Hello everyone .. It’s been a long gap between the posts .. well, frankly I could not find anything interesting to pen down since the new year started .. Yeah, but the sad part is, the new year started with a very bad, sad and disappointing note ..

Satyam’s scam really shocked the whole India .. How can a chairman of such a reputed and prestigious company think of such cheating and frauds?? .. The Satyam balance sheet was inflated by Rs 5040 crores .. Mr. Raju must be punished severely to set an example in India .. Millions of its share holders are on verge of becoming bankrupt as its shares were hammered by 77% in one day .. Some might have invested their whole life-savings in it .. Some might have invested his/her pension in it .. What about those guys?? .. And the most unfortunate situation is of Satyam’s employees .. They have been made scape goats for no reason – no fault of them .. This fraud has certainly spoiled India’s image world over and which till now was thought of as ‘Safe Investment Land‘ has now been depicted as ‘Cheaters’ Paradise‘ !! .. I hope India’s image, Satyam company itself, its employees ans its share holders come out of this trauma soon !! ..

But the million dollar question is : If a giant company like Satyam is involved in such a huge scam, whom to trust now ?? .. Where will people go ?? .. Where do they invest money ?? .. After all, everything depends on trust these days !! .. God bless India and its people !!

Well, on a happy part, I am heading to Ahmedabad for my favorite festival Uttarayan / Makar Sakranti .. Gujarat is a land where life is meant for celebration, joy and zeal .. So we, gujjus, fly kites all day long on 14th January and 15th January to celebrate makar sakaranti .. Old and young, children and aged, men and women , poor and rich – everybody will be on their terraces on these two days flying kites and shouting ‘kaata kaataaa’ .. There will be no complaints of scorching heat, freezing cold, deadly pollution, irritating horns on the road, never-ending traffic signals, bumper-to-bumper traffic or India-Pak war .. Instead there will be fun, party, enthusiasm, smiles, laughs and at 7-00 PM on 15Th January, there will be tears in eyes as the sun has set, moon has started to peek, those bright light has been overcome by little darkness and now there will be no more kite flying till next year .. A long long journey to make like an eternity ..I’m so much happy and excited to celebrate it ..

So in my next post, I will post my Uttarayan experience with some snaps taken by me !! .. Till then have fun and take care .. And if you are planning to fly the kites, then play safe and be careful !!


8 Responses to “Satyam’s Disaapointment & Makar-Sakaranti’s celebration in Ahmedabad”

  1. Will miss flyin kites :(((((((((((

  2. Come on man … I am waiting for you to arrive here … Kapiyoj che this time toh tu gayo !!!
    Psst: I still rem last year, due to your marriage coming after the uttarayan, you had that stupid white sticky ointment of some kind on your face, and not just a part of your face, but the entire face except your bloddy eyes … lol I still have those pics lol …
    Lapet !!!

  3. Happy Uttarayan ๐Ÿ™‚

    I miss Ahmedabad!!!!

  4. waiting for the pics!!

  5. Happy & safe uttrayan..
    hey btw m looking forward to your post on vibrant gujarat!!!

  6. Yeh…. Satym Fraud is very bad for Indian Corporates.

    And on the top of this do you know that Raju has written the letter to chairman sebi that he has done this fraud to save satyam?

    Here is a Link of Full Original Text of raju’s letter (Confession) to SEBI….. And before receiving this letter, even govt. of India did not know that Satyam was fraud…


  7. Awesome!!! Have a good one!!! :))

    Missed Abad on this day :(((

  8. Hope you had a lot of fun on uttarayan! ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait till you share those snaps.

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