Slumdog Millionaire” is omnipresent these days .. It’s getting accolades and awards from all the corners of the world .. It has got 9 to 10 Oscar nominations – the supreme and the highest awards of the film industry all over world .. Amitabh Bachhan has criticized the movie for portraying India in a bad – poor light .. Except him and my few other blogger friends, most of the reviewers have praised the film for its concept, direction, acting, screenplay and of course for Rahman’s music .. I watched it few days ago .. I liked the concept very much and I too felt that it could have been made better and it of course does not come in my ‘Worth-Watching’ category of films .. You might feel that I have a shallow taste but I do not have ‘Herd mentality’ nor I follow trends .. I have got my own brain to analyze and review things and that’s what I felt .. This movie is certainly over-hyped and overrated .. It is also certainly meant for the West who has the image of India being very poor, corrupt, full of corruption-slums-prostitution-naked children-beggars and dirty third-world country ..

In last few years, I had watched several off-beat/dark movies which are usually made for so-called intellectual, English-speaking, sophisticated classes and not for masses .. I have analyzed that all these off-beat movies follow the similar trend .. The things which I am going to write in next few lines, you will see those incidents/scenes/things in all these so-called non-commercial art films ..

So to make a critically acclaimed / Oscar nominated off-beat movie, you should:

(1) Include some really very very abusing and vulgar words .. These words should be from Hindi language .. Somehow these Hindi gaalis tend to provide more appeal and influence than the very common English ‘F’ word .. Hard-core swearing must be included 4 to 5 times in the script .. It will be considered as freedom of speech and appropriate as per the situation’s demands by critics and intellectual reviewers ..

(2) Include smooches, lip-lockings and extremely bold love-making scenes in the film .. Critics will praise it as it was the demand and necessity of the state of the film ..

(3) Include a riot scene where a Muslim area or a Muslim dominated slum or a Muslim housing colony is attacked by several Hindu fanatics having Tilak on their foreheads and saffron scarf around their neck .. Misleadingly portray how Muslims of India live in a very scary, pitiful and pathetic situation and they have fear of their lives every second and they are butchered by Hindus every now and then without any reason or provocation .. Intellectuals will stand up and will give you round of applause and standing ovation for your boldness, non-partiality and secularism .. You will be considered very scholar and thinker film maker ..

(4) Show infidelity, extra-marital affairs, wife-swapping, drugs, drinks etc .. Classes will admire you for all these scenes because these things are mere their daily routine in their so-called posh society ..

(5) Try to portray India as bad and as poor as you can .. Show naked children doing potty on rail tracks, show slums, show open drainage lines, show broken roads, show ghetto areas, show beggars, show homeless people etc .. You will be considered as a realistic film-maker ..

(6) Keep the background music as loud as possible so that it can make many dialogues not audible and it cal also keep the critics and film-watchers awake ..

If you can get the right mixture of these masalas in your film, you are bound to get a critically-acclaimed & well-praised movie-maker tag even though 0.005% of the Indian population will watch your movie and out of that 0.001% will really like the movie or at least will pretend the same .. You will be a star next moment ..

Except ‘A Wednesday’ which was really very amazingly shot and directed, I found most of the off-beat movies sheer trash and awful ..

So which off-beat movie you liked in recent years?? .. Do let me know so that I can give it a try and can relate my analysis which I have mentioned above to it ..

Happy off-beat movie watching !! Then Happy yawning !! Then happy sleeping !! Then happy regretting the waste of both – time and money !!


Hello all .. Well, these two days 14Th and 15Th January were awesome and fascinating .. We all celebrated this festival with great zeal, enthusiasm and fun .. Our old home resides in the constituency of our Honorable CM Narendra Modi .. So he graced the occasion by spending few kite-flying moments with us .. I guess the pictures below will tell the story how I celebrated my ‘THE FAVOURITE’ festival in Ahmedabad ..

[ People on their terraces – all smiling and cheering – Look how full the sky is with kites !! ]

[ Friends – Guy with the cap is your highness Soham – LOL !! ]

[ I am in Action ]

[ Dad – Busy tying the kinya to the kite ]

[ Mom – Enjoying Makar-Sakarnti to the fullest ]

[ Honorable Narendra Modi enjoying kite-flying with its own people ]

[ Modiji in Action ]

[ Time for a picture with ‘Gujarat ka Sher’ – ‘CEO of Gujarat’ – ‘The truly a CM (Common Man)’ – Mr. Narendra Modi]


Hello everyone .. It’s been a long gap between the posts .. well, frankly I could not find anything interesting to pen down since the new year started .. Yeah, but the sad part is, the new year started with a very bad, sad and disappointing note ..

