When I first heard Varun‘s hate-speech against minority community, I found it very disgusting and shocking .. It was unacceptable to the core and it has to be condemned with the severest words .. Varun Gandhi is no street-side hooligan who knows only the language of abuse and hate .. He is not an illiterate, unintelligent young man .. He is the grandson of Mrs.Indira Gandhi and the son of a very sophisticated and westernized lady Mrs. Menaka Gandhi .. The words that he has used and the manner in which he has spoken of Muslims is simply not acceptable from any political leader ..

Our media got one another scape goat and those very-frequently-seen vocal faces and voices started making regular appearances on TV studios, debates and in columns bashing Hindus, Hindutva, BJP, RSS and this Saffron Gandhi .. But in my entire life, I have never believed the analysis of this (so-called) English-speaking, scholar, academic, thinker elites who just do nothing but sit and bark in air-conditioned TV studious and misguide and mislead the people .. So an avid analyst that I’m and an anxious brain that I carry , I took out some time, google, newspapers and magazines to find out the truth behind all these drama and I finally came to know the actual truth (may be !!!)..

Varun gave the speech in the beginning of March but then this CD was given to a pro-congress news channel after 19 days .. So this CD might have been doctored as per Varun’s claims .. Where was this CD and with whom for all these whole bloody 19 days ?? .. That is a big question .. If one were to believe that this CD not doctored for a moment, then that is also true and worth noting that Varun has not spoken out of any context .. He was talking about the minority community particularly present in Pilbhit and not as in whole and he was trying to protect Hindus of Pilbhit who were under constant siege ..

Varun has given that speech keeping in mind the environment that prevails in Pilbhit:

  • Slaughtered remains of COWS have been found in various homes of minority community.The cow is revered as a mother , Gau Mata , by many Hindus . That is why cow slaughter can hurt most Hindu sentiments.
  • Thousands and thousands of people from the Hindu community have been placed under arrest under the NSA.
  • Three temples have been vandalised in the block where he is supposed to have given that speech.
  • Village pradhans have been threatened daily by Muslim goondas and mafia of that area.
  • There is widespread fear that arms are being smuggled into ghettos in this sensitive border area to be used against India.
  • The Hindu community is in a siege in its own country.

All these are quite serious threats but no one in media has exposed it and has shown the truth .. And we know the reason why it is not exposed .. If these claims are false then Varun should be severely punished and must be given the death penalty for spreading hate but one has to look for the context, circumstance and situation here .. There is no crime in saying that ‘Hindu pe jo haath uthega, main use kaat daloonga‘ .. He has not taken any name or has not pointed a finger to any community in this statement .. I even dont see anything wrong in saying that “I’m a proud Hindu and an Indian” .. I’m one too ..

Our news channels, their anchors and their so-called pseudo-secular pro-congressi editors who are baying for the blood of Varun Gandhi, has shown their double-standards and hypocrisy million times .. Some of them to pen down here are:
[These facts I have taken from the comments that has been posted on various blogs .. I have heard some of these remarks but not all .. ]

  • When Omar Abdullah had made a highly communal “proud to be a Muslim” speech during the Confidence vote in Parliament, the media invited him in the studio and were praising and congratulating him for the his secularism and modesty ..
  • A Congress leader, Imran Kidwai, speaking from a mosque in Chandigarh a couple of days back, said that Muslims who vote for BJP are infidels. Such communal statements are not shown on our media ..
  • Did Akbaruddin Owaisi get the amount of criticism that Varun Gandhi is getting when Owaisi openly stated that someone like Taslima Nasreen should be beheaded? Where was feminist Renuka Chowdhury then?
  • Antulay‘s anti-national remarks during Mumbai 26/11 attack were ignored my media in a very articulate manner ..

But now when someone says that he is proud to be a Hindu, we will all witness distressing, disturbing and biased reaction from Media ..

Priyanka Gandhi has asked Varun to read Bhagwad Gita but Priyanka, we certainly know that which one of you represent the Kauravs and which one the Pandavs? ..

Today Varun has surrendered to the Police .. He got a huge support in Pilbhit .. There were around 30,000 supporters who came out on their own to support their leader and his cause .. Varun has shown full faith in our law and judiciary system .. I hope justice will prevail and he will be out soon ..

But Varun surely deserves a pat on his back for his audacity and guts .. It’s not easy to surrender to police and to go behind the bars for other’s noble cause, troubles and problems .. He has shown it and he has proved that he is confident young man and he has got all the qualities to be a good leader unlike his cousin and (puppet)PM in-making ..


Yeah .. I’m extremely sorry from the deep bottom of my heart as I have been quite irregular in posting since last month .. But believe me, life has been pretty hectic these days .. I have been made Team Leader for the current project and have been given some extra responsibilities at the work front .. And as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibilities and with great responsibilities, it takes away your time to do the things which you enjoy doing the most .. But I’m also enjoying these new tasks so no regrets .. I will try to be more regular in posting though .. I love writing and reading blogs of my fellow bloggers .. I have around 500 blog posts still unread in my google reader .. I really cant read all of them but I will try to read few of them and would post comments too .. I got quite a few interesting comments in my last post but now I guess it’s too late to reply .. I would have loved to but may be next time ..

By the way, our country is now full on in election fever .. I’m literally enjoying all the political tamasha that is taking place recently .. Change of political parties, change of ideologies, change of leaders, love, hate, detest. alliance, separation etc etc .. Wow, I’m loving itttt .. I, being an avid political analyst, will post on political improvements in my next few writings .. I hope you like them .. Have fun guys .. See you soooon !!


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