Update: Links of other celebrity bloggers’ blog have been suggested by some of my friends. So I have added them in the end with the credit given to the specific contributor.

Well, I love celebrities .. I wish to become a celebrity one day in my life .. Celebrities love to be controversial at times .. I also have started controversies by posting some gross and nasty comments on some blogs .. I love blogging and many celebrities also have started their own blogs and have begun expressing their thoughts, views and experiences on their respective blogs .. So you know, there are so many resemblance exist between me and the celebrities .. So I can imagine the day when I will come out of the hummer-limousine and walking on the red carpet, people standing(& jumping !!) on my left and right beyond the fence cheering and shouting my name, Indian media telecasting only me and my life and making people bore to death, terrorists threaten to kill me and Indian tax department send me notices just because I am supporting the rival party of the ruling-government .. Ahhhaa, what a sight that is !!

Common, let me get back to my topic without escaping in a Soham’s wonderland and making you close the window of your IE or FireFox err I meant Google Chrome .. You must have started using Google Chrome after reading my this post .. Well, enough of the advertisements of Chrome .. You all know that I love it to the core ..

Coming back to my topic again, since last few days, I have been reading a lot of celebrity blogs and I am thoroughly enjoying it .. I could now know what they think about us(people – in general), their friends, their rivals, critics etc .. It’s so refreshing to read their blogs .. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are diplomatic and sometimes they are intelligent too ..

So let me share a list of celebrity bloggers which I found through googling .. I do not read all of them but I thought to share them with you .. You might like them ..

  • Bollywood Celebrities:

1) Amitabh Bachhan: To go to his blog click here ..
He is the star of millennium and heart-throb of millions .. he has always been humble, noble and through gentleman through out his entire life and this quality of his reflects in his writings too .. He is too diplomatic at times and sometimes he is funny too ..

Recently in his last post, he apologized on behalf of Jayaji-his wife for her remarks on Hindi-Marathi language .. This shows how sober he is .. There was no fault of Jayaji .. She just passed a comment to make the moment lighter during the music release of film Drona and urged everyone to speak in Hindi as the film is in Hindi but her comment was twisted completely by Raj Thackeray for political gain and she was literally verbally abused by Raj by saying “Guddi Buddhi ho gayee par akal nahin aayee” .. This is insanely inappropriate .. But in return Jayaji and Amitabhji both apologised for the crime that they have not commited and showed that Bachhan family is the greatest family of the film fraternity ..

2) Ram Gopal Verma: To go to his blog click here ..
This is the funniest blog from the lot .. RGV is shrewd, funny,money-minded, selfish and rude but he is honest and frank too .. He does not hide these ill(qualities) of his and he too admits that he has made mistakes making some of his recent films .. It’s always fun to read his replies to some of the comments made by readers ..

For example,
One reader asked him that what is the thing which scares him the most??.. RGV in his own flamboyant style replied that it’s Karan Johar and his films and that too for obvious obvious reasons .. ha ha ha ..

3) Karan Johar: To go to his blog click here ..
One of the best directors of the recent time .. He is way too diplomatic and sweet in his writings .. But it’s fun to read about his clash with RGV ..

4) Aamir Khan: To go to his blog click here ..
He loves to be controversial .. But writes well ..

5) Gul Panag: To go to herblog click here ..

6) Shekhar Kapur: To go to his blog click here ..

7) Rahul Bose: To go to his blog click here ..

8) Rohit Roy: To go to his blog click here ..

9) Anurag Kashyap: To go to his blog click here ..

10) Pooja Bedi: To go her blog click here ..

  • Sports Celebrities:

1) Abhinav Bindra: To go to his blog click here ..
One and only Olympic gold-medalist of India .. He writes about his daily experiences and how his life has changed post-Olympic ..

2) Gary Kirsten: To go to his blog click here ..

  • Politicians:

1) Laalu Prasad Yadav: To go to his blog click here ..

2) Omar Abdulla: To go to his blog click here ..

  • IAS – IPS – Police:

1) Kiran Bedi: To go to her blog click here ..


Kanan suggested following Celebrity Blog:
1) Salman Khan: To go his blog click here ..
This blog is about his show ‘Dus ka Dum’ and not about his life or views ..

Vinayak suggested following Celebrity Blog:
1) Shobha De: To go to her blog click here ..

If you know or come across any other celebrity’s blog then do let me know .. I would love to read that too .. Happy reading then !!


