Yeah .. After eight glorious and remarkable years of love, tears, plots, loyalty, confusion, infidelities and drama; ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ came to an end this Thursday .. It was produced and directed by Balaji telefilms owned by Ekta kapoor ..It was India’s biggest and most popular soap opera till date ..

‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ first went on air in 2000, and soon the show and its characters became a household name .. The story revolved around a Gujarati Virani family staying in Mumbai .. It was a story about the problems faced by the family for whole lot of reasons such as health, wealth, infidelity, ego, passion, animosity and vengeance .. The ideal bahu Tulsi, played by Smriti Irani, fought hard everytime to keep the family together for eight long years but since last six months, she failed to keep the TRP high and hence Star Plus decided to stop the airing of the saga ..

My friends are always surprised or rather shocked whenever I told them that I watched it regularly .. And even today, I wont fall behind in admitting that I used to watch it regularly and even without a single-miss till 2004 when I went to US for further studies and lost the touch of this astounding series .. Till that time, Tulsi was my favourite TV personality and TulsiMihir was my favourite pair on the TV screen ..

This show has given me so much of enjoyment, delight and happy moments so this post is entirely dedicated to ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ and its splendor.. I give them a grand farewell and I thank the whole team of ‘Kyunki’ for providing the whole India a great entertainment for eight long and straight years .. Even though, I have not watched a single episode since 2004 August, I will miss it and I will miss its name flashing in the program guide of Star Plus for that special 10-30 slot which it created for its own !!!



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  1. It had retained some sanity when u watched it..that was the time i use to watch it too! But soon it lost all logic and touched new low levels of absurdity. Thank god its over!

  2. It was great when it started but then by around 2005, it lost all the logic. That is when it became a pain.
    But yes, I feel sad too! ๐Ÿ™

  3. A year or so back I saw one episode and that was the day that I had bid a permanent adieu to it. It had over lived its life and was time that it had to go.

    As Reema says “Thank God its over”.

  4. I used like it..I was not regular..but I still respect “kyonki” coz it actually changed Television…and created history..and made lives of actors..
    so, I will cherish its memory…

  5. My “Saas” is too sad since its over ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    But hten, end to hona hi tha!! Thank God its over!! So many national hours would be saved!! ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. I think it had to end at some point. Better that happened now because it was loosing it’s logic and audience. I mean, how long can you keep carrying on with the story of one family? You’ll ultimately exhaust all your plots. That’s what happened with Kyunki.. and 8 years is a long time.

    I think it’s time for the new stuff. And it’s not only reality shows, it’s new shoes like the ones on this channel called Colors which are gaining popularity.

  7. Are u kidding me … It was already over and had to be laid in the cemetery buried deep under ground yearsss ago man !!! I mean come on yaar its absurd where you expect a single person to live for 4-5 generations – I mean I would love to see Soham as an Individual, then a Father, then a Grandfather, then as a Great Grandfather, and then as a Great Great Grandfather, and finally – GREAT GREAT GREAT Grandfather !!! But then who would tolerate you man ??? Same was the case here yaar – THANK GOD this soap has ended !!! But in its own young age it did ROCK just like you rocked before your marriage when you were young lol !!!

    (Long Islands are waiting man) …

  8. This seems too good to be true! I am sure we will have some bigger monster rise from the ashes, and torment us for the next 25 years.

  9. i salute you for your patience man,,how did you watch these weeping, overly dramatic types ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. hey i never knew dat u wud b watching a melodramatic social soap…well it was a different case wid me, after coming to US i started watching kasam se (due to bijal) and surpringly werever i went some1 wud b watching it…right now its aarohi and vivek at times!!

  11. hi
    it was nice serial started as a star and finished as a stone in mud. what was the age of Baa ?

    see you later

  12. @Reema:

    Yeah .. U r right ..

    When it started, it was fun watching it .. But soon it became logicless and I stopped watching..

  13. @mashedmusings:

    Yeah .. U r right ..

    When it started, it was fun watching it .. But soon it became logicless and I stopped watching..

  14. @Mixed Feelings:

    I agree .. It did change the history of television and soap operas ..

  15. @Sakhi:

    Ha ha ..

    Yeah but those saved national hours will now be used in harassing and torturing Bahus by Saas ..

  16. @ishmeet:

    Yeah !!

  17. @Samy:

    Ha ha ..

    You are funnnny !!

  18. @amreekandesi:
    Ha ha .. Yeah ..

    Balika Vadhu has already taken up the challenge !!

  19. @amreekandesi:
    Ha ha .. Yeah ..

    Balika Vadhu has already taken up the challenge !!

  20. @Ruchi:

    U were a fan of soap operas .. U used to watch each and every that was airing that time ..

  21. @Sm:

    Baa died with the age of around 108 ..

  22. Whew, that’s a relief! The show’s airing in our part of the world with a delay of about 4 months, I think, which means that it will go on here for a while.

    I don’t like it one bit, but every once in a few days/weeks, I check in to see what sort of turn the ‘story’ has taken and it’s always impossible.

  23. hi soham,

    i am a gr8 fan of this show. yes its illiogical at times.. most times actually and the camera action with all the zoom in’s and zoom out’s with the overbearing background score, can get to ur nerves… but i still njoied the show.
    i lost track since i have come to the U i.e when irani made a comeback after the much publicized spat with ekta kapoor.
    could someone plz tell me what happened since then.
    also i hear a lot abt this crossover with kahani.. whats that abt.
    plz tell me what happened since irani made a comeback to the show. or if there is any link that can writes abt what happened in the show(i dont wanna watch the videos) plz email me at

    thanx a ton!

  24. can u tell me what happenend in the end,what was parvati doing there and then what happened next…

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