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Reliving the memories .. 25Th June, 1983 was the day .. The day on which Team India won their maiden world-cup by beating the gigantic West Indies in the final which was played at Lords .. That phenomenal victory completed its 25 years and it was celebrated with a great zeal and enthusiasm in India and also In England .. BCCI arranged a celebration ceremony to honor all the players who were the part of wining team .. Winning team also went to Lords and relived those moments in a same way which they did 25 years ago ..

What a sight that was as Kapil Dev is holding the world cup in his hand and Gavaskar and Mohiner Amarnath posing beside Kapil Dev with champagnes in their hands .. This fabulous win started a new chapter in Indian Cricket’s history and we all Indians are thankful to those great soldiers of Cricket Battle..



Watched ‘ThodaPyaar Thoda Magic’ last weekend .. A good movie .. It’s a complete Children’s movie except the one vulgar and unnecessary song picturized on Ameesha and Saif .. I don’t know what was Kunal Kohli – the director thinking when he put that song in the film .. It will surely make children uncomfortable who have come to watch the movie with their parents .. Wont say anything about the story though ..

Saif was good .. The acting was natural to him .. He did a great job .. Rani, as always, showed her class and versatility whether it’s comedy or emotions .. She was just awesome .. But the heart of the movie was the four kids .. All were perfect and all did a terrific job .. But among all four kids, the Sikh kid ‘Iqbal’ will surely make you roll on the floor laughing .. He was great .. Do I have to say that Ameesha was a complete disaster in the movie? ..

All in all, a nice family movie and worth watching once ..



Inflation and priserise are out of control now .. Inflation is increasing day by day and hence prise-rise of every household thing such as vegetables, fruits, LPG gas, petrol, diesel etc are also going up and up and up .. I don’t know whether it’s right to blame UPA government for that or it is the effect of the global recession and the high crudeoil price ..

But Mrs. Italian Gandhi errrr ….. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Manmohan Singh must do something to control the inflation .. As far as my knowledge is serving me right, we have got two best economist of the country as our prime minister(Mr. Manmohan Singh) and as our finance minister(Mr. Chidambaram) and still we are facing this problems .. Something somewhere is wrong, I guess !! .. Sounds fishy …



Bill Gates has recently bid adieu to the Microsoft Corporation .. He stepped down as a full-time employee of Microsoft and now he will concentrate only on his noble foundation to fight against the deadly diseases such as Cancer, AIDS, Malaria etc and other philanthropic work .. So he, on last Friday, announced the end of a terrific and brilliant journey with Microsoft and yeah – what a journey it was..

There might be a huge and fanatic Apple-and-UNIX fan club, there might be a number of Microsoft haters through out the world, there might be a number of sues which have been filled against Microsoft, there might be a number of allegations of theft, stealing etc made on Bill gates but this is an indisputable fact that Bill Gates was the one who initiated the personal computing revolution .. He made it a global industry .. Because of him, PC became a household thing and it certainly revolutionized the world .. He was the one who changed a computer from a luxury to a necessity ..

Hence Hats off to you Bill Gates and Thank you for everything you have done and achieved and made ourselves to use the technology you discovered and allowed us to make a career out of it .. If you would have not started Microsoft, I would have travelled a different road and would have opted for a different career .. You certainly are a paramount force in making me what I am today .. You are my role model .. I respect you a lot ..