34 Responses to “Celebrity Bloggers”

  1. yes man…me 2 like celebrity blogs.

    i love amitabh’s blog. but i think he personally don’t write on his blog. what do you think?…

  2. I don’t think that they express their real self on the blogs. only a part of their personality which they want to potray.

    always take these blogs with a pinch of salt ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. do u think Laloo blogs?????? and dont tell me he replies to comments too!!
    I seriously doubt the authenticity of these celeb bloggers. But thanks for the post cuz i was looking for links to celeb bloggers to do a post on their authenticity.

  4. good list dude..
    anyway i dont read any of them .. most of the blogs are boring nothing special about them..
    come up with some remarks on others just to gain popularity..
    checked out abhinav’s blog before..it was quite good..

  5. thnx mate…
    very informative and sharing…
    as usual..!!


  6. Where is my blog? ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. http://gujjuben.blogspot.com

    Future celebrity’s blog.


  8. Cool list, Soham.

    I think Vishal Dadlani of Vishal-Shekhar has a blog; he doesn’t update it frequently though.


    This one is Salman Khan’s blog for his TV show.


  9. check out

    Shobha De

  10. Sorry dude, haven’t been able to comment lately…
    And this post, hmmm… you know what, i’m actually writing something called Star Blogs, where I make fun of each of the celebrity blogs!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am sure you’ll hate that post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Sota man you forgot one big celebrity associated with your life dude . … The great Samy Dude man …

    Here is the blog:


    This is one of the best celebrity blogs you must visit often lol ….

    Cheers man ….

    Avi ja topa Saturday matey …
    Shu yaar …


  12. @Asav:

    I think Amitabh personally writes his blog .. U can relate his personality to his writings ..

  13. @Neo:

    Dude, same applies to us too .. we also dont express our real life and we also potray which we wanna show the world ..

    Celebrities r human beings too ..

  14. @Reema:

    Ofcourse, it’s not lallo who is writing .. But the thoughts are of laloo and somebody writes them in english and publishes it ..

  15. @arvind:

    It’s funreading them especially RGV’s blog ..

    Try reading it once and you will laugh ur ass off ..

  16. @Ashwin:

    U hv not commented on my last few posts so I hv not included you .. LOL!!

    Where hv u been buddy?? .. No post from u since long time on ur blog too ??

  17. @Sol:

    Well, when u’ll become a celebrity and act along with Aamir khan, I will include all ur blogs in the list ..

    I swear on God for that !! Trust me !!

  18. @Kanan:

    I’m not able to open Vishal Dadlani’s blog ..

    I’m adding Salman’s blog in the list ..

    Thanks for the info ..

  19. @Samy:

    All my friends are celebrities for me dude !!

    But here I was talking about the people whom I hv not met but only seen on TV ..

    Congratulations in advance for the great day man .. Will giv u a call..

  20. @Nikhil:

    Even in my wildest dream, I cant hate any of ur post .. Ur blog is a stress-buster for me in the office amidst some serious deadlines ..

    I would love to read that post of Star Bloggers and how u make fun of each one of them .. I’m waiting !!

  21. Hey, i have till now read any of the celebrities blogs neither do i plan to… but loved reading your wonderland thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚

    U like hummer? My company’s owner’s son has a hummer… rust colour! What machiene maN! absolutely handsome SUV… simply superb!

  22. Hehehe… Thank god! Ok, in a couple of days, Star Blogs Episode 1 will be complete! ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. nice list dude!!

    somehow don’t like these celebrity blogs , they appear fake and ghost written!!!!

  24. good article

    but did no indian cricket star do blogging.

  25. Hey Soham

    Have visited few of these blogs and somehow didn’t find them intersting. Sometimes I feel it is just a way to glorify themselves….eniterly my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. @sakhi:

    Oh man .. I just love hummer !!

    by the way, how come ur company’s ownerson hv a hummer in India?? .. where does he drive that – i mean which city? ..

    Sunil Shetty has one that i know about !!

  27. @Nikhil:

    I ‘m waiting !!!!

  28. @rahul:

    I’m glad that u liked it ..

    I know but sometimes they r fun to read !!

  29. @everymatter:

    I hv never come across any Indian cricketer’s blog though ..

    will update the list if I find one !! I promise !!

  30. dude…so wat kinda celebrity u wana become: cricketer, politician or an actor???

  31. I’m not much into reading celebrety blogs because its more like an extended PR gimmick. But I guess I was pretty shocked to see Lalu’s name on the list:p

  32. @ruchi:

    Well, I would love to become a politician .. At least I can serve people of India and can do something for my motherland !!

  33. @Akshaya:

    I feel that it’s your first visit here .. I’m glad that u came here ..
    Keep visiting often ..

    DO read celebrity blogs .. Sometimes they work as stress-busters in our daily toiling work!!

  34. I apologise, but, in my opinion, you are mistaken. Let's discuss it. Write to me in PM.

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