Every intellectual person of India knows the reputation of Indian media in recent times..You just cannot trust Indian media and it is applied to both – ‘Print Media’ and ‘Electronic Media’ .. They are capable of turning an insignificant piece of NEWS into a breaking news which can shake the whole country or the whole planet and vice verse is also true.. Sometimes they become so much engrossed in covering irrelevant NEWS that they forget their duties and their social responsibilities towards building a healthy, wealthy, safe, secure and unprejudiced society..

Yesterday I got a funny email about how and what Indian Media is covering these days..You might have seen that in the forward email but it is worth a second look..

Actually in the first glance it looks funny but if you think sensibly then it tells a pity story.. A story about the deterioration of Indian media .. It is really very unfortunate and shameful that where and in which direction Indian media is heading..Media should be positive, encouraging, responsible, honest, unbiased and fair..But that is not the case with Indian-Media in the recent times and hence it feels really very disappointed and frustrated..

** Shaking my head in disappointment **


4 Responses to “Indian-Media has gone completely haywire !!”

  1. Are you serious??????? These kinds of news????

  2. @solitaire
    Yeah..these are actual TV clips !!

  3. Freakin’ hilarious ๐Ÿ˜€

    Well, see the positive side of it. It is honest, unbiased and fair. They are giving equal importance to animals.

    Dogs protect homes and people’s wealth. So it is indeed contributing towards building wealthy and safe, secure society!

    Jokes apart, it is indeed a terrible sight in the TV. What has Indian media come to!

  4. @gandalf
    Tht was a good one..Superb!! .. It seems you really are an optimistic guy who can see the glass ‘Half Full’ in every aspect of life..Tht’s cool !!


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