(P.S: This post is related to Indian Politics and it’s quite long..If you re not interested in Indian politics, don’t read it..You will be bored to death !! Trust me !!)
He is a grandson of one of the most dynamic leaders of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi, son of one of the most innovative and revolutionary Prime Ministers of India Mr. Rajiv Gandhi and king(PM)-maker Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.. In India, these qualifications are more than enough to open the gates of a royal entrance into the world of Indian politics and hence why should Rahul Gandhi lack behind in getting all the benefits even when he has spent almost half of his life in USA..
He entered the politics in a grand style..He directly contested ‘Lok Sabha'(Indian Parliament) election from Amethi.. Amethi has been a Gandhi-parivar(family) constituency since last two decades and as expected, he won the seat with a landslide victory with over 1 lakh plus margin of votes…He was new…He was novice..he was naive..He had no prior political experience..He was controversial…He was not a good orator..But still he won in a grand style..People of India do suffer from ‘Fair-skin obsession’ syndrome…This syndrome provided the trick for his victory..
For some years, he was in a latent state..He was not in any news…but later last year, he was promoted as a star campaigner for UP(Uttar Pradesh) assembly elections..He was a prominent figure in a high profile Congress campaign..This election was a matter of respect and pride for Congress..Rahul Gandhi got tremendous response from the people in his road-shows and in all the ‘Sabhas’ he carried out..Congress was relying heavily on him ,expecting a miracle from him and he too was proving to be a decisive force which can make Congress reborn in UP…‘Fair-skin obsession’ syndrome might do the trick again !!..But when the results came, Mayawati of BSP won with a record break margin grabbing 200+ seats while Congress secured only 22 seats out of total 403Congress was mere forth after BSP, SP and BJP…It even feared its mere existence in India’s largest state..Rahul Gandhi’s charisma failed but he was saved by stating that this is his first attempt and he still deserves a second chance..
Then came the all-important and the one which the whole world was observing – Gujarat Assembly Election..He received terrific response from the people where ever he went be it Ahmedabad, Surat or other rural areas..Again same ‘Fair-skin obsession’ syndrome of India !!…Congress tried their level best to beat Moditva wave but again Rahul Gandhi failed to convert the huge crowd turn-out into the votes for CongressNarendra Modi won with a two third majority and setup a great example that good governance is not at all a bad politics…You can even win an election on the basis of development and good work…Rahul Gandhi was again saved by stating that Gujaratis are a special breed different than other Indians who are insufferably communal and quasi-fascist…Wow!! what an excuse!!
Then came Himachal Pradesh assembly elections…BJP won with a two-third majority here again…Rahul Gandhi was saved once again by stating that it was because of anti-incumbency factor which sank Congress…(It is remarkable to know that there was no anti-incumbency factor in Gujarat even though BJP is ruling the state since 1995 !!!)
And now, it became a prestige issue for Rahul Gandhi and Congress when Karnataka assembly election were declared…The results are out..BJP has won 110 of total 224 seats and they are going to form their government for the first time in southern India..They have opened an account in south now…No reasons have been given till now from Congress about the failure…I guess they are tired now !! ..
I think Rahul Gandhi needs some time…He needs some experience..People still don’t see that ‘Rajiv Gandhi’ image in him..He does not look that fire-power and fire-brand leader like his father…He might be getting a lot of response and attention but he did not succeed in converting all those into votes for his party…And that is a pity story for him…He is projected as a Prime Minister candidate for the next elections but seeing all his failures, I am a bit skeptical whether I will vote for him or whether I would like to see him as PM of our country !! Way to go Mr. Rahul !!

Yeah…1st May was Gujarat’s 48Th birthday..It was the day when Gujarat and Maharashtra were separated from each other on the basis of language spoken in each region…Majority of Gujarati people were granted a new state Gujarat while majority Marathi-speaking Maharashtrian were given a new state Maharashtra…But still many Gujarati stay in Maharashtra and many Maharashtrian stay in Gujarat..These two communities have mixed together so well that it reminds of how sugar gets absorb in milk…

So I am feeling an immense pleasure in wishing Gujarat and Maharashtra a very happy birthday…

Our print & electronic media and pseudo-secularists have tried their level best to spoil the image of Gujarat and Gujarati after Godhra-riots…We, Gujarati, have been given the titles like Murderers, Hitlers, Merchants of death, Hindu fanatics etc etc…But Gujarat has silenced its critics by providing development, safety and a great infrastructure to education and industry areas…Following facts are surely worth mentioning about Gujarat…

1. Gujarat is one of the most prosperous states of the country, having a per-capita GDP 3.2 times India ’s average.

2. If it was a nation it would have been 67Th richest nation in the world above many European and Asian economies like China and Ukraine .

3. Gujarat holds many records in India for economic development: 20% of India ’s Industrial Output · 9% of India ’s Mineral Production· 22% of India ’s exports· 24% of India ’s textile production· 35% of India ’s pharmaceutical products· 51% of India ’s petrochemical production

4. The world’s largest ship breaking yard is in Gujarat near Bhavnagar at Alang.

5. Reliance Petroleum Limited, one of the group companies of Reliance Industries Limited founded by Dhirubhai Ambani operates the oil refinery at Jamnagar which is the world’s largest grass roots refineries .

6. Gujarat ranks first nationwide in gas-based thermal electricity generation with national market share of over 8% and second nationwide in nuclear electricity generation with national market share of over 1%.

7. Over 20% of the S&P CNX 500 conglomerates have corporate offices in Gujarat .

8. Gujarat is having the longest sea shore compared to any other Indian state

9. Gujarat is having the highest no. of operating airports in India (Total 12).

10. India ’s 16% of Investment are from Gujarat .

11. Ahmedabad – the commercial capital of Gujarat is the seventh largest city in India .

12. Surat is the fastest growing city in the world.

13. Gandhinagar is the Greenest Capital City in whole Asia .

14. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad(IIMA) is Asia’s 1 st and world’s 45th ranked management college located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat .

