Hello Readers,

Well, after a few thoughts, I too started blogging…Let me first convey how and why I started blogging and on what subject matters I will be writing down my posts…

How and Why I started Blogging?

Since last six months, I have been transformed into an avid reader of blogs which are written by some my friends, colleagues and also by some random people…They all have written so many interesting articles that I could not resist myself from starting a blog of my own…I also felt the need of my contribution in expressing my ideas/thoughts/reviews about current affairs and getting comments on them..So all these kind people and their motivating articles/posts are the vital source of inspiration for me to start my own blog and to give me a chance to whisper in the world of blogging…

What will I be carving in my blog?

Well, as such till now I have not thought what I will be writing on my blog but may be one can expect my thoughts on current affairs especially in ‘Indian Politics’ and ‘Cricket’ , Some out-of-ordinary things happening in my routine life, about some happy moments I go thru, may be movie reviews some time and, some boring random thoughts which will rush out from my perplexed mind…And yeah, sometimes I may come up with new technology talks and some cool new softwares which I found and used recently…So it will be a bag of mix chocolates…I hope you enjoy them !!!!

Happy Reading !!!


4 Responses to “Hurray…I too started Blogging !!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Welcome Aboard ! All the best. Happy blogging ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Aaaaah! Please do something about your fonts/colours! It hurts my eyes just reading the first sentence. (You asked for opinion, so I’m giving it)

  3. @Gandalf
    Thanks buddy for the wishes !!!

    I will surely work out about the fonts and colour of my blog…Thanks for your suggestion..i really appreciate it..

  4. hey, all the best .. and keep posting :

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