Several thoughts were going through my mind .. Several events have also taken place during last few days .. They all are not that bigger of a matter hence I can’t write a whole post on each of them but I certainly wanted to pen them down so I will be mentioning them in a single post only..


Thought- 1 :

After Team India’s thumping win against Pakistan and Bangladesh in a preliminary round, we lost against Pakistan in a final of the Asia Cup organized in Bangladesh .. Our performance was disappointing ..

–> Media said that the tempo, aggression and stress which were seen previously in a India-Pak match was missing this time .. Courtesy – ‘IPL’ , Overdose of India-Pakistan match in recent years and government of India’s friendship talks with Pakistan .. Now we see Pakistanis as our friends rather than our enemies or rivals ..

–> What did people say about our defeat? – It was a fixed match .. Pakistan is too weak against Indian team and there is no way India can lose the match .. Match was fixed so that now onwards the competition between India-Pak match can attract same tempo, aggression and stress which was observed previously..More money for BCCI.. More money for PCB..

–> What did I say about our defeat? – Sheer Over-Confidence & Under-estimating your opponent..

What do you have to say?



In our country, when police department fails to investigate the mystery of any murder, rape or robbery incident, that specific case is always given to CBI to solve .. It is said that police might work under the influence of politician, businessmen or industrialists while CBI can investigate without any one’s pressure and in its own way..

–> My say on this phenomena – Instead of giving almost every alternate case to CBI and also reducing its impact too by doing it,
should not be our police department made more accountable, responsible and accurate ..

What’s your opinion on that?


Thought – 3:

Went to Ahmedabad last weekend and watched Jannat and Sarkar Raj .. Liked both of them..

–> Sarkar Raj – Awesome Movie .. A real master piece of RGV .. I liked the way the film has been shot .. Different and odd camera angles, dark shade of light, less brightness and ear-shattering background music – ‘Sam dam dand bhedd’ & ‘Govinda Govinda Govinda’ .. Whole Bachhan family rocked in the movie ..

–> Jannat – it was an OK flick .. Have not seen any Imraan Hashmi’s film earlier but after watching Jannat, I felt that this guy can surely act .. Keep apart his serial kissing skills, he knows how and when to show emotions .. Especially I liked his acting in the scene where he was betrayed by his girl friend ..


Thought – 4:

I was wondering and I have also discussed with so many people ..

Who will be the next SARKAR in the upcoming sequel –

  • Chiku (Vishnu’s son) OR
  • Aishwarya Rai

P.S: I liked tha way in which Aishwarya orders tea in the last scene of the movie – ‘Ek cup chai lao ‘ .. It was awesome .. I could see the entire movie for that dialogue ..



In one of the reserach carried out by top most university of UK, it is stated that the more IQ you have, the less you believe in GOD .. The more intelligent you are, the less is your faith in GOD almighty.. So if this survey is accurate then I think that my IQ and intelligene are very low .. I pray everyday and I have complete faith in GOD – Super natrural power ..

Do you have lesser IQ or bigger faith??



I found this interesting on Trojan Spirit’s blog funny-forwards ..

Reservation at its best.. No offense meant to anyone.. Unlike our politicians, I treat all equally and cast, creed, region, religion don’t matter to me !! .. It’s just for fun ..


12 Responses to “Things worth Mentioning !!”

  1. Thought- 1: I second you… it was over-confidence and under-estimation of opposition.

    Thought-2 : Again.. I second you. And to add to it, if CBI has to be relegated to every other case then there should be a federal agency handling terrorism, and another one for crimes spread over two or more jurisdictions.

    Thought -3 : I have not watched either of them yet ๐Ÿ˜›

    Thought- 4 : No comments

    Thought- 5 : I believe in a super-power.

  2. Hello Cricket Lover.
    Will you write about something that does not concern cricket?

    If so….check WARM FUZZIES (my other blog). You have been tagged!

  3. On Thought – 4:

    Its definitely going to be Aish. with power tussle b/w him and her..

  4. Thought 1
    We were a better team. Remember Sachin might come in for the Asia Cup. The match was not fixed, we didn’t apply common sense. Dhoni should’ve confidence in part time bowlers (Sehwag, Yuvraj, Raina and Yusuf) or go with 5 bowlers.

    Thought 5
    I believe in god but not that much. I visit temple, mosque (if they allow non muslims) just to have peace of mind.

    By the way, when’s T20 Champions Trophy? Can’t wait to see CSK and RR in action.

  5. @daroga:

    Welcome to my blog .. Thanks for stopping by .. Keep visiting again ..

    Watch sarkar raj as early as u’s a good movie..

  6. @Nitin:

    power tussle between Aish and Amitabh or Power tussle between Aish and chiku??..

    cant get ur his and her analogy !!

  7. @Ashwin:

    T20 champions league is gonna held in september most probably !!

    Let us see how we play in asia cup ..

  8. b/w chikku and Aish…. ( Amitab is king.. one has to take power from him…. remember the tagline “power cannot be given, it needs to be taken” ) most probably Chikku will be portrayed as spoil brat.
    The way I see the movie.. there are few questions which left unanswered
    1. Why did Vishu family started living in Nagpur.. ( no strong reason)
    2. Why didn’t RGV not shown then even once ??

  9. @Nitin:

    If my memory is serving me right then I think chiku is studying in Nagpur and staying with his mom ..

    I did not understand your 2nd question??

  10. typo read ‘then’ as them ..

    forget it … ppl say I think too much and make more assumptions than reality

  11. Thought- 1 : I didnt bother about this tournament. No enthu left after IPL!

    Thought-2: Agree with ya.

    Thought – 3: Sarkar Raj and Jannat, both were good. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thought – 4: Is there a sequel coming up ? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thought-5: ‘more IQ you have, the less you believe in GOD’ – Bullshit!

  12. @radhesh:

    I m a cricket maniac .. I wtch everything whether it’s IPL , kitply cup or asia cup ..

    The way Sarkar Raj’s ending has been shown, it makes us think that there will be a sequel too ..

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