Hello all .. Well, these two days 14Th and 15Th January were awesome and fascinating .. We all celebrated this festival with great zeal, enthusiasm and fun .. Our old home resides in the constituency of our Honorable CM Narendra Modi .. So he graced the occasion by spending few kite-flying moments with us .. I guess the pictures below will tell the story how I celebrated my ‘THE FAVOURITE’ festival in Ahmedabad ..

[ People on their terraces – all smiling and cheering – Look how full the sky is with kites !! ]

[ Friends – Guy with the cap is your highness Soham – LOL !! ]

[ I am in Action ]

[ Dad – Busy tying the kinya to the kite ]

[ Mom – Enjoying Makar-Sakarnti to the fullest ]

[ Honorable Narendra Modi enjoying kite-flying with its own people ]

[ Modiji in Action ]

[ Time for a picture with ‘Gujarat ka Sher’ – ‘CEO of Gujarat’ – ‘The truly a CM (Common Man)’ – Mr. Narendra Modi]


32 Responses to “Makar-Sankranti Celebration Pics”

  1. Awesome!!!

    I miss Ahmedabad ๐Ÿ™

    In this season Ahmedabad is the place to be in.

    Am so surprised that NM could make it to kite flying, I mean he must have been busy with the Vibrant Guj celebrations no?

    He is one awesome guy. I respect him a lot, I guess one of the very few charismatic politicians around.

  2. Nice pics..what about your wife?

  3. Its really nice to see uncle and aunty in pics……… And of course the Lion of Gujarat…… He is simply Best……..!!!!

  4. Hey very nice pics.. hope you enjoyed the day ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. You did not put the pics of you and another Sher of Gujarat – That’s me – The great Samy Dude !!! lol …

    It ws great fun this time too at your place in Mandvi ni Pol …

  6. great pics
    i miss this festival a lot ๐Ÿ™

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  8. Nice pics. I was surprised to see the CM too joining ppl in the celebration.

  9. Wow!! I missed it this time since my cousin’s wedding was on the next day!!

    And i am in awe of Namo!!! You actually met him….woooooowwwwww… what can i say!!!

  10. Wow! Nice! Dude, you’re a celebrity!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Autograph, please!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Wish you all a very happy Sankranti! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. wow ..cool ..
    I miss flying kites ..
    *sobs* ๐Ÿ™

  12. @Smita:

    Oh yes .. 14th January, you have to be in A’bad for all the fun and masti ..

    NM is a real CM – a real common man ..

    12th and 13th Jan he spent with those big-shot industrialists for Vibrant Gujarat investor Summit and 14th Jan – the whole day – he spent with the people of his constituency – Maninagar ..

    That is the reson why people of Gujarat love him .. And yes, he truly is charismatic and hard-working ..

  13. @Reema:

    Thanks !!

    My wife is standing next to me in the pic which is captioned as ‘Friends’ ..

  14. @Deep:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the day !! .. After all it is my ‘The Favorite’ Festival since childhood ..

  15. @Samy:

    Oh yeah .. It was fun and I’m glad that u came to Mandivi’s pole with dipali .. She enjoyed it too ..

    See you next year then buddy !! .. Hv fun !!

  16. @Ashwin:

    Thanks buddy !!

    That’s the speciality of Narendra Modi ..

    Even though he has threats from all corners of the world, he never falls behind in celebrating festivals with his own people .. He loves to meet people and loves to hv a chat and discussion with them .. He truly is a great personality ..

  17. @Sakhi:

    Areee Sakhi .. How can u miss Uttarayan being an Ahmedabadi .. Na chaale !! ..

    Yeah , it was great fun meeting Narendra Modi .. Dream come true for me and all other people of my area!!

  18. @Mirrorcraked:

    Ha ha ha Nikhil !! ..

    I’m no celebrity buddy !! .. It’s just that I got a chance to meet our honorable and most favorite CM Narendra Modi ..

    Wishing you the same .. Hv fn and take care ..

  19. @Arvind:

    Dont worry buddy !! ..

    Next year try to come to Ahmedabad and we both will fly kites and will enjoy the festival to the fullest ..

  20. Thanks for bringing in these snaps ,truly I felt as if i was a part of the festival!!!

  21. awesome pics buddy…really nice to see Narendra Modi enjoying the festivites…..been to Ahmedabad , actually will be coming more often !!

    Bro..you are quite the celebrity ..clicking pics with the CM

  22. awesome pics…future CM with the current CM ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Hi..First time here..Nice pics..And great to see you celebrate Makar Sankranti in Maninagar..

  24. @sun:

    I’m glad that you liked the pics !!

  25. @Rahul:

    Thanks buddy !! ..

    Modi celebrates each and every festival in a grand manner and that too with his own people ..

    DO let me now when you are coming to Ahmedabad next .. If I will be visiting A’bad at that time, we could meet up ..

  26. @ruchi:

    Hey ..

    I’m glad that u liked the pics !!

    I hope ur words come out true .. LOL !!

  27. @Trailblazer:

    Hey .. Thanks for stopping by ..

    Well, I was born in Maninagar- same place when I’m flying the kites ..

    Hv spent some wonderful time of my life in maninagar .. It’s very close to my heart? ..

    Where r u from?? ..

    Keep visiting my blog often !!

  28. Its unbelieveable to see NM in the pics. Awesome! U r lucky !

  29. Next time you see him, you could ask him what your state is doing ranked 13 (out of 17) in the India state hunger index. Among large states only MP and Bihar do worse than Gujarat.

    Proportion of underweight children under 5 : Gujarat 44.7 %, India 42.5 %

    Prevalence of calorie undersnourishment: Gujarat 23.3 %, India 20 %

    Note that India does worse on hunger than most African countries.


    Does bringing up this data make me ‘pseudo-secular’ ?

  30. Soham, do you have an answer ?

  31. @Radhesh:

    I was unbelievable for US to that he came and visited our place !!

  32. Seems you had fun !!!

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