Almost a year after its release in USA, iPhone is going to be launched tomorrow in India .. There were many speculations and rumors about the cost but now the prices of iPhone has been officially announced by Vodafone yesterday .. iPhone 3G is available in 8GB and 16GB memory slots at Rs 31,000 and Rs 36,100 respectively .. If you had pre-registered your iPhone with Vodafone then there are chances that you might get if before others .. All you need to do is to visit various pre-selected Vodafone Stores between August 20 and 21 and confirm your booking by paying Rs 10,000 by cash or credit card .. Also you will need to show the iPhone booking SMS which was sent by Vodafone when you preregisterd it .. But I have got my own doubts who might have still saved that sms after about 1 month .. Airtel to have announced their prices and they are exactly the same .. So as far as my belief is concerned, I feel that the mobile geeks were disappointed with the high price tag of it .. they were expecting it around 20 to 25 thousand but 31,000 is really a very hefty price to pay for a phone ..

Well, I have been gifted iPhone as my wedding gift by my Masi in the month of January .. She bought it from USA and brought it here for me .. It was basically made for AT&T Carrier of USA so I had to jailbreak it so that I can use my Indian Vodafone Sim card in it ..

It’s working fine but it has got several limitations which I have encountered..

  • There is no SMS forwarding functionality .. Suppose you get a nice joke and you want to forward it to your friends, you just cant do it .. You can only reply to the sender, you cant forward it .. Indian people are SMS maniacs .. They just cant live without SMS forwarding so this is a major shortcoming of iPhone.
  • Suppose you decide to have a get together at Batista and you want to SMS your 5 friends then you just cannot do that .. You can only send an SMS to one person at a time .. There is no ‘Send to many’ option included .. You will have to type the message 5 times to send it to 5 of your friends.. This is no good. As per Aayush’s knowledge and experience, this feature has been included in newer versions of iPhone .. I have a firmware 1.1.2 and that is way too old so the older ones did not have that feature .. Thanks Aayush for the information ..
  • There is no MMS functionality in it ..
  • There is no copy-paste functionality in the phone ..
  • You cannot transfer files, music, videos or ringtones via bluetooth .. It’s mandatory for you to use iTunes to transfersongs, photos and videos .. This is really crap ..what’s the use of bluetooth then??
  • There is no zoom option for camera .. There is no video recording facility .. You can have these functionalities by 3rd party tool but they are not that reliable ..
  • You cannot have custom ringtones .. You cant set songs as the ringtone .. You will have to buy ringtones from iTunes store .. This is pathetic .. Completely insane ..

So all in all, it has got bunch of limitations but still I cant resist myself from loving it ..

  • It has got this killer sexy look .. This look and style can make you fall for it .. You just cant take your eyes off once you watch or use it for the first time .. It certainly hypnotizes you .. It’s very slim and very light too .. Can easily be stored in the pocket ..
  • Battery work fine for me .. At least better than my last Nokia 6300 battery ..
  • Photo zoom with the help of fingers is awesome functionality .. I just love that ..
  • It has got the best web browsing functionality among all the leading PDAs .. Safari web browser is too cool and can handle packets very efficiently both on GPRS and on EDGE Networks ..
  • Apple Application store is amazing .. You can get thousands of applications, games, e-books, softwares etc on your phone .. Right now I have downloaded blackjack, tic-tac-toe, solitaire, car-racing, slots etc in games category .. I have got various e-books such as ‘Bhagwad Gita‘ and ‘Oxford dictionary’ on my phone .. I have downloaded various applications such as flashlight, currency-converter, locateme, finder, PDFviewer etc on my phone which really make my life easier.

so whether you bash it or adore it but iPhone certainly rocks .. I consider it a big revolution in the field of mobile handsets .. I think its worth comparing what ‘Microsoft windows’ was to Computers(PCs), iPhone is to mobile handsets ..

I’m loving itttttt !!

P.S: It’s time to say ‘Thank You’ and return favours to some of my fellow bloggers .. I have been acknowledged as ‘Interesting Blog’ award by Reema .. This is my second award from her .. So big and many thanks to Reema .. Nova has given me High-Five so I give her HIgh-Five in return .. Asav has given me an award for ‘Clever Blog’ so I do thank him for the appreciation .. dont know whether I deserve all these appreciation or not but I am feeling good .. God bless you all .. You can see these awards on the right navigation bar under ‘Awards I won’ section ..

