party javascript functions which wordpress does not allow.. so I’m happy with the blogger till now ..

  25. hey nicely written post…indeed Narendra Modi has done a great job and put Gujarat on a global map…

  26. soham unfortunately your problem is that you havent seen the world beyond or from an outsiders point of view, hence i do actaully sympathize with you.

    mate why dont you keep on doing what your daddy mr. modi tells you to do…..

  27. ..Gujrat is prone to earthquakes.. It will be a great loss to the TATAs if any such thing happens. Just my 10 paisa.

    Every human is selfish and how can a politician do deeds without expecting any profits?

  28. This project has run into some land trouble concerning the Rajputs. Have u heard the news?

  29. Hehehe! It was supposed to come to Karnataka! Damn! ๐Ÿ˜€
    But isn’t it strange how the Tatas decided to base a business decision on politics??

  30. Very Very Interesting post , I am from West Bengal,Congratulation to Gujrat.
    Bengal has to pay the price for reckless, direction less, politics.
    For Mamata’s cheap publicity , backed by some political parties for vested interest Bengal lost the Nano project.
    Debashish Brahma

  31. rocking post man,like the way you stood up for Gujarat and Modi, btw I have also become a Modi fan, this man walks the talk!!!

  32. @Ruchi:

    Thanks !!

    I agree !!

  33. @Anonymous:

    Ha ha ha !!

    I was in US since last 3 years so I hv seen Gujarat from outsider’s perspective only !!

  34. @Manasa:

    This is the funniest comment I hv ever got !!

    California is prone to earthquakes still most of people in US want to reside in California and all the big Tech companies’ headquarters are in california .. Are not they scared??..

  35. @Reema:

    Ha ha ..

    It’s not rajputs but some rashtriya Kisan Sangh has filled a sue against governemt with the backing of Congress..

    Congress misunderstood the mood of Gujarat people during last election and was thrashed ..

    This time, history repeats .. Instead of praising Modi for his efforts, they are busy indulging in this kind of malicius activities .. I’m sure that they will be kicked hard during lok sabha election in Gujarat ..

    Congress needs at least one dynamic leader in Gujarat whom people can trust .. But I’m afraid they dont hv any !!

  36. @Nikhil:

    Politicians are the one who takes care of Law & Order, provides safe and secure environment .. After all they are elected persons and they rule the state ..

    So ofcourse any big investment has to be planned according to the political situation and political leader of a particular state ..

  37. @Debashish:

    Hi, there .. It’s ur first time here .. I’m glad that u liked the post .. Thanks for the compliments ..

    Yes, I agree .. Bengal’s lost is Gujarat’s gain .. And yeah, mamta really ruined the chances of making west bengal more progressive and wealthy just for cheap publicity ..

    U all should kick her out in the upcoming lok sabha elections ..

  38. @Rahul:

    Ha ha .. Thanks man .. I’m glad that u liked the post ..

    Areee yaar, whenever u see News, all r busy defaming Gujarat and Hindus for the Godhra .. It was a nightmare and we hv moved on now .. Why to dig the burried grave all the time?? ..

    So I had to stand up and deliver .. and I did it .. Many of my readers like u, liked the post and so I think I hv achieved what I was willing for ..

    Thanks all for the support !!

  39. Yeah … Pretty neat .. I am happy for Gujarat and Modi … We need leaders like him …

  40. Soham, Don’t bother to reply this Anon.’s comments. There are too many such people around who have strikingly narrow view of the matter and unfortunately are totally unaware of their lack of discretion. Pity.

  41. Hey Soham,

    Sorry for a late reply, actually was buzy with lot of official work hence cudnt concentrate myself on blogsville.

    Neway I am proud that NANO is here in aapnu ahmedabad. It was a feeling of pride when I read in newspaper that time.

    P.S I totally disagree with your point in one of your comments.

    When a minority community burns alive 59 innocent men,women and children of majority comunity without any provocation, the retaliation is natural

    There is no excuse for such riots which happened after the Godhra episode.

  42. @Gandalf:

    Thanks man !!

    Yeah, I got ur point .. I know u too facedso many abusive comments on ur posts on modi and CNN-IBN .. So I guess u r the best one to advice me ..

    Your point has been noted .. There is no point in argung with sch dick-heads ..

  43. @Satan:

    I too am a busy with work and socializing !!

    Well, I still believe that nobody in this world could have stopped backlash after the godhra rain-burning ..

    Could any body stop anti-ikh riots after the killings of Mrs Indira Gandhi?? – NO

    There r hundreds of examples so do think about it !!

  44. @soham

    Weather the backlash could have been stopped or not is some other thing, but my point is its not justified.

    For eg, if I see a girl in mini-skirt and try to tease her by justifying that its a natural reciprocation by me, nobody will accept it.

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