It was a usual morning and my daily routine was about to start .. At around 8-45 AM, I came out after taking the bath and to my sheer surprise, I saw my cell phone ringing .. Usually I don’t get calls in the mornings but today was a different day whatsoever .. I went near the phone and ‘Dad Calling’ was flashing on the screen .. Generally my dad calls me at night only but as I saw his name flashing, I could sense that something somewhere is wrong .. And as I had expected and I could not be wrong, My dad gave me the news that Raj Thackrey has been arrested from Ratnagiri and he has been taken to the Bandra Court .. Dad advised me to be careful and if possible avoid going to the office as MNS supporters are surely going to retaliate observing their aggressive nature in the past.. But a brave dude that I am, I prepared myself to go to the office no matter what and got ready for the battle ..

I started driving my car and when I came to the main road, I could feel the bareness, misery, and some weird and bizarre kind of agony in the air .. I could sense a complete peace before the upcoming storm .. Shops and bazaars were all shut .. I could see very less number of Auto-rickshaws and taxis on the road .. There were huge lines on the bus stops and the buses were jam packed with people hanging on the door .. When I reached the highway at least half a mile from my office I could spot some MNS supporters with their tri-color flags and a little sensation of fear passed through my body .. What if they stop me?? ..What if they start beating me?? .. What if they pelt stones on my car ?? .. What if they break glasses of my car ?? .. All kind of negative thoughts passed through my mind but I overcame them and went ahead with a normal speed .. As GOD had his both hands on me, MNS guys were just stopping buses and rickshaws and they were letting cars to pass by .. They were not beating anyone nor they were attacking rickshaw/taxi or UP/Bihar people .. They were just stopping the autos and buses and requesting people to walk by .. So in the end,I reached office safely with a bit of panic and fear ..

In the office too, the atmosphere was strange .. Everyone was talking about the Raj Thackrey arrest and its backlash .. Few colleagues came late as they had to walk that half a mile distance .. They were all scared but luckily no one was attacked .. The whole day passed as no one was in the mood for serious work .. Rumours too started spreading like a forest fire about the riots in different parts of Mumbai and Maharashtra .. People staying in the suburbs were busy talking to their relatives and were curious about the latest update on the situation in their area .. Few people were busy harassing maharashtrian people to teach them some sentences of Marathi so that if they are caught Atlas they can speak some Marathi and can save themselves from the MNS anger

Everybody in my team left at 5-30 PM and I too left for home at 6 .. During back home, I could feel the same gloominess and murkiness on the roads and there were hardly any people on the road .. The shops were closed too .. Even the chemist shops were shut ..I reached home and called mom-dad that I am safe and they should not worry about me .. I switched on the TV and saw all the hungama, chaos and anarchy that Mumbai witnessed during the day and I could say that the panic that I felt while gong to office and while coming back, was right there on TV only the faces were different ..

A dreadful and frightful day full of panic, fear and terror !!!


24 Responses to “A day full of PANIC …”

  1. exactly same trauma i went thru ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Actually if government was working for people then this kind of situation would never have come.. they put him in the jail and now he is out on bail again.. so logically the whole jail drama was to hurt maharashtrians.. rather than helping them..

  4. In fact these people are the real terrorist. . . Organised and Authorised Terrorist for so called ‘OUTSIDER’. . . . We guys are outsider in our own country. . . THIS IS THE REAL SHAME.

  5. In fact these people are the real terrorist. . . Organised and Authorised Terrorist for so called ‘OUTSIDER’. . . . We guys are outsider in our own country. . . THIS IS THE REAL SHAME.

  6. Hmm I will comment after u tell me that do u support RT’s ideologies?

  7. i support the mns cause against anti-discrimination but i don’t support there violent ways. btw, the protesters were not MNS people but common angry marathi speaking people who took the streets today. not raj’s gundha’s like the TV says. i like to look at the root of the problem and a problem which our north-indian news channels have cunningly ignored to telecast to argue about – unemployment in bihar/UP.

    i think a state or any state is only equipped to handle it’s own baggage. if there are people coming in then there should be equal people going out. a balance has to be maintained. the administrations of UP and bihar have failed to provide jobs to it’s own stock and which is why the stock considers traveling to other states for jobs. the people to blame here is not raj thackray or MNS or north indians… but it’s the administration of these two states who are to blame.

    but since lallu controls the railway ministry and SP holds the UPA govt. together any actions against them is very unlikely. finally, it also shows the discrimination and vote bank politics played by the UPA govt. the common marathi voice speaks. no it screams.

  8. Sotu dude – good to hear tht ur safe man – i thought if u wuld get caught u would just say “you know who you idiots are holding – I am the next big thing in Indian Politics” lol …

    Topa best sentence che – yaad rakjhe if you get caught …


    Jai Maharashtra
    Jai Sotashtra !!!

  9. Mr.Writer….Very well said abt the terror and mindset of an ordinary men…at last mumbai sarkar has done a fair job against

    s=social criminals

    No one can stop mumbai….keep goin !

  10. It’s amazing how resilient and persistent Mumbai and its people are. Rightly said. Nothing can stop Mumbai.

  11. I can understand what u went through…

    Am sure you must have read Mumbai Mirror the day after. The mob knows only how to hurt and damage.

    All we can do be is cautious, so just be safe n take care…

  12. Hey you are brave dude…so mumbai almost came to a halt because of a bunch of mindless MNS hooligans!!!

  13. @Jagjit:

    Hmmmm !!

    How was your experience??

  14. @Richa:

    I will surely visit the website that you have mentioned !!

  15. @Shaan:

    Absolutely !! ..

    We have become outsiders in our own country !!

  16. @Reema:

    I have never or I never will support this kind of politics which divide on the basis of region, religion, cast, creed etc ..

    We are indians and we have to be united to make our multi-linguistic and multi-cultural society happier and nicer and safer !!

  17. @Rageadict:

    I partially agree with you but beatings of innocent students cannot be justified !!

  18. @Samy:

    I hope ur words turn out to be true and I can become a politician who can serve Indian people well and can do something for the welfare of poor people !!

  19. @Shridhar:

    Mumbai did stop for tht day buddy !!

  20. @gandalf:

    They hv to be resilient otherwise if they dont go to work, what will they eat next day??..

    It’s not the bravery but it’s their Majboori which is making mumbai unstoppable !!

  21. @Smita:

    Hmmm !!

    Yeah, we have to be safe and we have to take care when such external man-made calamities strike !!

  22. @Rahul:

    I’m no brave buddy !

    My office was working and I’m in a live project .. So I had no option but to risk my car – my life!!

  23. panic, sure, blame the administration of course, blame Raj, UP, Bihar, of course but where were all when MNS Goons were beating up North Indians we sat quietly safe in our homes. Lets get real.
    A citizen’s role is to improve the quality of governance.
    Politicians are not to be blamed, the class is wrong/bad due to the fact that we do not keep questioning it.

  24. Soham I might be commenting a lil too late but arent gujjus who are very casteist?

    Why do we have Jain food in Restaurants? Why do we have many buildings in south Bbay which only wants gujju veggies as their tenants? Have you thought of that?

    Isnt that full of double standards? And somewhere I saw you praising Narendra Modi?????????????

    Gujjus are extremely clany…they want to stick to their clans..when the localites start doing that….you seem to have issues with that????

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