I was reading an article in Times of India which made me thinking about some of the things I used to do while growing up..We all have our own superstitions..Everybody has something or the other that they follow unconsciously, many being funny…We, most of the times, just do not bring them out for the fear that we could be a victim of mockery…I am no exception..I don’t believe in the traditional ones like “Sneezing just when going out for an important task“ or “a cat crossing the path” etc etc..I am an innovator to create my own superstitions…But most of them have been held in reserve for special circumstances like exams and cricket matches…

Some of the superstitions I have during exam times:

1) While taking a bath on the exam day, I used to make sure that the soap should not get slipped from my hand and even if it succeeds in slipping, I should catch it so that it does not hit the ground…If the soap slips and touches the ground then it is a bad omen and I will have to prepare myself for a disaster in that very exam..

2) On exam day, I used to wear left shoe first and then the right shoe…

3) I am a lazy creature..I don’t tie my shoelaces..It’s too boring..But on exam day, I used to tie my shoelaces..It was bringing a good luck for me somehow!!

4) I used to bring the same lucky pencil-box in every exam..I was not using that pencil-box even once through out the year..It used to lie in the junkyard and getting shaggy and dirty the whole year.. but during exam times, it was my best and important companion.

5) I firmly believed that if you write the exam with the same pencil/pen that you used for studying and practicing, that same pencil/pen remembers the answers for you.

6) Some of the shirts were very lucky for me..Whenever there is an exam of the tough subject, I used to wear the same shirt..By the way, for me almost every subject was difficult..So I used to wear those shirts at least in 2-3 exams…If I perform badly in one of the exams then the shirt or t-shirt I am wearing will go for a toss and I would never put on that shirt/t-shirt again at least in exams..

My funny cricket superstitions(I still follow them!!):

1) If our batsmen are scoring heavily and playing really good and fast,I sit in the same place throughout the match and I will also not allow any other persons, who also are watching match with me, to move from their places..Not even for a quick leak(Bathroom!!)…Dare anyone move from their seat!!..T20 world cup win was because of my statue position only !!..Don’t only praise our cricketers!!

2) Whenever Indians are batting and our servant comes in the room, it is certain that our wicket will fall..So during the match time, dad and I have banned our servant from coming to our room..Poor Guy !!!..He can watch the match in the TV which is there in the main hall..No objection to that..Funny, huh??..

Superstitions are fun..Sometimes crazy…sometimes lucky…sometimes funny…Even though they sound as idiosyncrasy, but I still believe in them..Can’t change myself in that aspect!!

What are your superstitions??

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7 Responses to “Superstitions!!!”

  1. hahahha sota ur the man !!!
    My superstitions are that if I beat yp Soham then I get a great next day in my life …so when we used to be roomies I used to regularly beat soham up …

    No jst kidding…
    lol !!!

    My only superstition was that during my undergrad my dad used to come to drop me along with my driver and that too along the same old busy road no matter what !!!

    There are a lot of other superstitions but cant list all of them ,,,,…



  2. Good post!

    About me, well I used to stop shaving almost a month before the exam. I somehow believed it brought me good luck. Also I used the same pen throughout all the papers.

  3. Dear Sohu,
    There were lot of coincidences of my entry into your room or my phone call and fall of our wicket or something like that or reverse(positive) of it. But u n yr dad used to store only negative happening to tease me. Same was applicable to sensex/nifty. Many a times I avoided coming to yr flat because of such bogus superstitions. V have to have positive ideas even if they r laughable stock like Natubhai’s
    hopes.Hope against the hopeless situation…Balkrishna Surajiwala

  4. Hahaha! the exam and soap slipping are too much! So are the cricket ones – too funny 😀

    Hmmm.. very interesting theory about the same pencil/pen for studying and exams. Reminds me of the quills in the Harry Potter series.

    My superstitions? now that’s something I will have to think about.

  5. @Samy: U also used to stop drinking Coke/Pepsi and Icecream before the exam..I remember that..Vivek also used to follow tht..

    @Gandalf:Several guys were following the same superstition of not shaving during exam times..

    @Surajiwala: It happened many times when ucalled and our batsman got out..so me and dad were compelled to follow the superstition not to take ur call..

    @Kanan:Think,think and think..and share ur superstitions with us!!..

  6. Nice Post!! 🙂

  7. hey on this I remember….uncle staying next to me was also superstitious about cricket and used to make aunty (his wife) prepare tea every 30-45 mins, and he thought that it would bring more runs/ wicket….lol

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