I was biting my nails as like I was hungry since ages..Sri Lanka playing against West Indies in Port of Spain, Trinidad..First ODI of the series..Sri Lanka, 49 for 5 at one stage, recovers and posts a challenging 235 for the WI to chase..WI gets a good start but then as usual WI losses wickets one after another and they are in big trouble..Now the game has come to the wire..Last over and 13 runs to win and one wicket left for WI..Chanderpaul and Edwards are at the center and Vass is going to bowl the deciding over..They score a pity 3 runs from first 4 balls and now Chanderpaul on strike with 10 needed in two balls..It is just an impossible task..A massive task to achieve..But Chanderpaul keeps tempramnet and responds with a powerful straight drive..The ball is rolling down and yeah it hits the boundary rope and Trinidad crowd starts dancing..But guys, it is not over yet!!!..Six needed in one ball..Genius and cool minded that Chanderpaul is, keeps his cool again and watches the field changes, which Jayawardene is making, with a careful stare..And now Vaas starts bowling the last ball which can decide the fate..He bowls a low full toss and Chanderpaul flicks it over deep midwicket..The ball is in the air and it is going, going and going..”Has it gone-Has it gone-Has it gone”, Ian Bishop – the commentator is shouting at his full voice !!.. Every one is watching the ball’s journey even without blinking once..And yes, it just lands over the boundary rope into the stands for a massive six..WI has won..Trinidad crowd gets busy in wild celebrations with a loud music and marvellous dance steps..Every single player and official of WI is on the field to congratulate Chanderpaul..He has become a real Hero..”What a Player” to borrow Tony Greig’s words..True Genius, true maestro and an unbelievable match..A thriller at its best..What more an ardent fan of cricket, like me, can ask for..One of the most sansational moments in Cricket history..

Watch out the last two balls of the match in following video:


One Response to “Has it gone? Has it gone? Oh yes, It’s a six !!!”

  1. a 4 and a 6 in last two balls with one wicket remaining is just unbelievable. Chanderpaul perhaps can beat Dravid in ‘Mr. Cool’ contest. Fabulous victory.

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