Yeah and before we depart, Lets not forget to congratulate Reema for her post-graduation degree in Environmental Engineering ..

Ishmeet has started his college so all the best to you too buddy ..

Lets wish Nikhil a belated happy birthday .. Keep writing witty posts and make us all laugh and smile always ..

My best and kind wishes are alwas there for you all ..


31 Responses to “iPhone – My experience till now”

  1. iPhone rocks but the limitations are too much for the price

  2. So is it worth givin 30k for iphone?

  3. @Neo:

    Yeah .. u r right .. Not worth paying 31K for the iphone ..

  4. @Satan:

    I dont think it’s worth paying 31K.

    It’s better to wait and watch if prices come down .. I htink paying 20-22K is adequate ..

  5. i too think that it is over prised and i have E90 Nokia where the functionality is quite good! I am not a game for iphone! but you have given a good over view! 🙂

    and congrates on getting all the awards 🙂

  6. awwww thank you for ur acknowledgment and wishes. iPhone ..hmmm.. out of my range.

  7. thats too much..
    If it has all these limitations what does it have..
    only a touch screen and a cool look..
    man i was in love with the phone…
    now i am disapointed 🙁
    whats the use of bluetooth ????
    i guess i could find a hack for that too 🙂
    anyway i cant buy a mobile for 30000 😛

  8. hey excellent post… very useful… now i can guide noobie on whether to buy iPhone or not 🙂

  9. @sakhi:

    Nokia phones are the best .. No one can beat them ..

    Stick to ur Nokia nad your life will be easier for sure ..

  10. @reema:

    Yeah .. iPhone is way too expensive …

    I hv got it as a gift otherwise I would not hv bought it for 31K ..

    There are many other better htings to buy with such a huge money !!

  11. @arvind:

    Yeah, I agree !!

    It’s better to buy an iPod Touch worth 15-16K and some other PDA which is around 15K .. By this, u can get sexy killer look of iPhone via iPod touch and basic necessary phone functionalitied of PDA vvia phone ..
    So u can enjoy both the flavours without compromising the basic functionalities !!

  12. @worldthrumyeyes:

    Ha ha ha !!

    If you are planning to give him an expensive gift and if he is mobile-maniac then this will be the best gift this monsoon ..

    But yeah, it will create a big hole in ur pocket for sure and it’s not worth that much amount of money .. But after all love is love .. Everything is fair in that ..

    what say?

  13. you got iphone as a gift!!!! *i am dizzy* mujhe koi gift nahi deta!!

  14. @sakhi:

    yeah, I receivd it as a gift for my marriage by my MASI .. I was so hapyyyyy …

    Dont worry .. Someday someone will giv you pleasant gifts for sure !!

  15. I would just like to rectify a few things here. Please correct them in your post too so that people aren’t misled.

    “Suppose you decide to have a get together at Batista and you want to SMS your 5 friends then you just cannot do that .. You can only send an SMS to one person at a time .. There is no ‘Send to many’ option included .. You will have to type the message 5 times to send it to 5 of your friends.”

    No, you won’t. You just enter as many names as you want in the ‘To:’ field, type your message and hit Send. It sends the message to everyone at one go.

    “what’s the use of bluetooth then??”

    To connect to Bluetooth headsets. Yeah, I know having only that one option sucks big time, but it’s not a completely rudimentary feature.

    “There is no zoom option for camera”

    Yes, which is exactly like every other phone camera in the world. Camera in phones do not have movable lenses that can be retracted in and projected out, so you cannot have optical zoom, which is the only real zoom. The digital zoom bullshit that all these other phone companies try to pull on you destroys your photos. It’s like snapping a picture and then stretching it in Adobe Photoshop. You end up with pixelated crap. Never ever use the digital zoom feature on any camera if you care about your photos, and thank Apple for not including it.

    The rest of the article, both the pros and cons, are spot on.

    Enjoy. 🙂

    For more information about all things related to Apple and their presence in India, check out

    -Aayush Arya
    Macworld Author

  16. yup i agree iphone rocks… despite all those hitches…
    but prices are too high. It’s just $200 is US and 31K in India? I wonder how much it will cost here in Nepal 😛

    Anyway, enjoy

    P.S. Here’s 3G available but too costly. So am not so dying to have iphone.