Satyam’s scam really shocked the whole India .. How can a chairman of such a reputed and prestigious company think of such cheating and frauds?? .. The Satyam balance sheet was inflated by Rs 5040 crores .. Mr. Raju must be punished severely to set an example in India .. Millions of its share holders are on verge of becoming bankrupt as its shares were hammered by 77% in one day .. Some might have invested their whole life-savings in it .. Some might have invested his/her pension in it .. What about those guys?? .. And the most unfortunate situation is of Satyam’s employees .. They have been made scape goats for no reason – no fault of them .. This fraud has certainly spoiled India’s image world over and which till now was thought of as ‘Safe Investment Land‘ has now been depicted as ‘Cheaters’ Paradise‘ !! .. I hope India’s image, Satyam company itself, its employees ans its share holders come out of this trauma soon !! ..

But the million dollar question is : If a giant company like Satyam is involved in such a huge scam, whom to trust now ?? .. Where will people go ?? .. Where do they invest money ?? .. After all, everything depends on trust these days !! .. God bless India and its people !!

Well, on a happy part, I am heading to Ahmedabad for my favorite festival Uttarayan / Makar Sakranti .. Gujarat is a land where life is meant for celebration, joy and zeal .. So we, gujjus, fly kites all day long on 14th January and 15th January to celebrate makar sakaranti .. Old and young, children and aged, men and women , poor and rich – everybody will be on their terraces on these two days flying kites and shouting ‘kaata kaataaa’ .. There will be no complaints of scorching heat, freezing cold, deadly pollution, irritating horns on the road, never-ending traffic signals, bumper-to-bumper traffic or India-Pak war .. Instead there will be fun, party, enthusiasm, smiles, laughs and at 7-00 PM on 15Th January, there will be tears in eyes as the sun has set, moon has started to peek, those bright light has been overcome by little darkness and now there will be no more kite flying till next year .. A long long journey to make like an eternity ..I’m so much happy and excited to celebrate it ..

So in my next post, I will post my Uttarayan experience with some snaps taken by me !! .. Till then have fun and take care .. And if you are planning to fly the kites, then play safe and be careful !!


Yeah !! I’m back from my vacation and rejoined my job and responsibilities .. It was a fabulous vacation I had, meeting all my dear friends who were visiting India from US and partying all night with them ..

So today is the 1st day of the new year 2009 and we just bid adieu to 2008 .. Those 365 days flew really fast like a flash of an eye-blink .. I will try to relive those moments which made me think, which made me happy, which made me sad ..

1) The year started on a good note .. I got married on 22ND Jan, 2008 .. It’s one of the happiest and memorable moments of my life .. I will cherish those moments all my life .. A grand wedding ceremony as well as amazing pre and post wedding functions .. Those dances, those smiles, those jeweleries, those traditional attires, those expensive suits, those wedding rituals, those poojas etc were just unforgettable and so enjoyable ..

You can watch the photo album here ..

2) In the month of February, I was put on a real-world project for the first time .. It was a great exposure as well as experience for me to get .. Those tight deadlines, those high expectations, those impossible-to-complete deliverable were really tough to manage .. But somehow I survived ..

3) Then came the grand IPL (Indian Premiere League) cricket series .. Being an avid cricket fan, I enjoyed every bit of it .. I went to watch two matches of IPL ..

I had written several articles on IPL which you can glance through here:
IPL Begins !!

IPL mid-way review

IPL Side-Effects

My first IPL Match experience

IPL Final from the stadium

What to do after IPL?

4) On the cricket front, Team India had a great great year .. IPL was a grand success .. India won against world-champions Australia .. India won against England recently .. We are on the verge of becoming number 1 test team and team India is really performing superbly under Dhoni’s leadership .. Recently Australia lost the series against SA in their home soil after 16 years and now their aura is on the verge of ending .. Can I ask for anything better than this from the year 2008?? ..

I had written several articles on cricket you can glance through here:
Farewell to Saurav Ganguly and Anil Kumble

5) ‘The GOD” Sachin Tendular broke the record of highest run-maker in tests which was set by another legend Brian Lara .. Sachin now tops the list of highest run scorer in tests as well as in one-days .. He too has highest number of tons to his name both in tests and one-days .. He truly is legend of legends !!

