Well, recently I have been watching these never-ending opinion polls, surveys and debate on various news channels even though my mind says not to watch it as most of them are partial and biased towards one particular political party and instead of showing the truth, they always show what they want to show ..

But as I’m politically aware & eager and I really want to know what is going on around the country, I always end up watching these stupid debates .. But the thing strikes me every time I watch these channels is that ke how come every single person, anchor and opinion poll projects UPA/Congress victory in coming parliamentary elections even though I don’t think except the nuclear deal, UPA has achieved anything significant or have done anything extra-ordinary in last five years of their ruling..

So I sat out and I goggled the poll results of assembly elections which were held in last 2 years in different states of India and the results I got were quite shocking and completely opposite to what media is projecting ..

Check out this table:

Sr No State NDA/BJP UPA/Congress
1 Punjab Won Lost
2 Uttarakhand Won Lost
3 UP Lost Lost
4 Gujarat Won Lost
5 Himachal Pradesh Won Lost
6 Karnataka Won Lost
7 Delhi Lost Won
8 MP Won Lost
9 Rajasthan Lost Won
10 Chattisgarh Won Lost
11 J & K Lost Lost
UPA/Congress Won 2

Out of 11 states where assembly elections were held in last two years, NDA/BJP has won in whooping 7 states while UPA has managed to win just 2 states ..

UPA won Delhi with quite a narrow margin while they achieved a landslide victory in Rajasthan .. NDA/BJP won MP, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka with a land slide victory beating anti-incumbency factors and on the basis of development only .. They out-performed and over-shadowed UPA/Congress in all these states .. Even though BJP lost in J&K, but they had a sharp rise by grabing the tally of 11 sits in Jammu .. First time BJP crossed double-figure mark in J&K .. Despite these figures and statistics, how can be media persons so confident about UPA’s victory this time ?? .. Didn’t they check these results or they are intentionally ignoring it ?? .. I strongly and certainly feel that our media has been projecting and creating the rumour that Congress is on upswing and that too with a malicious purpose that such projections will push undecided voters into backing the winning horse (UPA/Congress) and hence returning the favour back to UPA/Congress .. BJP has been receiving such a negative coverage that the behaviour of the media has become outright dishonest and despicable ..

But one thing makes me happy and relieved that these polls and debates are watched by hardly 5% of the Indian population and those who watch it, will never go out from their AC homes and offices to vote .. PERIOD !!! May the best win !!


15 Responses to “Biased Indian Media : Where’s the Truth ??”

  1. You say may the best win… Frankly soham i don’t think we have best here … it should have been, bad among the worst win!! ๐Ÿ™
    But then we don’t have a choice, do we?? Not at least at the moment!! ๐Ÿ™

  2. “But one thing makes me happy and relieved that these polls and debates are watched by hardly 5% of the Indian population and those who watch it, will never go out from their AC homes and offices to vote”
    Wow. So true man. So true. And those 5% are the ones who make noise that India is “bad.”

    The country is going to the dogs. I want a non-UPA, non-NDA, non-third front government at the center. Is that possible? ๐Ÿ™

    Among that 3 UPA is better. They are better placed too. They might get left support after the results.

  3. I hope NDA comes to power ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Lol !!! Sota, once again a post where I can comment nothing man lol ๐Ÿ™‚ But good to see that you are making progress by leaps and bounds in the political sector lol, and am so eagerly waiting for your first public appearance with a party symbol that displays 2 bottles of Corona Light or Heineken with the slogan “Cheers, Bottoms Up” lol !!! Good going man good going … Keep it up buddy ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. very good analysis… hopefully we have Advani as PM

  6. Biggest problem for NDA is post poll alliance of UPA. Most of those who are now part of third of fourth front will be ready to support UPA or UPA will readily support them. You can expect SP/Left/RJD etc to join hands with UPA but never with NDA. But again, I fail to understand why media gives higher number of seats to UPA as it exists today without post poll alliance. Traditional bias against BJP, I suppose.

  7. Extremely interesting analysis. I am shocked to see that the NDA seems to have won more states that the UPA in the last 2 years..Very interesting that the mainstream media seems very eager to portray it differently!

    May the Best win!! Amen!

  8. @Sakhi:

    We have to choose a better evil from the bunch of evils !!

    But our politicians are reflections of Indian people .. I dont blame them .. This country itself has gone insane and highly corrupt ..

  9. @Ashwin:

    It’s an individual’s perception .. I feel that NDA is far better ..

    Let us see what happens !!

  10. @samy:

    I can understand your dilemma buddy !!

  11. @Vinay:

    I hope so too !! But it’s a distant dream I guess .. I dont see it happening !!

  12. @Gandalf:

    Yeah Man ..

    All these regional parties, left and Congress are gonna be together and will form a government ..

    But then I don’t think it will last for more than 1 year .. Elections are bound to take place again in 2011 for sure ..

  13. @Smitha:

    Yeah ..

    Media is always biased and partial ..

  14. Your analysis drives home many points effectively. I must add that in Rajasthan the Congress did not “win”; the BJP lost thanks to 60 rebel candidates of whom 27 won.

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