  17. @AAyush:

    ** No, you won’t. You just enter as many names as you want in the ‘To:’ field, type your message and hit Send. It sends the message to everyone at one go. **

    After reading this, I tried to add more than one name in ‘To’ field but I was not able to select more than one contact .. Can u plz throw more lights on it ..

    but othe rinformation was really great .. Thnaks for so much of info ..

    will surely visit ur website to know more about apple products ..

  18. @bloggingknoght:

    Actually it’s $200 in US but there data plan and call rates are way higher than India .. Plus when u buy iPhone, it’s mandatory for u to buy data plan that is worth $40-50 per month hence it costs around the same ..

  19. How did u jailbreak it Soham? I have a Sharp phone I am not able to break the connection 🙁

  20. @worldthrumyeyes:

    My cousin did it for me .. he got a tutorial from or some other iphone hacking site .. it’s quite simple though .. There is a shell prompt in iphone whenre u hv to run several scripts and it will be jailbroken ..

    Well, iphone jailbreaking is quite different from other phone’s jailbreaking .. for other phones, you will need some 16 or 20 digit code .. for iphone u need to do some programming …

    I think any mobile shopwala might be able to help u unlock that phone .. he will charge u some bucks but there r no free donuts in life ..

  21. Nice info… i m left to ponder and decide what should I do.

    I was a bit obsessed by Iphones……they look real sexy dude….! If you are having one in ur hand….ppl do stare…!!

  22. Well, I guess more than anything else the fascination towards an iphone is a matter of perception. On one hand you may argue dat the iphone interface is unique in its own right bt at the same time the entire package doesn’t really seem to be value for money.

    Anyways, since a lot has already been said about the iphone, lets not binge on it too much. After all its all about personal opinion.

  23. @outlooked:

    Yeah .. I absolutely agree .. It has got this killer sexy look and people do tend to stare whenI am using it .. but now it will become common in India but yeah its looks can kill for sure ..

  24. @abhinav:

    Yeah .. It is not at all value for money package ..

    thanks for stopping by .. do visit it often ..

  25. “After reading this, I tried to add more than one name in ‘To’ field but I was not able to select more than one contact .. Can u plz throw more lights on it ..”

    See, you’re using an iPhone but you’re still used to the non-intuitive user interface of all those other clunky phones out there. Why do you even need to hit the ‘+’ button to select a contact to send SMS to? When in the ‘To:’ field, just start typing out the name of the contact you want to send the message to and it will appear in a list below. Select one and start typing another. This way, you can select as many as you want.

    Alternatively, you can also keep hitting the ‘+’ button after entering every name to select more, but I wouldn’t recommend this.

    This is the best thing about the iPhone—you don’t enter numbers in the ‘To:’ field and you don’t even have to mess with your contacts list. Just enter the name itself and you’re done. Even entering the last name will do. And you can add as many contacts as you want.

    Also, the iPhone doesn’t specifically have a groups feature for text messages but when you send one message to a group of people, it appears as a separate thread in your SMS inbox. Whenever you want to send another message to the same bunch of people again, just open that thread, type in another message and it will be sent to all of them.

    If you’re still having problems figuring this out, though you shouldn’t now, feel free to contact me at ‘aayush [at] me [dot] com’ and I’ll see if I can come up with a better explanation or some screenshots or something.

    Enjoy. 🙂

    -Aayush Arya | Macworld Author

  26. @aayush arya:

    No man .. It did not allow me to add another name .. I typed the name and then I tried typimg it again and it just did not allow me ..

    I hv a version 1.1.2 so it’s an old version so i think they had not introduced that feature in this one ..

    thanks for the help any way .. I hv installed a 3rd party tool knows as iSMS to forward SMS .. so problem is solved now ..

    Appreciate ur help and concern though !!

  27. Oh, you mentioned the App Store in your post so I assumed that you were on the latest firmware. 1.1.2 is way too old. In any case, you should definitely remove that from your list of cons. 🙂

  28. @AAyush:

    Ohhh !!

    Thanks for the info ..

    I hv rectified the post and acknowledged you for the same ..

    Again appreciate ur help and concern !!

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  31. You have clearly pointed out the limitations and usefulness of iphone.well written post!

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