Event – 1:

Reliving the memories .. 25Th June, 1983 was the day .. The day on which Team India won their maiden world-cup by beating the gigantic West Indies in the final which was played at Lords .. That phenomenal victory completed its 25 years and it was celebrated with a great zeal and enthusiasm in India and also In England .. BCCI arranged a celebration ceremony to honor all the players who were the part of wining team .. Winning team also went to Lords and relived those moments in a same way which they did 25 years ago ..

What a sight that was as Kapil Dev is holding the world cup in his hand and Gavaskar and Mohiner Amarnath posing beside Kapil Dev with champagnes in their hands .. This fabulous win started a new chapter in Indian Cricket’s history and we all Indians are thankful to those great soldiers of Cricket Battle..



Watched ‘ThodaPyaar Thoda Magic’ last weekend .. A good movie .. It’s a complete Children’s movie except the one vulgar and unnecessary song picturized on Ameesha and Saif .. I don’t know what was Kunal Kohli – the director thinking when he put that song in the film .. It will surely make children uncomfortable who have come to watch the movie with their parents .. Wont say anything about the story though ..

Saif was good .. The acting was natural to him .. He did a great job .. Rani, as always, showed her class and versatility whether it’s comedy or emotions .. She was just awesome .. But the heart of the movie was the four kids .. All were perfect and all did a terrific job .. But among all four kids, the Sikh kid ‘Iqbal’ will surely make you roll on the floor laughing .. He was great .. Do I have to say that Ameesha was a complete disaster in the movie? ..

All in all, a nice family movie and worth watching once ..



Inflation and priserise are out of control now .. Inflation is increasing day by day and hence prise-rise of every household thing such as vegetables, fruits, LPG gas, petrol, diesel etc are also going up and up and up .. I don’t know whether it’s right to blame UPA government for that or it is the effect of the global recession and the high crudeoil price ..

But Mrs. Italian Gandhi errrr ….. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Manmohan Singh must do something to control the inflation .. As far as my knowledge is serving me right, we have got two best economist of the country as our prime minister(Mr. Manmohan Singh) and as our finance minister(Mr. Chidambaram) and still we are facing this problems .. Something somewhere is wrong, I guess !! .. Sounds fishy …



Bill Gates has recently bid adieu to the Microsoft Corporation .. He stepped down as a full-time employee of Microsoft and now he will concentrate only on his noble foundation to fight against the deadly diseases such as Cancer, AIDS, Malaria etc and other philanthropic work .. So he, on last Friday, announced the end of a terrific and brilliant journey with Microsoft and yeah – what a journey it was..

There might be a huge and fanatic Apple-and-UNIX fan club, there might be a number of Microsoft haters through out the world, there might be a number of sues which have been filled against Microsoft, there might be a number of allegations of theft, stealing etc made on Bill gates but this is an indisputable fact that Bill Gates was the one who initiated the personal computing revolution .. He made it a global industry .. Because of him, PC became a household thing and it certainly revolutionized the world .. He was the one who changed a computer from a luxury to a necessity ..

Hence Hats off to you Bill Gates and Thank you for everything you have done and achieved and made ourselves to use the technology you discovered and allowed us to make a career out of it .. If you would have not started Microsoft, I would have travelled a different road and would have opted for a different career .. You certainly are a paramount force in making me what I am today .. You are my role model .. I respect you a lot ..


11 Responses to “Events which passed by !!”

  1. wish bill gates would donate 0.1 % of his property to me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I watched Thoda pyar thoda magic with my niece and I agree with your opinion in its entirety ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thodik nani post lakh ne.. aatlu badhu kem lakhe chhe yaar!

  3. @Sakhi:

    Ha ha ha !! .. I wish he could !!

  4. @Krupa:

    These r my thoughts .. Cant shorten it .. Sorry !!

  5. I totally agree..this Inflation 13-14% rise is heights !!! y does the govt. n ministers never think abt ppl who earn n eat the same day !!!

  6. @Neha:

    Yeah .. That’s true ..

    It’s not right to always blame politicians for all the problems .. We also can help and contribute in any and every situation ..

  7. :-)))

    SO many events and one post??

    ALL IN ONE;-))

    yup thoda pyaar thoda magic good one…

    yesterday only I was watching “Encounters” of 1983 world cup:-))

    gates -bye bye…even Iw rote a post on him:-))

    loved him…and wud miss him:-))

    infaltion…it s aboiut to break all reacors nw…:-))

  8. @Chakoli:

    Yeah .. So many events just passed by quickly so thought to put them all in one ..

    I was just reading that ke ‘Thoda pyaar thda magic’ has performed awfully bad .. It has proved to be a disaster again for yash-raj films .. Even worse than ‘Tashan’ .. I dont know why did that happen??..

    Any clue??

  9. :-)))

    many thot it be a kid movie with magic n all that….

    and above all… the story is quite normal…
    even for me about 20 mins it was boring when bhagwan enters…and rani…and that pari world…

    the only thing which kept us intact was…rani humor and way of talking:-))

  10. @Chakoli:

    Hmmm .. These could be the reasons for its disaters..

  11. //Inflation and prise-rise are out of control now ..// I think u meant price rise ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have yet to watch TPTM..hope I like it.

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