Hello Everyone !!

Well, I have taken 10 days Christmas vacation as most of my friends from US are coming to Ahmedabad and many of them are even getting married or getting engaged .. Hence so many events and functions to attend .. But I’m enjoying it ..

I wont be writing anything for few days nor I will be reading any blogs for time being .. So bare with me .. But I will be back next year(!!) in 2009 with full force and I will reply to all your comments as well as will post comments on your lovely posts !! .. I have got around 100+ posts to read in my google reader ..

By the way, merry christmas to all of you and have a wonderful 2009 to you !!!


Ever since Mumbai terror has taken place, I could see most of the citizens abusingand defaming politicians .. I could see Mumbai people gathering at the ‘gateway way of India’, burning several candles and then voicing their disgust on television by blaming politicians of India for all the ills in Indian society and accusing them for not doing any progressive as well as definitive work .. Every one is saying : ‘Enough is enough. It’s high time that we youth must do something’.. My question to all of them is : “Do what???” ..

I am confident that no one has the answer of this question .. Some (pseudo) intellectual and sophisticated English-speaking gentlemen will vent out their (unnecessary) anger on politicians by sitting in an air-conditioned TV studio but when asked about joining the politics, they would say, “It’s not our cup of tea. It’s a dirty business.” .. Bunch of hypocrites ..

Then some bunch of people say that we pay taxes so politicians should do something .. The basic problem of our country is that ke no one wants go beyond paying taxes and abusing politicians and giving lectures on what politicians should do .. A real mockery of our citizenship ..

Then there is another group of people who want politicians to be out of power but they have no alternatives or any other clues about what kind of people or governance should replace them?

If politicians are to be blamed for the recent terrorist attacks, then is it not true that the Indian Navy, the Coast Guard and the Mumbai police too are to be blamed for not taking enough measures to prevent these terrorists from entering Mumbai? .. Politicians’ duty is to create and hold policies .. To successfully execute these policies, politicians need support from all the levels .. If even a single level is weak or not efficient or not doing its duty properly, there will be lapses nad failure .. Hence we could see the results of those lapses ..

So why are we targeting politicians alone?

So to all the people who want alternative form of government, we did try that in mid 70s in the form of emergency .. We all know how terrorised the entire nation was during that period ..

If you want a military rule, then check out our own lovely neighbour Pakistan .. Military is ruling it since ages and thus it is a completely ruined and failed country ..

If you want a theocratic State, then look at Saudi Arabia where women don’t have many rights and even men would become a slave of the government who always remain in the state of fear of death ..

If you want a Communist state, then look how China has been suppressing human rights all these years even without world noticing ..

In Pakistan, Politicians have always abused power so much and they were always ruthless against their opponents — be it Benazir Bhutto or her father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto or Nawaz Sharif .. They put their opponents behind bars for some or the other reasons and made governance a one man rule even in a democracy .. But in our country, though the BJP and Congress play vote bank politics all the time, they will not start a vindictive campaign against each other’s leaders ..

When we talk about corruptions, it’s the politicians who get the media coverage so we get to know about their scams .. But if we could really see and analyze, then we will realize that corruption is rampant in every part of our society .. Doctors are busy in malpractice and making hell lot of money in a uncivilized way by playing with human lives .. Engineers/Builders mix water,cement and all other things to save some bucks and build weak and fragile buildings and bridges which fall or break and so many people get killed .. We could see that roads are getting broken whenever there is a rain hence contractors too are corrupt .. Abu Salem and Afzal Guru get a lawyer in India so that sets one example of how Lawyers are corrupt .. I don’t have to mention about police and bureaucrats .. We all know about them .. Professors and teachers leak the exam papers or they provide favors to the students for some money and play with the careers of intelligent – hard working students .. So in short, every profession, every aspect of our society has become corrupt, dishonest and crooked ..

I agree that ‘Enough is Enough’ but not only for politicians but also for all those journalists and News channels who sit in their studios and don’t even do their jobs properly .. How they provided the help to the terrorists by broadcasting the operation of NSG commandos live on TV .. These channels spread rumours like the one about firing at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus last Friday, spreading panic in the city .. Do they have any accountability?

At least we have the right to vote politicians out, but what about these journalists and News channels? Don’t you think it is high time we tell them: ‘Enough is Enough’ of your senseless programmes and biased & partial coverage of every issue which is related to our motherland ??

A great revolution is required to clean out all the ills from our society but how will that be done, I have no clue about it ..

Seriously, Enough is enough !!


Please save this picture and set it as your desktop wallpaper at least for some days to pay our rich tribute to those who had laid down their lives so that we can sleep, work and blog peacefully !!



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