What’s up everyone out there ?? .. It’s been almost a month and half since I blogged .. Had thought of writing about Champions’ league and Maharashtra elections but somehow could not implement the thought ..

Last month, I was completely engrossed in festive mood .. First came Navratri even though I did not go for any Garba Night this time but just the visual clips on TV about live Garbas of Ahmedabad and Surat made me nostalgic and quite happy .. Then came Dasherra .. After that, it was a time of the king of festivials DIWALI .. did not take any vacation for that but still went home and socialized all three days which I spent at home .. Did a bit of shopping too ..

Now I’m back to my karma-Bhoomi mumbai and resumed my job .. Maharashtra assembly election results were up to the prediction and there wasn’t any surprise .. The only thing that amused me was the unpredictable and unprecedented growth Raj Thackrey and his party MNS .. MNS might have won only 13 seats but they have single-handedly dented Shivsena-BJP’s votebank and emerged as the secong largest party in Mumbai .. That is quite an achievement by a three-years old party to overpower four decade old stong and aggressive party like Shivsena .. MNS’ presence has cost around 45 seats to BJP-Sena where saffron alliance could hv easily won ..Keeping apart his anti-north indian ideology, this man Raj Thackrey has charishma of his own like his uncle Balasaheb and his persona has created a magnificent impression atleast on marathi youth .. He is a man to watch out in Maharashtra politics .. Even after a bad governance, security lapses, uncontrollable corruption, mis management Congress-NCP alliance is back to power to ru(i)n the goverment ..

Bigg Boss 3 has started again and the season of Maa-Bahen ki Gaaliyaan is back .. Kamal Rashid Khan (KRK) single-handedly took up the job and performed the role of a villain and abused almost everyone in the house .. He has been kicked out of the Bigg Boss because of his misbehaviour and aggression but I personally feel that it is nothing more than a bloody TRP stunt .. He will be back soon .. Sometimes I wonder these TV producers/Directors really think that we are this much stupid and idiot ??

Loved the slogan which was told by someone on twitter: Congress ki aayee fir Sarkar – UP,Bihar khaaye maaar .. LOL !!

By the way, I stay in Navi Mumbai .. So here Mr. Ganesh Naik is an MLA from Belapur , his son Mr. Sandeep is an MLA from Airoli and his older son Dr. Sanjeev is an MP from Thane .. So this one family completely rules the navi mumbai political regime .. Did this phenomena ring any bell ?? .. Doesn’t it identical to the fact that the one family of Delhi which rules our whole country since decades!!! .. Political dynasty at its best .. Cant help it ..


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