6) The sad and the ugly part of the year 2008 were the terror attacks all over India .. It started from Jaipur where various bomb blasts rocked the pink city .. Banglore and Ahmedabad were next on the list .. First time we saw hospitals to get bombed in Ahmedabad killing 50+ people .. Then it was our national capital Delhi which was shaken by blasts at various places .. And then the most deadliest attack on our soil .. 26th November attacks in Mumbai were the most unfortunate event which took place in the year 2008 .. 200+ people died and several thousand people got injured and top of that one billions people of India got shocked, shaken and scared .. Now we are still waiting what answer will Indian Government give to Pakistan and other terrorist organizations ??

I had written several articles on terrorism issue which you can glance through here:
No more tears – No more dead people

Hindu Rage is the aftermath of Islamic terrorism

Why are we targeting politicians alone?

7) Recession took its toll heavily on the people all over world .. Several banks went bankrupt, several business went down, several companies closed down and millions became unemployed following the recession and stock-market crash .. Still the situation is dangerous & volatile and anything can happen in the future .. 2008 saw the worst economic crisis ..

8) Regional politics of MNS and the arrest of Raj Thackrey made the Mumbai live in panic, fear and tension for couple of days .. You can read my mumbai experience on that day here ..

and the last but not the least,

9) 2008 was the year when I started blogging .. March was the month when I opened an account in and started the journey called ‘Soham whispers’ .. You can read out my first ever post here .. Today whatever I’m doing and whatever I have achieved, I fell happy – I feel satisfied .. I have made many blogger friends as well as many blog readers .. I promise all of you that I will write more and I will try to entertain you as much as I can .. Thanks all of you for your continuous support and appreciation and also all the motivation and encouragement ..

So it’s time to say ‘Bye-Bye 2008’ and let us all welcome 2009 with warm wishes !!


Hello Everyone !!

Well, I have taken 10 days Christmas vacation as most of my friends from US are coming to Ahmedabad and many of them are even getting married or getting engaged .. Hence so many events and functions to attend .. But I’m enjoying it ..

I wont be writing anything for few days nor I will be reading any blogs for time being .. So bare with me .. But I will be back next year(!!) in 2009 with full force and I will reply to all your comments as well as will post comments on your lovely posts !! .. I have got around 100+ posts to read in my google reader ..

By the way, merry christmas to all of you and have a wonderful 2009 to you !!!


Ever since Mumbai terror has taken place, I could see most of the citizens abusingand defaming politicians .. I could see Mumbai people gathering at the ‘gateway way of India’, burning several candles and then voicing their disgust on television by blaming politicians of India for all the ills in Indian society and accusing them for not doing any progressive as well as definitive work .. Every one is saying : ‘Enough is enough. It’s high time that we youth must do something’.. My question to all of them is : “Do what???” ..

I am confident that no one has the answer of this question .. Some (pseudo) intellectual and sophisticated English-speaking gentlemen will vent out their (unnecessary) anger on politicians by sitting in an air-conditioned TV studio but when asked about joining the politics, they would say, “It’s not our cup of tea. It’s a dirty business.” .. Bunch of hypocrites ..

Then some bunch of people say that we pay taxes so politicians should do something .. The basic problem of our country is that ke no one wants go beyond paying taxes and abusing politicians and giving lectures on what politicians should do .. A real mockery of our citizenship ..

Then there is another group of people who want politicians to be out of power but they have no alternatives or any other clues about what kind of people or governance should replace them?

If politicians are to be blamed for the recent terrorist attacks, then is it not true that the Indian Navy, the Coast Guard and the Mumbai police too are to be blamed for not taking enough measures to prevent these terrorists from entering Mumbai? .. Politicians’ duty is to create and hold policies .. To successfully execute these policies, politicians need support from all the levels .. If even a single level is weak or not efficient or not doing its duty properly, there will be lapses nad failure .. Hence we could see the results of those lapses ..

So why are we targeting politicians alone?

So to all the people who want alternative form of government, we did try that in mid 70s in the form of emergency .. We all know how terrorised the entire nation was during that period ..

If you want a military rule, then check out our own lovely neighbour Pakistan .. Military is ruling it since ages and thus it is a completely ruined and failed country ..

If you want a theocratic State, then look at Saudi Arabia where women don’t have many rights and even men would become a slave of the government who always remain in the state of fear of death ..

If you want a Communist state, then look how China has been suppressing human rights all these years even without world noticing ..

In Pakistan, Politicians have always abused power so much and they were always ruthless against their opponents — be it Benazir Bhutto or her father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto or Nawaz Sharif .. They put their opponents behind bars for some or the other reasons and made governance a one man rule even in a democracy .. But in our country, though the BJP and Congress play vote bank politics all the time, they will not start a vindictive campaign against each other’s leaders ..

