I may sound like a maniac but it is 11:15 PM and I am not sure what to do right now?.. Since last one and half months, at this time I was just glued to my idiot box watching and enjoying IPL matches…But now IPL is over and I feel like I have lost a dear and close companion of mine…Today since 8 PM, I am feeling like something is missing in my schedule…This was the charisma of IPL..It really made me(us !!!) addicted…I hope that all other cricket fans are also passing through the same phase and also suffering from the same ‘missing-IPL syndrome..You just cannot change your habit soon, Can you??

Now I don’t have any other option but to watch those SaasBahu soap operas with Tulsis and Parvatis and their million extra-marital affairs and hundreds of their non-legitimate children…I might kill time watching our stupid News Channels just to keep me updated about Indian politics and other murder-rape-suicide stories especially high-profile ‘Aarushi muder case’ which now will be investigated by CBI..I hope her killers are caught and punished soon for this brutal crime…May Arushi’s soul rest in peace in GOD’s heaven…

Are you missing IPL???


6 Responses to “What to do now??..”

  1. I have not watched IPL but I can understand how you feel.

    I felt exactly the same void after Sex and the City series was over. ๐Ÿ™

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  3. @Solitaire:

    It’s tough !! .. Really !!

  4. @Poonam:

    Anything for a noble cause !!

  5. Even i’m missin IPL a lot… sometimes i feel tht there is no use of coming back early from office… ๐Ÿ™

  6. @Anshul:

    Ha ha ha .. That’s true buddy !! .. Trust me,many are sufferinf from that syndrome…

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