Ever since Mumbai terror has taken place, I could see most of the citizens abusingand defaming politicians .. I could see Mumbai people gathering at the ‘gateway way of India’, burning several candles and then voicing their disgust on television by blaming politicians of India for all the ills in Indian society and accusing them for not doing any progressive as well as definitive work .. Every one is saying : ‘Enough is enough. It’s high time that we youth must do something’.. My question to all of them is : “Do what???” ..

I am confident that no one has the answer of this question .. Some (pseudo) intellectual and sophisticated English-speaking gentlemen will vent out their (unnecessary) anger on politicians by sitting in an air-conditioned TV studio but when asked about joining the politics, they would say, “It’s not our cup of tea. It’s a dirty business.” .. Bunch of hypocrites ..

Then some bunch of people say that we pay taxes so politicians should do something .. The basic problem of our country is that ke no one wants go beyond paying taxes and abusing politicians and giving lectures on what politicians should do .. A real mockery of our citizenship ..

Then there is another group of people who want politicians to be out of power but they have no alternatives or any other clues about what kind of people or governance should replace them?

If politicians are to be blamed for the recent terrorist attacks, then is it not true that the Indian Navy, the Coast Guard and the Mumbai police too are to be blamed for not taking enough measures to prevent these terrorists from entering Mumbai? .. Politicians’ duty is to create and hold policies .. To successfully execute these policies, politicians need support from all the levels .. If even a single level is weak or not efficient or not doing its duty properly, there will be lapses nad failure .. Hence we could see the results of those lapses ..

So why are we targeting politicians alone?

So to all the people who want alternative form of government, we did try that in mid 70s in the form of emergency .. We all know how terrorised the entire nation was during that period ..

If you want a military rule, then check out our own lovely neighbour Pakistan .. Military is ruling it since ages and thus it is a completely ruined and failed country ..

If you want a theocratic State, then look at Saudi Arabia where women don’t have many rights and even men would become a slave of the government who always remain in the state of fear of death ..

If you want a Communist state, then look how China has been suppressing human rights all these years even without world noticing ..

In Pakistan, Politicians have always abused power so much and they were always ruthless against their opponents — be it Benazir Bhutto or her father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto or Nawaz Sharif .. They put their opponents behind bars for some or the other reasons and made governance a one man rule even in a democracy .. But in our country, though the BJP and Congress play vote bank politics all the time, they will not start a vindictive campaign against each other’s leaders ..

When we talk about corruptions, it’s the politicians who get the media coverage so we get to know about their scams .. But if we could really see and analyze, then we will realize that corruption is rampant in every part of our society .. Doctors are busy in malpractice and making hell lot of money in a uncivilized way by playing with human lives .. Engineers/Builders mix water,cement and all other things to save some bucks and build weak and fragile buildings and bridges which fall or break and so many people get killed .. We could see that roads are getting broken whenever there is a rain hence contractors too are corrupt .. Abu Salem and Afzal Guru get a lawyer in India so that sets one example of how Lawyers are corrupt .. I don’t have to mention about police and bureaucrats .. We all know about them .. Professors and teachers leak the exam papers or they provide favors to the students for some money and play with the careers of intelligent – hard working students .. So in short, every profession, every aspect of our society has become corrupt, dishonest and crooked ..

I agree that ‘Enough is Enough’ but not only for politicians but also for all those journalists and News channels who sit in their studios and don’t even do their jobs properly .. How they provided the help to the terrorists by broadcasting the operation of NSG commandos live on TV .. These channels spread rumours like the one about firing at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus last Friday, spreading panic in the city .. Do they have any accountability?

At least we have the right to vote politicians out, but what about these journalists and News channels? Don’t you think it is high time we tell them: ‘Enough is Enough’ of your senseless programmes and biased & partial coverage of every issue which is related to our motherland ??

A great revolution is required to clean out all the ills from our society but how will that be done, I have no clue about it ..

Seriously, Enough is enough !!


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  1. Do you remeber the gujarati sayin? “Kuva maa hoy to havaadaa maa aave!!”

    What say about that?

    After the recent incidence i was down in dumps coz i really am not able to figure out WHAT exactly can be done and i still don’t have the complete answer to my question!

