Well..As I said in one my previous posts that my marriage photo album has already arrived and I am so eager to watch it, at last when I went to Ahmedabad last week, I had a chance to watch it and I watched it for about 10-12 times as it was really stunning and just out-of-this-world…When I saw it first, I was surprised and amazed to notice that ke It was not that same old and traditional ‘5000-page thick and fat’ photo album which starts to get boring once you are on the 2501 page…But instead, it was a wide-stretched, very thin and digitalized photo album involving a nice arrangement of digital photos(yeah, photos and not a photo!!!) on every page…It covered almost all the important pictures but still the photo album was slim in nature because every page contains at least 9-10 pics which are arranged and joined together in a proper and effective manner and they are all printed on papers which are specially designed for digital photographs…it was really a pleasure for the eyes to watch this new-kind-of album and that too of my marriage…Really Science and Information technology has changed the world and they certainly have made our life easier, more comfortable and richer…I am proud to be a member of IT world…Back to the photo album, it was developed in Mumbai and to my surprise only Mumbai city provides this kind of speciality…I think you will understand the magic of this photo album once you see the pictures because it is indeed very tough to explain it in plain words and text…By the way, following pictures are not actual pictures…I have put the photo album on my bed and then I have clicked them with my Digi Camera..I will put the actual pics once I will get them on a CD from my photographer…Till now enjoy this beauty !!!

P.S: This photo album only includes pics from Gruh-Shanti,Marriage and Sneh-Milan ceremony. Pics of Sangit Sandhya,Reception and other programs are still left. I will update this post once I get all the photos.

[Photo-Album : First Look]

[First Page of the Photo-Album with Some Great Message]

[Wedding Pics Title-Page]

[Sneh-Milan Ceremony]


[Mangal Fera]

[Friends & Family]

[Last Page]

I hope you liked them…If you are also planning an important function and you want to go for this type of digitalized photo album then do let me know…I can surely plan your meeting with my photographer Mr. Atul Rami…A big thanks to him and his son Dhaval for such a nice and amazing work…


6 Responses to “First Look : Marriage Photo-Album”

  1. Great Pics ! And good idea of digital album too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. @Gandalf

    Thanks buddy !!!

  3. These are great pictures. I saw your comment on my blog again. I am disappointed that you don’t know me but then again, am not surprised.

  4. Wow! Brilliant snaps!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Really good work! So where are you and Chitrali at the moment?

  5. Sota great pics man !!! I am trying to be more involved in your blogging…

  6. @Nova

    Chitrali and I both are working in LnT Infotech, Navi Mumbai..same office – same project..


    Thanks buddy..Do post your comments man…

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