Nooo..It is surely not that month of the year in which Internet was invented but instead, exactly 10 years ago, in April-1998 I, Soham Shah, got my first PC as a gift from my mom-dad after the 10Th Std(S.S.C.) board exams got finished..My mom-dad were very much confident about me that I will pass out with flying colours so they gifted me my first-ever computer on the last day of the exam and even did not wait for the results to be declared..I also did not disappoint them either by scoring 90%..

Anyways, that was my first tiny little step in the fascinating world of computers..It was Pentium – 1 processor with 128 MB RAM and 2 GB hard disk PC (Today I have Intel Core Duo processor – 2 GB RAM – 160 GB Hard Disk Laptop !!! Quite interesting to note that the storage size I had previously is my current RAM size, LOL !!) .. Then I bought a modem to get connected to the ‘world-wide-web’ and an account with some ISP(I forgot the name).. It was a dial-up connection…The ISP people will give you a list of numbers that you have to dial to get connected..Most of the time, I could only hear engage-tone but when it rang, I felt top of the world..Then there was that most horrific and creepy sound which comes out of modem with black pop-up screen on your desktop and after supplying your user-name and password, you are put into the virtual world of Internet.. In the beginning, I only used to do yahoo chat,forwarding of emails and random surfing..Then I became more interested in the whole conundrum and learned some of the hacking tools and, then I used to crack passwords by hacking my friends’ PCs..By the way, it was all for fun and just to show my supremacy and knowlegde…No malicious intent at all..I used to get the download speed of 1 to 1.5 Kbps and sometimes when it reaches 3 Kbps, I used to call all my friends to convey that I have reached a milestone..But it was fun..First email address, first word in yahoo search, first instant messenger etc etc really take me down the memory lane..

I became so spellbound and attracted to Computers and Internet that my lifelong dream of becoming a Doctor changed to becoming a Software Developer…My medico parents supported me in my decision and I pursued BE in Information Technology and then went to USA to pursue MS in Computer Science…Today I can certainly say that I feel proud to be a software engineer..That little tiny step I took in 1998 has actually proved to be a long leap for me…Today I might be using 2 GB broadband speed, ultra-faster processors and huge-sized storage devices but i can never forget my first PC and my prior Internet experience…


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  1. Cool nostalgic narration ๐Ÿ™‚ I remember my first PC after my 12th std exam. I used to play those stupid Dos games on it. But the surprising thing is, I still have that machine at home and it is working just fine! Robust and reliable!

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