Impressive win against Australia..Self-Confidence hanging high in the minds of the players..Inclusion of stalwarts like Tendulkar, Ganguly and Dravid in the team..Domicile conditions..Favorable pitch..One billion supporters..Decent performance in the 1st Test match against South Africa..Sehwag scoring his second ‘triple hundred’ and that too fastest in the world..Dravid becomes a member of the 10,000-RUN club..Now what do you expect in the second test match at Ahmedabad..I guess a thumping victory against South Africa..But instead, we witnessed the debacle of Team India at its worst of recent times..

First day, a pitch, which shows a hint of a grass on it, was surely going to favour seam bowlers early on and still our own captain Mr. Kumble, after winning the toss, opted for a batting ..And the next is a history..India was bowled out for tiny ‘76′..Four batmen even did not trouble the scorer..Only two batsmen crossing the double digit mark(Another luxury for scorers!!)..Six batsmen gazed at their stumps and bails going for a morning-walk..When south Africa came to bat, they were not at all troubled by the pitch or by the Indian bowlers..Suddenly that grass from the pitch vanished!!!..Harbhajan did bowl some magical deliveries early in his spell but then he too surrendered to the conditions..South Africa scored a mammoth 494/7(declare) and when India came to bat, again the history repeated, and they were bowled out with a defeat of an Innings and 90 runs..I went to Ahmedabad in the weekends to watch the match but it got over on Saturday only..I was the sufferer of watching Indian wickets falling down like cycles in the cycle-stand one after another..Dismal performance..Team India disappointed so many fans who came out in large numbers at the stadium to support them..It surely was a humiliating and embarrassing defeat..

I hope we at least win the third test match at Kanpur and level the series..Keeping my fingers crossed..

By the way, who do you think was the culprit for this debacle?
1. IPL Hype and the campaigns to promote the teams and players [In the practice session organised just before the day of the test-match, only 4 players came to attend it. Others were busy promoting their IPL teams.] OR
2. Kumble’s Decision to bat first OR
3. Pitch OR
4. Indian Batsmen OR
5. South Africa’s preparations for the match and before the match.

My vote goes to Kumble’s decision to bat first on a green pitch…

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  1. My opinion is over confidence of Indian batting line up did India in. Kumble’s decision was also questionable but then what is the reason that just in the second session of the game on first day, pitch became batsmen friendly when SA came to bat? And the bowling performance of Indian pace line up was also dismal and pathetic. It felt like some India C or some such side was playing against SA. I am looking forward to see Ishant bowl in the last test. I have high hopes from him.

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