‘Shor mach gayare shor, Dekho aaya Makhanchor;

Nand Gher Anand Bhayo, Bolo Jai Kanaiya Lal ki’

Yeah, it’s time to celebrate Janmashtmi (Gokulashtimi) .. It’s 11:48 PM right now and at the stroke of midnight, our own Lord Krishna will take a birth this year once again .. Well, I am feeling so religious right now and I am so excited for the birth of Krishna Bhagwan .. Lord Krishna is one of the most prominent gods of Hinduism and he is worshipped all over world wherever there is a Hindu population .. For me, being a Vaishnav, Krishna Bhagwan plays a very important role in my daily life .. Every morning when I wake up or Every night before I hit the bed, it has become my common routine to say ‘Jai Shree Krishna’ (Long Live Lord Krishna) .. When I hang up the phone while talking to mom-dad or other relatives, last statement I say is ‘Jai Shree Krishna’ .. While welcoming guests at our home, we greet them saying ‘Jai Shree Krishna’ .. So my day starts, continues and ends with ‘Jai Shree Krishna’ ..

(It’s 11:58 PM and now I think I will head towards my temple to wish him Happy Birthday .. My mom at Ahmedabad will be putting new clothes on baby Krishna idol and must be giving him swings in his jhula to celebrate his birth .. I will be back in 5 min)

I am back .. Watching Krishna Janam(Birth) live from his birthplace Mathura on Sanskar Channel !! .. Enjoying it !! ..

Well, Krishna Bhagwan’s character has always fascinated me .. He is that kind of God with whom any human being can connect him/herself very closely .. I feel that all other gods are just too ideal and faultless .. You just worship them as gods but for Krishna, you feel worshiping him more as your friend, philosopher and guide rather than a God .. The stories of Krishna’s childhood and youth tell of his mischievous pranks as Makhan Chor (butter thief), his foiling of attempts to take his life, Raslilas with Gopis, teen-age crush on Radha and his role as a protector of the people of Vrindavana. So you feel that you are connected to his character very much and all these pranks you must have undergone once in your life time for sure ..

During the Kurukshetra war of Mahabharata, upon arriving at the battlefield, and seeing that the enemies he would soon fight against were people close to him prior to the battle, Arjun becomes doubtful and skeptical about fighting. Krishna then advises him about the battle, about the dharm-adharm, about relation and duties, with the conversation soon extending into a discourse which was later compiled as the Bhagwad Gita .. Bhagwad Gita depicts a perfect and optimal way to have prosperous, affluent, peaceful, healthy, wealthy, effective and efficient life .. I recommend you all to go through Bhagwad Gita once irrespective of your religion, region, cast, creed .. Rather than connecting Bhagwad Gita to Hinduism, basically it is considered related to life’s philosophy and a manner or method to live your life and to apply the best approach for the same .. It just shows and explains some phenomenal concepts which everyone must at least go thru ..

My SMS inbox is pouring with SMSes from my friends-relatives wishing me Happpy Janmashtimi so let me get back to them ..

So before we depart, let us chant loudly:

‘Haathi Ghoda Palkhi, Bolo Jai Kanaiya Lal Ki’

Happy Birthday Krishna Bagwan !!


20 Responses to “Happy Birthday Lord Krishna”

  1. Happy birthday Krishna Ji ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. i do “janmashtmi” fast more for my taste buds rather than the festival. I love “faraal”1 yummy, slurp! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. @worldthrumyeyes:

    Ha ha !! ..

    Bhagwan is saying: ‘Thanks for the wish Nova .. Now reveal the identity of nobie to the world !!’ ..

    Are you listening ??

  4. @Sakhi:

    I too love faraal food especially the buff vada!!

  5. Should i say belated b’day?? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Enjoy the festivals.

  6. I didnt have a good janmashthami. It rained so much that I couldnt attend an invitation to a colleague’s place to celebrate the same. Also the nearby temple had v v bad singers singing bhajans to hindi movie tunes on full volume whole day and evening.
    ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

  7. nice collection of posts i must say…

  8. yeah i like buff vada too! but now from tomorrow onwards we will be starting “puryushan” so no such food and if i do fasting…. i will not be eating anything for a few days! (there’s a big if there! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ), let alone “faraal”

  9. @bloggingknight:

    Yeah !! .. Belated Happy B’day is fine !!

  10. @reema:


    Whether u go t temple or not, it does not matter .. atleast u desired to go and u hv a clean heart .. that’s all mattered ..

  11. @Sakhi:

    Ohh Paryushan ..

    I am Vaishnav but my wife is jain .. so she is also starting paryushan from tomorrow ..

    So no Kaanda-bataka-garlic for 8days !!

  12. Hahahaahah Sota – May you blossom well in these days of Paryushan …. Enjoy all the fulvadis and laddoos yummy man ….

    BTW – How do i give u an award to your blog ??? You need to show me ..

    And did you get to learn about the “Read More” thing … Mind you I went through a lot of pain doing that, considering the fact that I am a NON-CS guy, and after that, my blog just got screwed a few days back when I wanted to have a 3 column page layout … so whatever you do, do save your original template before editing anything …

    chal happy paryushan – wash all your sins away hehhehe …



  13. happy janmashtmi bro!!!

  14. aaj thi paryushan chalu ane upavas pan!!! hope you guys have a great paryushan!!!

  15. @samy:

    yeah .. I get to know about the read more thing .. but I dont wann aimplement it in my blog .. It’s easy man ..

    Dont ever mess with CSS-Html .. it can kill you ..

    Happy Paryushan, by the way !!

  16. @Rahul:

    Same to you buddy !!

  17. @sakhi:

    Chaalo tyare jalsa karo !!

    Happy Paryushan to you too !! .. Michhami Dukdam in advance !!

  18. yeah! i just read Geeta.. .it is wonderful…

    i also suggest everybody to go through it..

    jai shree krishna

  19. @ill[Eagle]:

    yes buddy !! .. You bet !!

  20. Shubh Janmashtami, Soham! ๐Ÿ™‚

    It would be really helpful if you would promote my post here- The Tablet Revolutionary

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