  2. politicians are blamed because what they should do dont do properly ..
    .. Its not just about terrorist attacks , politicians are being blamed ,its just that because of this attacks people are frustated more than usual and everything is being vent out at one go ..
    There is nothing that politicians have done forthis country .. and whatever has been done is too less compared to what should be done ..
    I agree with u when u say coast gaurd,intelligence and other security forces have to be blamed for the security lapse ..
    and about ur question “what should we do ?? ”
    I too have no idea. .
    and I feel that no matter which damned politicians resigns things aren’t going to change ..everyone is same ..
    I think NDTV was the only channel whihc dint show the operation of nsg commandoes .they were showing repeat telecast when the operation was going on .. I think other channels should learn to impose a moal responsibility on themselves

  3. @Sakhi:

    U might hv heard Gujju saying: “Jevi Praja, Tevo Raja(Neta).” ..

    Politicians are our mirror .. They reflect our attitude, our personality and our behaviour ..

    If u wanna change the system, u hv to get in the system but we dont want to do that .. So no answer to ur question !!

  4. @Arvind:

    Politicinas might not have done their job 100% perfexctly but I really dont agree when you say “There is nothing that politicians have done forthis country ” ..

    Cant you see all these roads, fly overs, bridges, dranage system, electricity, infrastructure , public transportation etc etc .. They are all because politicians hv dome something ..

    In India, every one finds a way to escape from their duty and responsibility and these politicians are not far behind in that ..

    after all, Politicians are our mirror .. They reflect our attitude, our personality and our behaviour ..

    And about the live coverage issue, I came to know that media was telecasting 20-min delayed recordings of the NSG operation .. I think that was a very good step ..

  5. Arey i wanted to convey the same thing but we both gave different one liners for that! 🙂

    I absolutely agree with you!

    “We have to be the change we wish to see in the society”

  6. Well, absolutely agreed to the hypocrisy of these news channels… Starting from, “We are the first one to show this video”… Showing the locations of the army soldiers…. What does that white flag on Chhabra house signify?… “India’s 9/11”… This was the biggest terrorist attack, they have used new-fangled way of terror… I mean, at least, if you cannot help reducing terrorism, just do not motivate their intensions by rewarding them with “Great endeavor”….. Searching for just “masala” news!!… A sole target is to increase the TRPs!!… And at the cost of maligning reflection of non-biased common Indian citizens? That’s awfully shameful.

    Just take an example of making a mountain out of a molehill: The issue of Chief Minister Deshmukh visiting Taj along with his son and Ram Gopal Verma. What the hell do they want to convey by making it a news headline? Does visiting Ram Gopal Verma and observing the situation hamper any way to the “paristhiti ka jaiza lena” of Mr. Deshmukh? Is this a substance to make a headline of the whole day news topic?? How does this affect Vilasrao Deshmukh’s next plans towards taking further steps as a chief minister of Maharashtra? Are news channels here to spread these tittle-tattle instead of any constructive, inspiring or real news at the time when the whole nation is in deep sorrow and pain??

    BUT, I would definitely make a statement of cowardice and hibernated state of so called “politicians”… Is it not their duty to protect the nation from terror? Are they not hear to be pro-active (forget the pro-action, at least take actions against what already happened till date) to disintegrate terrorism? Have you not seen politicians visiting the affected places in Mumbai and blaming other party’s failures and trying to fetch some more votes for upcoming election? Is this the time to play a blame game or a time to unite and act against these few ruthless/kattarwadi terrorists? Is it not a time to give them a lesson that they cannot even dream of entering India with any immoral intension? The Indian politicians (Be it BJP or Congress) should take an example from US Democrat and Republican leaders. Until the election, they tried their best to earn maximum votes, but once Obama is declared as a new president elect, even Mc Cain is offering his services to progress of US of A. One time opponent, Hilary Clinton is taking an important place in Obama congress to work united for the nation. Why cannot Indian politicians learn the lesson of “Nation comes above votes”!!! That is why we target politicians. We target them as they are playing foul to their duties. We target them the most because the whole incident showed biggest failure of the elected leaders. Those whom we voted to rule the nation are proved futile.

    The whole system is corrupt. And revolution is must. And where should it begin from? It should begin from each individual. One must understand the importance to vote. There is no perfect/ideal leader in the world. But it is in our hands to select the best among all.

