Hinduism is the world’s oldest living faith .. The religion ‘Hindu‘ is always considered peaceful and non-violent .. We, Hindus, are always very secular, liberal and tolerant .. That is the reason why we have been invaded by all sorts of kings and rulers from every corner of this world .. We were slaves of Mughals then came the British regime and now it’s time for the slavery of so-called self-proclaimed intellectual/sophisticated and (broken!!)English-speaking pseudoseculars ..

So the million-dollar question is: Why this so peace-lovng and tolerant Hindus chose a path which they have never traveled nor they can even dream of traveling?? .. What is making Hindu angry?? .. Why do young “Hindu” men want to bash, bomb, destroy ?? .. Why Sadhvi Pragya and Lt Col Puroit carried out the bomb blast in the Masjid(mosque) at Malegaon ?? ..

Well, since last 7-8 years, the whole world is facing the deadly and lethal ‘Islamic‘ fanaticism and terrorism .. Twin tower and Pentagon attacks in USA, 7/11 attack in London and numerous bomb blasts which took place in every corner of India are the examples of Islamic Terrorism .. Since last 2-3 years, it was becoming really frustrating to go out and have fun .. If you go to temple, you will have a fear back of your mind that there might be a bomb planted by Islamic terrorists and it would explode anytime .. Same fear revolves in your mind when you visit any Mall, Multiplex or any public places .. This fear, terror and panic was really uncalled for and it added fuel to the already frustrated ‘Hindu Praja’ because of Government’s blatant minority appeasement policies and all un-due credit and favour given to the minorities and sidelining majority community from economic progress and political mainstream.

In US, when the twin towers were attacked, in next 2-3 months Bush government invaded Afghanistan and destroyed and demolished Taliban regime .. At that time, people supported Bush and his decision .. But here in India, our government has failed miserably to tackle terrorism and terrorists .. Indian state resoundingly failed in many cases to apprehend the real culprits .. The failure to win the war against the Islamist terrorist created the fear that the government is weak and powerless .. So the frustration level of Hindus got more high .. So-called intellectuals like me felt that ‘Kuch to Karna Padega Kisiko’ and sat quetly in AC bedroom and offices but people like Sadhvi Pragya and Lt Col Purohit had other plans in their minds .. When government is powerless, society must act and hence those people took arms and in turn, law in their own hands and planted bombs in masjid to kill Muslims .. and thus ‘Hindu’ or ‘Saffron’ terror was born ..

Till now, I never used a word like Islamic Terrorism even though most of the attacks were carried out by Islamic fundamentalists and I firmly believe that terrorism has no religion .. But when Ahmedabad/Jaipur blasts took place and the accused were all muslims, our own News Media never used a word ‘Islamic’ terrorism .. At that time, they were vociferously shouting that terrorism and religion has no relation but when Malegaon blast took place and the accused were all Hindu saints, that very media started using ‘Hindu‘ and ‘Saffron‘ terror .. So now I’m compelled to use religion here ..

So I firmly believe that Hindu Terror is a retaliation of the provocation that we have been facing since ages aka Islamic Terrorism and extremism .. It’s a kind of revenge of the blood that we have shed since last 2-3 decades in numerous bomb blasts at our temples and holy places .. It’s a common thinking that Hindus are retaliating just because “when people get tired of not getting justice, they take up arms. If the government had taken action against terrorists earlier, then Hindu groups won’t have been accused of such activities” .. So unless and until the government will not act severely against all the terrorists keeping aside minority vote bank politics, this Hindu rage will continue and it will create a sympathy wave and also the hidden support .. This Hindu rage is surely the newest threat to the civil society and it has to be tackled aggressively yet tactfully ..


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  1. Got here from IHM’s blog. I respectfully disagree with your views. There is nothing pseudo-secular. You are either secular or not.
    We are all educated people and it will be nice if we dont attribute hindu vs islamic to any nefarious activities!

  2. Your thoughts echo my sentiments ..keep it up.

  3. Hi Soham,

    I completely disagree with you. There are no excuses for terrorism. Even Islamic fundamentalist are having reasons for causing terrorism, but I don’t approve of that, same I don’t approve the excuses of “Hindu” terrorism.
    The only suffer in all this is the common man.

  4. I loved your last line!!! but where goes our humanity.. An eye for an eye will surely make this whole world blind.. whatever maybe the reason or intention for the Malegaon blasts, it claimed lives of innocent people.. If we want to launch attack on terror kill those terrorists.. why keeping the bomb in Mosques 🙁
    And never classify the terror on the religion basis.. these news channels just for their TRP ratings going mad..