15. Gujarat is the safest state as the Crime rate of it is 8.2 which is the least in India even after considering 2002 communal riots, stated by India Today 2005 report.

16. Gujarat is having least crime against women among all Indian states (excluding Goa).

17. Ahmedabad which is the seventh largest city in India is the lowest in crime rate among all Tier-I and Tier-II cities of India as per National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report.

18. Ahmedabad is ranked 2nd in Real Estate – Ahead of Bangalore,Chennai, Hyderabad , Mumbai & Delhi. 3rd in Policy Initiatives – Ahead of Bangalore , Chennai, Calcutta , Mumbai & Delhi. 4th in Manpower – Ahead of Bangalore ,Chennai, Mumbai & Delhi.

19. Last but not the least, Gujarat has NARENDRA MODI as its chief-minister.

We often do selective listening, and interpret things based on our likes/dislikes & pre-conceived opinions…During Godhra-riots, media’s role was surely questionable and biased…They did ignore the grave incident of Godhra which initiated the fire instead they unfairly focus on the post-Godhra incidents…So media’s intention was just to defame Gujarat and not to uphold the truth…

As I read it somewhere on someone’s blog, I also would surely like to ask following questions to our media:

1. Why does the same media which strives to cover up the bomb blasts of Delhi,Mumbai and Hyderabad, blows Godhra incidents out of proportion? Why the incident of 56 persons who were burnt alive in the train, is completely ignored?

2. How come the killings of 50,000 lives of kashmiri pandits can be just ignored? Even after these many years, 4 lakh kashmiri pandits are still staying in a refuge camp in a very pity situation..Loss of life is same for all cases, and the pain & destruction are unrecoverable for all..Why all these biases??

3. Why the Congress is NOT held responsible for Sikh riots, when its leader Rajiv Gandhi openly defended it by saying “When a big tree falls, the ground would be shaken”..

4. Nandigram riots in West Bengal were certainly a state-sponserd riots against the farmers by CPM(Communist party of India) activists but it never got media’s attention or media’s coverage..

6. M.F. Hussain, a famous painter of India, who has drawn some vulgar and naked paintings of Hindu God and Goddess, is welcomed by our electronic media and pseudo-secularists but the lady Taslima, who wrote about the insane & weird culture and tradition of Islam and tried to show the mirror to all the Muslim priests, has been kicked out of our country and has been given death threats(fatwas) all over the world??..Are Hindus too tolerant or are they too coward??

Is our media really credible and reliable??..It’s a big question to ask and it’s answer is simple NO..Anyways, we have shown the world that even if we were hit by earthquake, riots, floods etc we can still stand up, run and contribute India’s development..Hats off to Gujaratis !!! .. Hats off to Indians !!

Once again a very happy birthday to Gujarat and Maharashtra..Nobody can stop you from growing and flourishing…God bless you..


The Supreme Court of India upheld the OBC quota in educational institutes run by the Government..It just reminded me the famous dialogue from movie Deewar..

Boy: Mere pass 90% marks hai, gold medal hai, merit-awards hai, communication skills hai, qualification hai. Tumhare pass kya hai??
Other Boy: Mere pass QUOTA hai !!!

I wanted to express my views on this bitter agenda of Congress government and of Mr. Arjun Singh to include 27% OBC reservation in educational institutes and to divide people on the basis of their castes but today morning, I read the articles of Bhavin and Rashmi and they both have covered this topic so neatly and effectively that I really don’t feel like writing anything more…I also fear to be called as a blogger whose articles suffer from plagiarism because I really don’t have any more words to pen down on this issue..

But this step of UPA government has surely taken us back..Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s proposal to include reservation was just to provide uplift to the Dalits who, in that era, were wronged by the so-called upper castes…His basic idea was to continue it for about 10-12 years till the dalits can boost themselves to the level of upper castes and can start living healthier and richer life ..Then as the time goes, start reducing the percentage of the quota and after a predefined substantial period make reservation mere non-existent…I really admire this view of him but selfish and heartless, that out political leaders and political parties are, they never cared to decrease the quota just to pull votes and keep their vote-bank intact and undamaged..Instead, with time they have increased the percentage of quota and today it is around 49% reservation in educational institutes for SC,ST and OBC…No political party and no political leader is opposing this step…If they would have cared as much as they do for their vote-bank, it would have been a different story altogether and we would have been living in a real shining India..

** Hanging my head in disappointment,frustration and shame **
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