  7. There is a saying which goes – A country deserves the politicians it gets.
    Although the statement would be too harsh in the present context, but this is a monster of our own creation.
    Somehow I feel that people who really want to do something have to enter this field, but we all are too skeptical. Also, its easier said than done.

  8. absolutely agree with you…

    I guess all of us do fit in one of the groups

  9. Good post, dude… Kinda hits the nail on the head – what can we do? It’s not only the lousy politicians’ fault… It’s a combined effect of a lot of shit…
    Seriously, enough is enough!

  10. Why are we blaming politicians, Army, Navi, Intelligence Bureau, media??

    Why are we not blaming ourselves who have let them breed here?? Are we not responsible for letting the corruption grow by bribing people? Have we not spoiled the nation by throwing kachhra wherever we want? Have we not spoiled our country by not voting?

    Have we not played a vital part here by letting things the way they are and playing blame game???

    If blaming X then u r blaming Y. What is the difference???

    I have promised myself that besides playing blame game I will change myself and will urge others too…I wish we as a nation do the same and things can change. We can change for better with the present lot the only thing needed is the will to do so.

  11. Good post! A relief after all the ther related posts. A different perspective from everyone else’s…but I tend to agree wid Smita here.

    It’s WE who are to be blamed.
    For electing and re-electing these politicians;
    for watching these same news channels, putting up with their skewed-up-masala-news and not even voicing against it;
    for blaming corrupt people when it’s someone else’s rainy day and bribing them on ours;
    for being the ‘perfect citizen’ in every other country but India; and for a lot such more!

    As for the question “What should be done”…well, there’s a lot we can do.
    Use Section “49-O” — which allows a person to go to the polling booth, confirm his identity, get his finger marked and convey to the presiding election officer that he doesn’t want to vote anyone in! And keep doing so till a worthy person is nominated!
    Here, instead, people don’t even vote, giving mal-practisers a chance tu use those ballots to vote their candidate in!

    Corruption exists because the officers are not paid well and because people are willing to bribe! The former is not in our hands, but the latter is!!

    Bad morality prevails because of the way the ‘poor’ children are brought up. Where prostitution is rampant (and enjoyed by the elite as well), it’s off-springs will never have a good morale — and they are not to be blamed for that; the ones who formulated their birth are!

    “We, the youth” talk a lot, seldom act. Me inclusive! It’s a sad state of affairs — and for how long?

    I should’ve posted this instead of filling up yur comments section! Sorry abt tht! 😀

  12. Well, more of my thought are here…a post i wrote looooooong back 😀


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  14. A good post. A simple way of asking whether the elite, pseudo intellectuals, society matrons, celebrities on their comments is “Did you vote?” or “Do you vote” If not they have no business making comments. Try it; works wonders:)

  15. We would never forget the effect on mumbai attacks 🙁

  16. Hey

    We miss you blogging. Waiting to read your next blogspot.

    hope to hear from you soon.

    Dubbagol Team

  17. Many people are wondering how to fix the current state of affairs, but obviously nobody has the answer yet.
    Maybe there is no simple answer.

    I think one starting point is for every Indian to take responsibility for the country. If everybody looks out, there is no way any jihadi stands a chance.

    A security force of a billion is much better than a million.

  18. Very well put Soham, Indian society is corrupt at every level.

    But isnt sitting around, doing nothing and allowing 1000 Indians to die when you were supposed to be their protector corrupt ?

  19. @All:

    As I was terribly busy with work and other social commitments, I was not able to reply to individual comments .. I really missed a nice discussion over here .. Anyways keep pouring your comments and I promise that I will be regular in replying to ur comments in this new year 2009 ..

    Happy new year to you all and thanks for all the wonderful and informative comments !!

  20. ave you not seen politicians visiting the affected places in Mumbai and blaming other party’s failures and trying to fetch some more votes for upcoming election?

  21. I agree with you that blaming politicians is not fully justified and that we all are to blame. But, leaders are chosen to lead and give direction to a nation and its people. If something goes wrong, they have to take the blame, as they do the credit, like Indira Gandhi did for 1971 and Vajpayee did for the nuclear blasts.

    Having said that I believe that all functionaries in various organs of the government and we who choose leaders who don't deliver also need to introspect.

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