  5. Every time i read an article on this topic, there follows the comments with “educated people”, “hindu vs muslim”, “common man”, “no excuses”. All i want to say is the truth is in your heart and you know it. You say it or you dont, but truth wont change. I respect your views and everyone elses who dont seem to agree with you but i just want people to say what they really feel deep down the heart and not just say it to show others how “educated” you are. And thats why i liked you article.

  6. I completely agree dude, with the ATS busy in catching the Col. and army majors, the city of Mumbai is being held at ransom by a handful of terrorists..shame on them!!!

  7. “Why Sadhvi Pragya and Lt Col Puroit carried out the bomb blast in the Masjid(mosque) at Malegaon ?? ..”

    So I think u mean to say that u are sure that they really did it? U dont hold the opinion that they have been falsely accused?

    And that they are justified?

  8. Hi Soham. While I totally agree with your views, I do not, however, agree with your assertion that means justifies the end. We, Hindus, shouldn’t be resorting terrorism ourselves as this will only make use loose our moral superiority.
    While I do not, definitely, think that pacifism or “Gandhigiri” is the way to tackle this menace, killing innocent muslims is NOT going to solve this issue.
    Look at Isreal. Killing, counter killing and more violence has led to nothing but years of bloodshed, death and destruction. We certianly do not want to go that way.
    We should be having very stringent laws. Make Terrorism (All forms: Anarchist, Islamic or Saffron) a capital offense. Set up Terrorism Courts to handle such issues expeditiously. And a person convicted of such terrible crime should be punished publicly so as to make an example out of them. Just like Saudi Arabia. Also, don’t limit the applicability of such laws to those who carry out such deeds. Include all those who provide material / moral support.

    My $0.02…

    Fight On!

  9. Bitterness breeds bitterness. If you consider that the blasts were done by Hindu activists then there is one huge difference between the terrorist attacks and the Malegaon blast. That blast happened in our country.
    Terrorists come from another country. I hope Indians are sensible enough to differentiate the two.

  10. I fully agree with ur anger. But what good did the bombing by Purohit/Pragnya do? It killed more Indians. Innocent people. What was their fault? A lot of hindus too died in that bombing. What did the bombing achieve then?

    Terrorism is bad. Whether its Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or any other religion. Period. There is no justification for blowing up innocent people.

    Everyone must be punished. The ones who perpetrated the Bombay attacks and the ones who were involved in Malegaon and numerous other attacks around the country.

  11. In my opinion, Malegaon investigation was just a way to distract people and media’s attention. And media very well took the bait from the government and publicized the whole issue so much, vilifying Hinduism. (Well, in fact, that’s pretty much what media wants anyway.) I seriously doubt that those accused had anything to do with the whole thing. It was just a conspiracy to blindfold the common man.

    And in return what did the government get? Another bloody terror attack. I was expecting the government to come up with some wild theories like Malegaon’s. But they didn’t have a choice. This one was just too big to play with.

    Or may be not that big for them! R.R. Patil has already said it’s a small thing in a big city. Keeps happening. Well said Mr. Patil. This is exactly how much we can expect from people like you.

  12. althought it was never” islamic ” terror ../
    people had the basic mentatlity that all terrorists are muslims ..thats why now they are using the word hindu terror or saffron terror..
    whatever the name is ,both are to be condemned and at the end both adds up to terrorism ,
    we have to do something to stop it ..

  13. @All:

    I am exteremly sorry that I could not post the replies of ur comments but I was really very very bsy at work ..

    I agree with pathik, Bhavin and rahul’s comments and respect their views and suggestions ..

    All other fellows, who do not agree with me, I do respect ur vews too .. You may be right that ‘An eye for an eye will make the world blind’ but I believe that ‘Tit for tat’ is more suitable phrase in this manner .. We r suffering since ages and now it’s high time .. Our tolerance should not be considered as cowardliness ..

    Media, politicians, pseudo-secualrs all were busy defaming hindus and saints and in return, we got mumbai attacks .. Now every one is shut and speechless and no one is using the word ‘Islamic’ terror .. Bunch of hypocrites ..

  14. Good post. While I dont agree with terrorism of any kind, it really pains and frustrates me that all ‘secular’ people are quick to criticize ‘hindus’ for being violent.

    These same ‘secular’ people wouldt dare to speak out against any mullahs. Unfortunately, these secular hypocrites think by talking out against some sadvi makes them very moral. India is backward because of such hypocrites and vote bank politics.

    Everyone talks about Godhra riots, no one talks about train burning. Everyone talks about thackeray, no one talks about riots that were threatening hindus. Not that I support Thackeray for being idiot oflate, but Bal Thackeray indeed saved many lives during 1992 riots.

    If fraction of this zeal is spent speaking out agianst mullahs, world would be much better.

  15. Well.. I beg to differ.. Hindus are paying for what they did during the Babri Masjid riots and during the post-Godhra riots.. so we Hindus and the islamic terrorists are on a similar level of morality…

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