When we talk about corruptions, it’s the politicians who get the media coverage so we get to know about their scams .. But if we could really see and analyze, then we will realize that corruption is rampant in every part of our society .. Doctors are busy in malpractice and making hell lot of money in a uncivilized way by playing with human lives .. Engineers/Builders mix water,cement and all other things to save some bucks and build weak and fragile buildings and bridges which fall or break and so many people get killed .. We could see that roads are getting broken whenever there is a rain hence contractors too are corrupt .. Abu Salem and Afzal Guru get a lawyer in India so that sets one example of how Lawyers are corrupt .. I don’t have to mention about police and bureaucrats .. We all know about them .. Professors and teachers leak the exam papers or they provide favors to the students for some money and play with the careers of intelligent – hard working students .. So in short, every profession, every aspect of our society has become corrupt, dishonest and crooked ..

I agree that ‘Enough is Enough’ but not only for politicians but also for all those journalists and News channels who sit in their studios and don’t even do their jobs properly .. How they provided the help to the terrorists by broadcasting the operation of NSG commandos live on TV .. These channels spread rumours like the one about firing at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus last Friday, spreading panic in the city .. Do they have any accountability?

At least we have the right to vote politicians out, but what about these journalists and News channels? Don’t you think it is high time we tell them: ‘Enough is Enough’ of your senseless programmes and biased & partial coverage of every issue which is related to our motherland ??

A great revolution is required to clean out all the ills from our society but how will that be done, I have no clue about it ..

Seriously, Enough is enough !!


Please save this picture and set it as your desktop wallpaper at least for some days to pay our rich tribute to those who had laid down their lives so that we can sleep, work and blog peacefully !!



Hinduism is the world’s oldest living faith .. The religion ‘Hindu‘ is always considered peaceful and non-violent .. We, Hindus, are always very secular, liberal and tolerant .. That is the reason why we have been invaded by all sorts of kings and rulers from every corner of this world .. We were slaves of Mughals then came the British regime and now it’s time for the slavery of so-called self-proclaimed intellectual/sophisticated and (broken!!)English-speaking pseudoseculars ..

So the million-dollar question is: Why this so peace-lovng and tolerant Hindus chose a path which they have never traveled nor they can even dream of traveling?? .. What is making Hindu angry?? .. Why do young “Hindu” men want to bash, bomb, destroy ?? .. Why Sadhvi Pragya and Lt Col Puroit carried out the bomb blast in the Masjid(mosque) at Malegaon ?? ..

Well, since last 7-8 years, the whole world is facing the deadly and lethal ‘Islamic‘ fanaticism and terrorism .. Twin tower and Pentagon attacks in USA, 7/11 attack in London and numerous bomb blasts which took place in every corner of India are the examples of Islamic Terrorism .. Since last 2-3 years, it was becoming really frustrating to go out and have fun .. If you go to temple, you will have a fear back of your mind that there might be a bomb planted by Islamic terrorists and it would explode anytime .. Same fear revolves in your mind when you visit any Mall, Multiplex or any public places .. This fear, terror and panic was really uncalled for and it added fuel to the already frustrated ‘Hindu Praja’ because of Government’s blatant minority appeasement policies and all un-due credit and favour given to the minorities and sidelining majority community from economic progress and political mainstream.

In US, when the twin towers were attacked, in next 2-3 months Bush government invaded Afghanistan and destroyed and demolished Taliban regime .. At that time, people supported Bush and his decision .. But here in India, our government has failed miserably to tackle terrorism and terrorists .. Indian state resoundingly failed in many cases to apprehend the real culprits .. The failure to win the war against the Islamist terrorist created the fear that the government is weak and powerless .. So the frustration level of Hindus got more high .. So-called intellectuals like me felt that ‘Kuch to Karna Padega Kisiko’ and sat quetly in AC bedroom and offices but people like Sadhvi Pragya and Lt Col Purohit had other plans in their minds .. When government is powerless, society must act and hence those people took arms and in turn, law in their own hands and planted bombs in masjid to kill Muslims .. and thus ‘Hindu’ or ‘Saffron’ terror was born ..

Till now, I never used a word like Islamic Terrorism even though most of the attacks were carried out by Islamic fundamentalists and I firmly believe that terrorism has no religion .. But when Ahmedabad/Jaipur blasts took place and the accused were all muslims, our own News Media never used a word ‘Islamic’ terrorism .. At that time, they were vociferously shouting that terrorism and religion has no relation but when Malegaon blast took place and the accused were all Hindu saints, that very media started using ‘Hindu‘ and ‘Saffron‘ terror .. So now I’m compelled to use religion here ..

