Despite several failures and letdowns of UPA/Congress government such as prise rise, inflation, terror attacks in every corner of India, minority appeasement, ignorance of majority community and playing with faiths and beliefs of Hindu community, people still gave a definite and straightforward mandate in favour of UPA. I, being apro-BJP guy, felt a little disappointed .. Okay, I would say very disappointed but this is part and parcel of politics – in fact life .. But I don’t think it’s a victory of Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Baba .. It’s a victory of spotless, sober, non-corrupt, intelligent, honest persona of Dr. Manmohan Singh which has contributed the most in achieving the unprecedented victory ..

There is no double doubt on that the people have chosen Manmohanji over Advaniji when it came to the PM post .. I think it’s an end of the road for Advaniji .. Advaniji has been a great leader – inspiration to many and always overshadowed by Atalji .. Atalji has go tall the respect in this world but it was Advaniji who transformed that respect into votes for BJP and made BJP a national party which really can fight and battle against the grand old Congress at national level .. But I guess some people never get donuts and he is one of them ..

After the verdict, I certainly feel that people of this country don’t deserve anything better than to get hassled by poverty, inflation and ultimately by the bullets of Islamic Terrorists .. Congress has retained Delhi and their reign of terror will continue abated .. I respect people’s mandate but I also feel – Fellow Countrymen, you will only get what you deserve ..

So people have voted for more terror attacks, more bombs and more carnage .. Awesome .. One learns from history and never makes mistakes those again but I guess we Indians are different breed which don’t learn from the history, do we ??

Good Luck India .. Good Luck Dr. Manmohan Singh ..


Hello everyone .. I’m in Mysore – undergoing a tough hectic training with very busy schedules .. Still my politically passioned mind is somehow able to keep itself updated about the latest happenings in IPL-1 and IPL-2 .. IPL-1 is the Indian Political league and IPL-2 is the Indian Premiere League .. I wont be able to see the couting process on TV tomo as I have training on Saturdays too but will keep checking the score in my iPhone ..

I hope BJP/NDA comes out as winner and that too with a flying colors so that they dont have to woo other smaller-regional-selfish-hopeless parties ..

Hope for the best .. Amen !!


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