There was an era of lethal and deadly super-fast bowling and this guy was always considered as ‘the king’ of that regime…He became an instant Hero with his 5 wickets haul for 43 runs in Pakistan’s first Test win in South Africa…but it was just a trailer…Lot more to arrive…Soon he became a superstar with those two magical deliveries he bowled to Dravid and Sachin…First ball was a high-speed furious yorker which sent Dravid’s leg stump on a morning-walk…The following ball, the best batsman in the world on the crease and he delivered the identical delivery and sent the middle-stump of Sachin cartwheeling to give him his maiden golden duck…The whole India was stunned…they were speechless, thunderstruck, astounded…Many hearts missed a beat including mine…This is ‘The Rawalpindi Express’ Shoaib Akhtar for you…He has been banned for five years by a disciplinary committee of the PCB(Pakistan Cricket Board)…He is accused of violating the players’ code of conduct as he publically criticised PCB officials, their functioning and their offering of retainership instead of a contract.

The statistics does not depict the true picture of his international career…It indeed was full of controversies, bans, injuries, furious-yorkers, wickets and the pleasing sound of Timbas & bails flying all over the place…Controversies were his close companions…he has got this uncanny knack of producing controversies from nowhere…Whether it was an accuse of poor attitude in the filed & his misbehavior with junior players, or a charge of ball-tampering, or a fine for sledging rival players, or an instance of failing of the Drug-test, or a case of dressing-room tiff with Mohammed Asif, or a blame of fake injuries – he really walked his way to fame and also to dimness with all these misdeeds lying on his shoulders every now and then. He was the first bowler to cross the 100 mph barrier, but his attitude took its toll on his reputation as well as his fitness…He really screwed it up..PERIOD

Cricinfo rightly said in one of their articles : “What does Shoaib leave behind? Nothing really. No legacy; only a blighted, wasted career and a warning to future players on what not to become, and to future administrations on how not to deal with a player.” … How true !! …

Shoaib has said that he is very disappointed by this decision and he will fight it in court. He also stated that he has been ‘victimised’ and ‘pinpoint targeted’…But because of the increasing pressure from other senior cricketers, coach, captain and also from newly formed Pakistani government to the PCB officials, Shoaib might very well have his ban overturned soon enough. It happens in Pakistan. It has happened with him before…So there will be no surprises if this ban is tipped over…

But I will surely miss Shoaib on the field…He was a great fighter and one of my favourite ones…And yeah, he is allowed to play in IPL…so at least I can see him playing in India…Some donuts for me, I guess…

Hats off to the Genious !!!

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  1. Of the recent fast bowlers (Last decade or so) I have enjoyed Akhtar’s bowling the most. I seriously wonder how the batsmen can survive his pace. Especially those yorkers that you talk about. Lee has been good and perhaps more consistent but watching Akhtar bowl has been a sheer entertaining experience.

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