So I firmly believe that Hindu Terror is a retaliation of the provocation that we have been facing since ages aka Islamic Terrorism and extremism .. It’s a kind of revenge of the blood that we have shed since last 2-3 decades in numerous bomb blasts at our temples and holy places .. It’s a common thinking that Hindus are retaliating just because “when people get tired of not getting justice, they take up arms. If the government had taken action against terrorists earlier, then Hindu groups won’t have been accused of such activities” .. So unless and until the government will not act severely against all the terrorists keeping aside minority vote bank politics, this Hindu rage will continue and it will create a sympathy wave and also the hidden support .. This Hindu rage is surely the newest threat to the civil society and it has to be tackled aggressively yet tactfully ..


Yeah .. After eight glorious and remarkable years of love, tears, plots, loyalty, confusion, infidelities and drama; ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ came to an end this Thursday .. It was produced and directed by Balaji telefilms owned by Ekta kapoor ..It was India’s biggest and most popular soap opera till date ..

‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ first went on air in 2000, and soon the show and its characters became a household name .. The story revolved around a Gujarati Virani family staying in Mumbai .. It was a story about the problems faced by the family for whole lot of reasons such as health, wealth, infidelity, ego, passion, animosity and vengeance .. The ideal bahu Tulsi, played by Smriti Irani, fought hard everytime to keep the family together for eight long years but since last six months, she failed to keep the TRP high and hence Star Plus decided to stop the airing of the saga ..

My friends are always surprised or rather shocked whenever I told them that I watched it regularly .. And even today, I wont fall behind in admitting that I used to watch it regularly and even without a single-miss till 2004 when I went to US for further studies and lost the touch of this astounding series .. Till that time, Tulsi was my favourite TV personality and TulsiMihir was my favourite pair on the TV screen ..

This show has given me so much of enjoyment, delight and happy moments so this post is entirely dedicated to ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ and its splendor.. I give them a grand farewell and I thank the whole team of ‘Kyunki’ for providing the whole India a great entertainment for eight long and straight years .. Even though, I have not watched a single episode since 2004 August, I will miss it and I will miss its name flashing in the program guide of Star Plus for that special 10-30 slot which it created for its own !!!



hit me in a short span of time .. Those were really heart-breaking, distressing and depressing moments for me .. I don’t know how will I bear it and when will I come out of it?? .. No idea at all ..

The first moment came almost 15 days ago when our own Saurav Ganguly decided to call it a day after the Australian test series .. It was so sad .. I was so unhappy on that day .. Saurav has always been an audacious, aggressive, daring and an honest player and a grat captain of India .. He taught the India Cricket team the mantra ‘TIT for TAT‘ .. He taught us how to give it back and respond when you face sledging and abuses from your opponent team .. He is considered to be the most successful Indian captain and his records speak for himself .. He is certainly my role model and he has always been .. He is a fighter .. he was dropped from the team .. When he was called back, he came back with a bang by scoring a ton and other great scores.. His fighting spirit will always be mentioned when one is talking about the fight and the struggle any individual has to go through in today’s competitive world .. We will miss you Saurav – Dada – The Prince of Kolkata .. You truly are one of the giants of Indian cricket and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the fun and entertainment you have given us all these years ..

** Bowing my head for the appreciation to his contribution to world cricket **

And the second gloomy moment came today when suddenly Anil Kumble decided to quit International cricket following his injuries .. What a heartbreaking moment that was for me .. I was thunder-truck .. Anil is the highest wicket-taker for India in test cricket and that tells you the whole story .. He too has been a giant of the Indian cricket .. He is playing since last 18 years and what a wonderful and amazing journey that has been .. He is a big-hearted man .. He once came on the field and bowled with a broken jaw .. He once bowled with a fractured finger .. Today he too came with an injured hand and bowled for the last time .. What a true servant he has been for the world cricket .. A true match winner ..We will miss this mechanical engineer from bengalru and nick- named ‘Jumbo‘ in future series .. How can we forget that 10 wicket haul against Pakistan in Delhi, can we?? .. During his farewell, Dhoni carried him on his shoulders and they took a round of the kotla ground to receive the last words from his fans .. What a sight that was .. That gesture of him told the future story – Now the captaincy has been transferred to Dhoni’s shoulder from Kumble’s .. That is a beginning of a new era .. We will miss you Jumbo ..

** Anil, you truly deserve a round of applause and a standing ovation from all the cricket fans worldwide .. **

I could sense a very important part of my life going away with these retirements ..It is hard to fill in those big shoes of Saurav and Kumble so let us see how it goes in the future !!

All the best Indian Cricket team !!