Time has changed so as our lifestyle .. We all live two lives these days .. One is the real life where we get up, brush our teeth, take shower, pray, go to office/school/college, work, eat, sleep etc and the other life that we live virtually which is our Internet life .. In our virtual/Internet life, we surf, search, chat, blog, read, listen etc .. Our parents, friends, relatives are the companions in our real life while Google, Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo, Blogger/Wordpress are our companions in virtual life .. And we need both our companions to have a better life and if even one of them is not present, we get frustrated and feel bad and restless .. So this little beautiful cute word ‘Internet‘ has changed our lives completely and yes it has made it better, efficient, effective and somewhat very comfortable and exciting ..

We all love Google, don’t we?? .. Our virtual life will come to a standstill if Google is down even for a second .. I cannot imagine a single day without the use of Google .. It has become a complete necessity these days .. In real life, we need air, water and food .. In virtual life, we just need Google and we can manage every thing else ..

So this little friend(I’d say GOD) of us Google came out with its another product which it claims to change the whole surfing experience of Internet users .. The product is called Chrome, Google Chrome (Just finished watching Casino Royal so added James Bond style here !!) .. It’s faster, bug-free,lighter on memory, user-friendly and super cool .. I have been using it since last week and I’m thoroughly lovin’ it .. So I recommend you to at least give it a try ..

Following part of the post is a shamelessly copied stuff from a forwarded email I have got today about the Google Chrome .. I don’t know the source so I can’t credit anyone but it certainly is not my work or research but it’s a completely plagiarized work and a very dismal effort from myself .. But I needed to guide you on the latest happenings in the tech world and Google Chrome’s arrival is certainly on the peak right now and I loved Google Chrome so I had no other option to put it here ..

Facts About Google Chrome (I have put my comments/experience too in italics font):

1. Google Chrome is built using WebKit, which also powers Apple’s Safari and Google’s Android.

I don’t know what does that mean? .. I’m just lovin’ it ..

2. Google Chrome is beta, and currently only available for Windows. Mac and Linux versions are being produced.

I’m a windows user so I have got my Copy .. And I’m lovin’ it ..

3. Google Chrome promises to be more stable as each browser tab will run in its own process so a buggy web page won’t take down the entire browser.

I loved this feature the most .. How many times did your entire browser go down just because one tab had a buggy web page in it?? .. It has happened at least million times for me !!

4. The tabs will be the key part of the interface – tabs will be located at the top of the window rather than under the address bar.

This is something new and I will take some time get used to it ..

5. When you open a new tab, you’ll see thumbnails of your nine most visited pages and search boxes for the sites you search most on.

This is so awesome .. If you have forgotten to bookmark the website which you have liked then just open a new tab and you can locate its thumbnail on that new tab .. Bang !!

6. You’ll be able to ‘tear off’ tabbed windows and move them elsewhere onto the desktop, creating separate windows or adding them to existing windows.

7. When a tab crashes you’ll get a sad face icon in the tab – called a ‘sad tab’.

Ha ha ha !! Google is funny and entertaining !!

8. Each tab will have its own controls and its own URL bar, which Google’s developers are calling the ‘Omnibox’.

Omnobox is omnipresent creating our life so easy and comfortable ..

9. The Omnibox isn’t just somewhere to type web addresses – it will also suggest pages you’ve visited before, and popular pages you haven’t visited, based on the keywords you type into the box.

I would say WOW !!

10. You’ll be able to search your browser history from the Omnibox to return to pages you visited previously but didn’t bookmark.

WOW !! Quite Helpful ..

11. Autocomplete will only autocomplete to an address you have manually typed before – Google’s example is that typing C and hitting return might take you to cnn.com but never to a previously clicked link such as cnn.com/2008/ politics/ 07/27/campaign. wrap/index. html.

12. Once you’ve performed a search on sites such as Wikipedia or Google, you’ll then be able to search those sites later straight from your address bar by typing the site’s name and then pressing the Tab key.

13. Google Chrome has a private browsing mode – if you create what it calls an “incognito window” then pages won’t be saved in your history and when you close the window, any related cookies will be deleted.

Aahhaaa !! Nice thing if you want to give a surprise gift to your wife and you don’t want her to know which websites you have surfed recently!!

14. Google Chrome promises to be faster because as each tab runs in a separate process, that process is killed when a tab is closed, and so your PC gets the memory back.

15. Google Chrome will feature a new JavaScript virtual machine. Google states that this will be more efficient at running JavaScript-heavy apps such as Gmail, and allow smoother drag-and-drops.

16. Google Chrome comes with a Task Manager that lets you see which sites are using the most memory on your PC and just like with the Windows Task manager, you’ll be able end processes that are sucking up memory.

17. Google Chrome will be constantly updated with information on phishing and malware sites and warn you if you attempt to visit one.

Good Security feature !!

18. Google Chrome is being tested against millions of web pages and Google is using its Page Rank system to ensure that the browser is first tested against the web’s most popular pages.

19. Google Chrome will be fully open source, so everyone will be able to contribute and examine the code, which should allay any privacy fears.

You can download it from here .. I hope you like it .. I will just say I’m lovin’ it ..